Chapter 87 Finally meeting the wasteful Yu Xiaogang!
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The next day, Su Yi and the Shrek crowd waited for Flender's arrival in the playground.

This time, there was a middle-aged man by Flender’s side.

Tang San, who was talking to the crowd, looked at the middle-aged man beside Flender and his eyes revealed a glow.


Tang San was even more personally excited as he ran straight towards that middle-aged man.

And Xiao Wu, who was joking with Ning Rongrong, looked at the arrival of the middle-aged man, her eyes also showed joy as she rushed over with Tang San.

After hearing Tang San's phrase "Master", Su Yi's eyes shone brightly as he surveyed this man standing next to Flender.

To be honest, he didn't see what was so outstanding about this man that was worthy of Bibi Dong's thoughts.

He had no looks and no strength.

The only thing that had left an impression on Su Yi was that he had taught such an outstanding disciple as Tang San.

However, he was still only a Spirit Grandmaster, a complete and utter waste.

How could he possibly teach a disciple like Tang San?

To teach an excellent disciple, one also needed strength and things, but on this man, one could not feel a single thing.

When he had killed that Crested Cockatoo Snake in the Star Dou Great Forest, as well as the three poison needles that Tang San had shot into Meng Yiran’s body and the way he had thrown the concealed weapon, all kinds of things showed that Tang San was far beyond those of his age.

Looking at Yu Xiaogang's hands, there was not a single callus on them, how could such a person throw concealed weapons?

This also showed from the side that Tang San's concealed weapon technique was practiced by himself.

It wasn't taught by this guy at all, so what exactly was the advantage in this guy that attracted his Master that he probably hadn't discovered yet.

It seemed that it would take some time to properly observe what this seemingly wasteful man was capable of.

Yu Xiaogang was also happy and relieved to see Tang San and Xiao Wu.

"Master, you're here."

"Well, return to the team first!"

Yu Xiaogang looked at Tang San and said softly.


With this yes from Tang San, Tang San brought Xiao Wu back to the group.

Yu Xiaogang looked at Su Yi, who was standing between Tang San and Ning Rongrong, and a glint of light flashed in his eyes.

"You're Su Yi?"

Hearing this from Yu Xiaogang, Su Yi nodded his head.

"Very good, not bad, really good."

"I never thought in a million years that someone would really be able to break the laws of this Spirit Master world and complete the conjecture in my heart."

Yu Xiaogang looked at Su Yi and said with an excited face, "Only, I have never released this conjecture, and now, it has actually come true in your body."

Hearing this from Yu Xiaogang, Su Yi faintly started.

Afterwards, he heard Yu Xiaogang say, "From what Master Zhao Wuji and the others said, your Second Spirit Ring is a thousand years, and your Fourth Spirit Ring is ten thousand years."

"That's right."

Hearing Su Yi's reply, Yu Xiaogang said once again, "Well, well, since you absorbed a 1,000-year Spirit Ring for your Second Spirit Ring, I think that it must be related to your own physique factor."

"The tougher the physique of a Spirit Master, the higher the upper limit of Spirit Rings absorbed. Therefore, all these years I have been training Tang San and Xiao Wu’s will and physique."

"Only, Little Three's Spirit Ring absorption limit can only be two or three hundred years more than others, and it can't reach your kind of qualitative change at all."

"How about that? Are you interested in being my disciple, I can totally make you the strongest Spirit Master in this Spirit Master world."

As he said this, Yu Xiaogang looked at Su Yi with burning heat in his eyes.

Su Yi looked at Yu Xiaogang who was standing in front of him with a bunch of nonsense, the more he looked at him like this, the more he felt that this guy was a waste.

To become the strongest Spirit Master in this world. Even if I use a dog to teach me, I can become the strongest.

He knew how high and strong his own talent was.

Even if you become the strongest Spirit Master in this world in the future, it has a dime to do with you.

If you teach someone with a Spirit Power of three or four to you, I'll only be convinced if you can fucking teach him to become the number one in the world.

What else has been the conjecture has not been announced, this method, I also have long thought of.

The more I look at the master in front of me, the more I feel that this guy is hypocritical and a worthless piece of shit.

"I already have a Master; I won't be taking anyone else as my Master."

Su Yi looked at Yu Xiaogang who was standing in front of him and said indifferently.

He, who had been smiling, became very serious.

Hearing this from Su Yi, Yu Xiaogang's eyes were filled with loss.

"Alright, in that case, I won't force it."

Yu Xiaogang said, turning around and coming to the crowd.

Originally, this was an even better seedling than Tang San, it was just a pity that he had not been allowed to encounter it first.

If he had met it first, he would have definitely proved that he was right about everything.

As for Tang San, when he heard that Yu Xiaogang was going to accept Su Yi as his disciple, he didn't know whether he was happy or disappointed in his heart.

If Su Yi was accepted as a disciple by his Master, then he would be the same disciple as Su Yi and it would be something to be happy about.

However, if his Master had accepted him, he would have had some hard feelings in his heart. It was impossible to say this kind of thought.

"Starting tomorrow, I will officially start teaching your classes. I hope that no one will be late tomorrow, otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences."

Yu Xiaogang looked at these teenagers standing in front of him and opened his mouth and said indifferently.


"Alright, little monsters, prepare for the bonfire tonight, and from tomorrow onwards, we will officially start training."

Flender looked at Su Yi and Tang San and the others and spoke with a smile.


Ma Hong Jun and Oscar both, hearing this from Flender, were the first to crumble up.

"Everyone, let's go into the city and prepare the ingredients!"

Dai Mubai looked at the crowd and opened his mouth to laugh.


With a good cry from the crowd, Su Yi and the others headed to Suotuo City.


"Su Yi, what are you doing there?"

After entering Suotuo City, the crowd went separately to buy the things they needed.

Ning Rongrong, who left with Su Yi, looked at Su Yi walking towards the ironworking shop and asked with a curious face.

"What are you doing?"

Hearing this from Ning Rongrong, Su Yi smiled faintly.

"A little plaything? What's that?"

"It's just a gift for my Master, we're also about to go on holiday, so we'll go back to see her and give it to her afterwards."

Ning Rongrong thought that the Master Su Yi was talking about was a male Master, so she didn't care.

"Help me build three of them according to the size and requirements on the drawing."

Su Yi led Ning Rongrong to an ironworking shop, handed the drawings in his hand to the other party, and paid the money.

Then, with Ning Rongrong's puzzled face, Su Yi went to a full seven or eight ironworking shops and handed the drawings in his hands to each other to be made.

"Why do you have to fight in so many different places?"


When Su Yi arrived at the last ironworking shop and asked the other party to manufacture the last part of the drawing, Su Yi met Tang San here as well.