1 – That Girl named Clara
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In the vast expanse prairie, a group of grand mages erected many high towers through the sky where they and their disciples lived. Elixirs, magic tools, and all things related to magic are studied there.

Merchants who smelled the scent of business sprang up and so did people who seek an opportunity. Thus the Magic City of Zariya was established.

Ten grand mages as founders formed a council to rule the city. In addition, Magic Associations along with magic academies were also formed.

As stereotyped wizards, the grand magicians mostly focused on research and ignored the government, so this city was also well known for its high crime rate.

Put that all aside for now.

On the dark side of this city, there stands a tiny house when compared to its neighbors. Living in this house is a petite figure just like her home alongside her beloved father.

The father is a doctor and a famous adventurer. Each month he must go on adventures for a few days to weeks, leaving his sickly daughter alone. He didn't want to, but what can he say, this is also for the sake of his beloved daughter.

The daughter is a smart person. Since she understands her father's dilemma, she assures him that she will be fine. Well, she will be a little lonely, though.

"Promise to come back soon, okay? Oh, don't forget to bring back souvenirs," said the daughter with an understanding smile.

She was born with a weak constitution. Even worse, she will die if exposed to the sun for long periods of time. She spent most of her life in a beautiful cage called home and perhaps will do so for the rest of her life as well.

One time, as usual, the father said goodbye to his dear daughter. But this time, there was no news of him after days to weeks of his departure. Although the daughter became very concerned, she was sure that her father would return soon.

One week.

Two weeks.

One month.

Two months.

Time continued to flow, but there was still no word about her father's return.

She ran out of medicine and so her condition deteriorated. Even moving a finger made that girl exhausted. If the current situations continue, perhaps death will pick her up soon.

Days go forth.

Drizzle seemed to describe the girl's mood. Bad thoughts that she had previously suppressed now flooded her mind. Despite her desire to believe her father will return, the cruel truth tells a different story. Starting from doubt leads to anxiety and finally, despair.

In her desperation, the daughter sensed someone's appearance. She has no idea where that sensation came from or who it was. This was enough to give her a glimmer of hope.

The daughter gathered all the strength left in her body to move. She carefully opened the window then looked at her house courtyard.

There, in the midst of rain, stood a figure resembling a rabbit, but she subconsciously rejected that thought. That figure was standing casually ignoring the rain, or maybe it was the rain avoiding it?

Disappointment flooded her heart. Turns out it wasn't her father.

However, the disappointment was soon replaced by curiosity.

Who is that creature?

It didn't react at all to her home defense system, which was supposed to ward off unwanted guests.

The figure was running here and there, like a child playing with rain. The daughter stared at him with questioning eyes as well as envious ones.

She also wanted to play freely like him. That rabbit's actions made her feel as if he was mocking her. 

Suddenly, that figure stopped and glanced at her. Their eyes met each other.

She immediately moved away from the window after feeling caught peeking. However, curiosity came flooding back to her heart.

Take a breath. Let it out.

Take a breath. Let it out.

The girl finally dared to peek out again after taking a breath several times.

In spite of the rain, the mysterious creature stood still in its original place, quietly staring at her.

"Wh-who are you?" asked the girl.

No answer. Perhaps her voice was too low, so she rephrases the question with even more effort.

"Who are you?"

Still no answer. Raindrops may have blocked her voice from reaching the receiver. Once again, she maximized his lung capacity and asked,

"Who are you!"

On the third try finally came a reply. Nevertheless, his response is not what she wants.

The girl heard a very clear voice as if ignoring all obstacles and it immediately reached her ears.

"Wanna play with me?"


A few months later.

On the way to the Border Town Denia, a carriage pulled by a pair of large black horses ran neither fast nor slow. Inside it was a crate full of rainbow sparkling stones.

The driver's seat was occupied by two figures. One of them is a stout middle-aged man with a thin mustache on his face. Outwardly, he looks like the perfect representation of a wicked merchant.

Sitting beside him is a little girl wearing a white robe. Clarina Amaryllis Pragdina, that is her name. She has pale skin with red freckles all over her body.

Their contrast creates a unique combination.

As they sat chatting, the city silhouette appeared in front of them.

"Ah, looks like we'll be there in a minute."

"Hm. We might be there by sunset," guessed the middle-aged man while scratching his chin. "Do I need to speed up, eh? I want to get there as soon as possible."

Clara—the girl's nickname—recalled her uncle's obsessive obsession with hygiene. Unable showering for a whole day must have made him suffer.

"By the way, thank you for the ride, Uncle," said Clara as she lowered her tiny head.

"Would you please undo your intentions if you wanted to thank me? No? Of course not. Stubborn just like your father, eh?"

Clara pretended to be deaf and stared ahead without any intention of responding further.

She knew that her Uncle, who was his father's best friend, cared deeply for her, yet she couldn't listen to his request.

Clara intends to be an adventurer, which is extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, she had made up her mind

Uncle let out depth sigh after seeing her determination

A business trip that looked like it would be going well was ruined before he even got to the destination.

That was because of the discovery of a stowaway, Clara, with adventurer equipment and a giant backpack on her back midway.

Following a brief inquiry, he discovered that Clara had overheard the destination of his business trip and decided to hitch a ride.

Due to late discovery, she couldn't be repatriated right away. So Uncle decided to bring her with him, at least till they came back to Zariya.

"Say, Clara, why do you want to be an adventurer?"

"Hmm?" Clara tilted her head for a moment then replied, "Adventurers are really cool, aren't they? Just like mom and dad."

Uncle sighed once more after hearing Clara's evasive answer.

"Sigh. I used to be an adventurer, you know? Then I took an arrow in the knee."

"I'm sorry."

Putting danger aside, Adventurers' prospects were extremely bleak. Many people spend without getting a refund. That's why people say being an adventurer is not a job, but a hobby.

Even so, a lot of people also joined the Adventurer Alliance every year. Each has different reasons for being an adventurer.  Money, fame, combat, and so on.

Uncle strongly opposes Clara's decision considering her young age. Also, it would be much better for her to join the military exploration division if she only wanted to explore the world.

Still, this is Clara's life we are talking about. Uncle felt that he had no right to force his will on her. So he will respect her decision.

Uncle looked at Clara who looked gorgeous and had a high potential to become a man killer in the future, then muttered, "I hope you don't end up like your parents."

The city structure is now clearly visible. It wouldn't be long before they would reach their destination, the City of Heroes, Denia.