9 – Engagement (2)
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Irelina ran to the platform where her target was. 

Two pawns tried to block her movement, yet she ran right through them without reducing her speed.

The pawns looked confused at first before they eventually got a feeling as if the world was spinning very fast. Soon they realized that it was not the world that was spinning, but their heads that got sliced perfectly from their original place.

They explode afterward, but Irelina is already far away. She moves smoothly and freely like a gust of wind, breaking through every obstacle that tries to get in her way.

Her next opponent is the twin with disgusting smiles on their faces. They are 3-star criminals, Tari-Ari Brothers.

"Ah! Beautiful! I can't wait to make you mine!"

"Calm yourself, Brother. Be careful, she is very strong."

Irelina gets overwhelming feelings of disdain. Tari-Ari brothers are rapists and serial killers. Their victim is already in three digits.

She glanced at Blackjack, then her gaze shifted toward the twin in front of her. She could have never imagined that the one she admired so much would cooperate with these two scum.

The good news is, at least Irelina could eliminate these two pieces of shit so that they wouldn't be able to harm anyone again.

The two scum tried to move toward Irelina from both sides. But before that, Irelina reached them first then kicked one of the brothers, sending him flying backward.


Without wasting any time, she immediately attacked the other scum who's still in confusion. They clashed swords but it was really one-sided.

"Goddamnit! Useless brother!" yelled one of the scum.

He is desperate just to block Irelina's regular attacks. He shouted for help but Blackjack didn't seem intent on helping while his useless brother was engaged by another member of the Judgment Unit. He already regrets his decision to follow his brother to block this monster's way.

Luckily, Luca attacked Irelina from behind and managed to split her attention. 

After getting some space, the scum immediately brings out his ultimate move.

[Vortex Grinder]

It is a unique combination of sword technique and wind magic that creates a tornado capable of pulling his enemies and tearing them apart. With this single move, he already killed many strong opponents.

However, it is the second mistake he made this night. He should have run after he got the opportunity. Because...

Irelina jumps back to make some space between them then she does a vertical slash.

[Death God Technique: Slash]

Irelina slashed toward the mini tornado. Her attack doesn't seem to contain much strength, yet the results were shocking.  

The tornado that is supposed to tear everything apart immediately split into two.  It didn't stop there, the scum that is the core of the tornado also sliced open, throwing his guts over.

Just like that, a 3-star criminal got defeated.

Irelina immediately turned her gaze to Luca who had already retreated then once again looked at Blackjack.

"Jack, it isn't too late… please surrender." Her soulless voice pleaded the old man but Blackjack paid no heed.

"I can't… one day you will understand, oh my innocent daughter. One day," replied Blackjack.

"... If you don't want to by yourself, then I will make you surrender with force!"

Irelina makes up her mind. She shot up towards Blackjack without further hesitation. Just by instant, she is already in front of that old man. She swung her sword then stopped just as she was about to strike Blackjack's neck. 

She stops, however, not because she wants to, but because she is forced to by some external force. Her sword couldn't move no matter how hard she tried. It is as if an invisible wall stood between Blackjack and her.


Irelina immediately realized what the matter was. There was neither barrier nor something like that. 

The problem lies in the sword she uses. God knows how long the invisible threads are already wrapped around her beloved sword.


"Realized at last?"

She had reckless.

Using a technique, Irelina discovered that the entire platform, no, the entire tent was already filled with these threads. This thread isn't a physical thing, it is Blackjack unique specialty, 

[Mana Threads]

Three members of the judgment unit who tried to launch a sneak attack toward Blackjack also had the same fate as Irelina.

"To think you would be this reckless… well, I think this is enough," said Blackjack.


"This is time for an old man like me to leave."

The smoke bomb exploded and blurred the view. Nonetheless, Irelina could see Blackjack and Luca escaping through the underground mechanism.

She wanted to immediately run after Blackjack, but these threads were really hampering her. 


Suddenly, Irelina instincts cried out a danger warning. 


"Everyone, get back!"

A huge explosion erupts, destroying the circus tent along with the people in it.


Loud explosion was heard throughout the city, without exception a group of people who were in the back alley, hiding in the shade of night.

"Ahahaha! Eat that you government dog!"

"I wonder if Uncle Jack would be okay."

"Let's keep going…"

They are a group of criminals that fled. They temporarily managed to get rid of their pursuers and were currently on their way to the pre-agreed meeting point.

But suddenly, one of them, the 4-star criminal, Puppet Master, screamed in agony then passed out.


"What's wrong? Puppet Master?"  asked a huge black man, Demon.

After Puppet Master, one by one the other criminals also screamed, with the exception of him.

Demon is confused and doesn't know what to do. One thing for sure, If this goes on the pursuers might catch them off. 

At the time, lovely voices caught on Demon's ears.

"Ck, ck, ck. In the end..."

"We still need to intervene directly..."

"What a useless group of people."

Three ladies wearing mourning dresses approached Demon and the others. They look like bad fairies who are planning a prank.

"Who?" asked Demon.


"Don't ask too much..."

"Just follow us."

Demon, who had no other choice, picked up his four comrades and followed them. Soon, the streets became foggy as if to erase their traces.

"Are you Blackjack acquaintances?" asked Demon. 

No response. By appearance alone, Demon already presumes who they are. For now, let's just consider they are Blackjack acquaintances.

"Did you know what happened to them? They suddenly collapse…"

"You're a chatty person, aren't you, Mister Biggy?"

"It is our guess. Listen."

"We think it's because of karmic attacks." They seemed annoyed but still answered Demon's question.

"What is that?"

"You know, something like cause and effect. The Judgment Unit has someone who can do that."

"Ace of Judgement Unit. One says he can twist the law of causality. We too just know him by rumor because he rarely appears."

"Shortly, your comrade's taken the damage that the Judgment Unit should have borne because of the explosion."

Demon is shocked after hearing their explanation. "How that was possible," is written in his face. The Judgment Unit is indeed the elite of the elite imperial army. 

"Then why didn't I receive any damage?"

"Maybe because of your innate ability…"

"Or maybe the damage taken is so small that you don't feel it…"

"Who knows…"

They keep walking till finally enter a building. Demon doesn't know much about their whereabouts because his vision is blurred by the fog. Apparently this fog interferes with the five senses

Upon entering the building, they are greeted by the man Demon is familiar with. The living legend. He got many nicknames but recently he is stuck with one, the Fallen Hero,