Chapter 125 – Discovery
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Chapter 125 - Discovery


It turned out that it wasn’t a normal throwing dagger, it was actually a ‘Blood chasing dagger’, one of the rarities used by veteran assassins.


An item created using darkness elements, which allowed its user to pinpoint the location of a target once it came to contact with the target’s blood, and most importantly, one didn’t need to retrieve the dagger for that.


This easily confirmed my suspicion that it was a dark assassin and not a shadow one!


Upon knowing this, I came to a realization, it was indeed hard for the assassin to show himself here as he didn’t act to kill me for the time I was asleep, which meant that while he knew that I hid in the camp, he didn’t know my actual identity….


This actually meant that if I did this the right way, then I could possibly get out of this without exposing my identity and causing more trouble for myself, I could be the hair that managed to escape from the dough!


But that aside, I decided to  go for the trump card next, as increasing my wisdom now had a double meaning, it was similar to increasing my mental energy and Perception at the same time!


Thanks to ‘Mental Perception’, any increase of either stats, Wisdom or Perception, was bound to increase my ‘Sensory Area’ alongside enhancing its abilities!


I decided to directly increase it increase it gradually by 0.5 points till I managed to reach my goal of being capable of ‘Psychokinesis Wielding’ and possibly ‘Dual Psychokinesis Wielding’ as well.


[ Wisdom: 10.81…..11.31…..12.81 ]


As my Wisdom kept increasing, I started testing my ability by trying to handle [ Lightning Cloud ], all while enduring the pain that came with ‘Immediate Synchro’.


[ Wisdom: 14.81…. ]


I finally managed to hold to raise [ Lightning Cloud ] and take control of it, but I wasn’t satisfied just yet!


[ Wisdom: 16.81…..17.31…..18.81 ]


I used the two daggers left by the assassin as training targets as well, trying to manipulate them beside the sword….




Suddenly I felt a bang go out in my brain as I suddenly stopped increasing my Wisdom, it looked like my brain has reached its limit and couldn’t endure the pain any longer.


Nonetheless, while I felt sore from the pain, I was quite satisfied with the results.


[ Wisdom: 20.31 ]


I immediately started testing the limit of my current ‘Telekinesis’, and found out that I was able to carry as much as 5 Kg of objects using my mental energy!


And that wasn’t all, not only was my control of them quite perfect but their range was also as long as 10 meters, which was the current length of my new ‘Sensory Area’, I could almost cover half of the camp…..


But looking at the time, I realized that I was simply taking my time so far as it was already 9:42 AM, I simply needed to hurry out with my next Assignment.


So, I simply decided to increase my Agility and Strength directly.


[ Stats:


Strength: 14.59 (+5.5)

Agility: 11.01 (+9)


Unassigned stat points: 16.094 ( -14.5 ) ]


Thump! Thump! Thump!


Pain permeated through my whole body as if to remind me to never increase stats this carelessly…


‘AHH… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea at all!’


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