4 – Deal with the Devil
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"Oh! You've come again, mister rabbit."

"See, I'm not a rabbit, okay. They call me cute little Raph."

"Yea, yea. Here, hot cocoa."


Zariya has already been hit with heavy rains for a week. No one knows when this rain will stop.

At this moment, A little girl with a pale face and a rabbit-like figure was sitting together on the sofa in front of the fireplace, enjoying a glass of hot chocolate while listening to the sound of the rain.

"At a time like this, we should play a board game and tic-tac-toe," suggests Raph.

"Eh, sound good."

Ralph then pulls out a paper, pen, and board game from nothing. Clara's eyes glow brightly after seeing that.

"Hey, Mr. Rabbit, can you-"

"Nope. I won't teach you."

" … Stingy Rabbit."

"What a shame. Even though I want to give you a present. But, well …."

Upon hearing the following words, Clara hurriedly flattered the person she just called stingily.

"Of-of course Mr. Rabbit is a very generous person. What a silly me."


"U-umm, Such a majestic existence. Strong, humble, forgiving …."

Raph watches Clara with a cheeky grin on his face. "Go on."

Clara would love to punch that sassy little rabbit, but she keeps her hands firmly because she wants the present from him.

In monotone praise, she continued, "Wonderful Raph. Amazing Raph. Humble Raph. Generous Raph. Wonderful Raph. Super duper incredible Raph-"

"Stop it. Your praise is so awful, but, yeah whatever."

"Then, where is my present!"

"Be patient, okay."

Just like before, Raph once again pulls out a little box from nothing.

"Here we go."

"Waah! Can I open it?"

"Go on."

Clara is surprised after opening the box Raph had given. Inside it, she found a bottle of green liquid that occasionally bubbles. 

"That is a special potion I present to you!" said Raph.

Clara looked at Raph skeptically because It is poison no matter how you look at it.

"Do you want to kill Clara so badly?"

"Of course not! Ehem. Tetetet! Longevity elixir!"

"Hah?" Clara tilted her head, confused.

"I chose it carefully, you know. If you drink it, your lifespan will be extended by ten years."

"Clara is still young, though."

"Indeed, but your actual lifespan is around the corner, isn't it? If I recall correctly, you already gave up on living when we first met, right?"

Clara bowed her head after hearing that. When she was in a state of despair, this mysterious rabbit came and accompanied her on behalf of her father. Just remembering the past three days made her heart feel warm.

Then she replied with a trembling voice, "Yeah. Thanks to you, Clara can enjoy Clara's remaining time to the fullest."

"Now. Now." Ralph interrupted. "You talk like a dead person already. Why do you think I give you that elixir? I might be your first friend but I won't be the last. Live. Do whatever you want, like make a ton of friends, or look for a lover, whatever. Just don't waste away my gift."

Silence enveloped the room. Clara is contemplating. There is one question that is always bothering her. 


"Just why are you helping Clara? Who are you exactly?"

Ralph answers with a smug smile, "This is destiny. There are almost no people who can sense my presence. However, one day, I happened to meet a pretty girl like you who can do it."

"Ah. I am embarrassed."

"If you truly feel embarrassed, don't use a flat tone."

Clara still looked doubtful. To be honest she didn't believe in such things as destiny or its buddy. All of it felt like bullshit to hide people's true intentions.

However, just this once, she would believe it.

“Destiny, huh ….” Clara looked at Raph with teary eyes. "Clara doesn't know something like that. But, from the deepest of my heart, thank you! Thank you for wanting to be friends with Clara. Caring for Clara. Thank you!"

Raph was slightly absent-minded for a moment. He was surprised by Clara's sudden change in emotion. But soon he smiled back.

"It is my pleasure."

Clara cried for some time. Raph Cocoa was long gone when she finished.

However, her condition is worsening because crying consumes a high amount of her energy.

Seeing that, Raph just snapped his fingers and Clara's exhaustion disappeared immediately. It felt as if her body had returned to the state it was in before crying.

"Amazing..." said Clara. "What kind of magic is that?"

"Reversal magic. I won't teach you, though … don't complain."

Clara feels embarrassed while whipping her tears. She tried to change the subject immediately. 

"A-anyway, are you sure it's not poison?"

"If you don't trust me then give it back."

Raph, who wanted to take the elixir, was pushed back by Clara.

"It's called a present, so it can't be returned!" said Clara, sticking out her tongue.

Raph stared at her helplessly. "You brat..."

Although the truth is doubtful, Clara still keeps the elixir carefully.

"Just drink it already."

"Later. Let's play the game first."


Even though it was a bit delayed, they played the board game until late at night anyway.

"Honestly, can't you just cure my illness right away?" Asked Clara.

"Someone would be angry if I do that because your story will get over even before it started."



Clara felt like she had just heard something impudent just now but somehow it faded away from her memory. Is it also Raph magic?

"Huh? What did you say again?" asked Clara

"I can't help you. But, let's make a deal. A juicy deal." Ralph makes a devilish smile. "The deal is, if you agree to become an adventurer, I will give you a lot of gifts, such as great power and a method that perhaps can cure abnormalities in your body. How does it sound?"

"What are you? A devil?"

Clara once again suspects this being. Is he really a devil?

But somehow, making a deal with the devil, doesn't feel that bad.