Chapter 126 – Immunity
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Chapter 126 - Immunity


The pain was strong enough for me to collapse, but thanks to my earlier experiences with blackouts, I already had a slight immunity to it, in the meantime, I decided to absorb some elemental crystals to use as a painkiller, fighting the pain with the refreshing feeling that takes place as I accumulate elements.


[ Your hidden skill ‘Pain Resistance’ has reached lv.10! ]


[ Due to the effects of maxing out a hidden skill, ‘Omni-Mastery’ has been activated… ]


[ Your hidden skills ‘Pain Resistance’ lv.10, ‘Lightning Resistance’ lv.9, ‘Thunder Resistance’ lv.6, ‘Heat Resistance’ lv.5, and ‘Bleeding Resistance’ lv.2 are fused together… ]


[ Unique skill ‘Immunity’ has been created. ]


A sudden sensation has enveloped my pain filled body, it reminded me of the time I took a cold bath after training back in Thunder village, as all the pain started to seep out of my body…


I was supposed to be surprised by the sudden effect of gaining such a skill, but I had already experienced something similar before.


Back then when I created ‘Formation Analysis’, the maxed out ‘Combat senses’ which had small influence and just enhanced my battle instincts a bit and I didn't even know that I had it, However, as soon as ‘Formation Analysis’ fused with ‘Combat Senses’ producing ‘Combat Analysis’ the results were completely different.


Not only did it allow me to almost reach the level of a veteran hunter but it even helped me become more decisive in battles.


After having that experience, I somewhat deduced the nature of hidden skills, they were more like normal skills that could be obtained by certain people in certain circumstances and while they surpassed normal level skills their domain of effect was still quite narrow, thus they weren’t recognized as special skills and thus remained hidden neither classified as a normal skill nor a special one.


The turning point would be when it was enhanced by another special skill like what happened before or combined with similar hidden skills that happened now, it would then manifest abilities that suited its new rank. And of course, the effect was quite apparent as the ‘Immunity’ skill transcended the special level and directly promoted to a Unique one!


But even then, I was still quite dumbfounded about the number of hidden resistance skills, ‘Lightning Resistance’ which was obtained in a special circumstances aside the other four were quite a surprise.


['Immunity' (Unique) lv.1 


Skill type: Passive


Description: a skill created from the accumulation of the abilities manifested from a body which is a half-step into transcendence to resist the powers threatening it.


Immunity Types:


‘Pain’ Intermediate lv 1, 0.01%.

‘Lightning’ beginner lv.9, 12.3%.

‘Thunder’ beginner lv.6, 1.6%.

‘Heat’ beginner lv.5, 11.55%.

‘Bleeding’ beginner lv.2, 31.49%. ]


However, as soon as I inspected the skill, I actually got the answer right away!


As I remembered the ‘Satisfied Evolution Requirement’ notif and the ‘Transcending humanity’ achievement, I realized that the only reason I obtained ‘Lightning Resistance’ in the first place was my surpassing 100 stat points which is equivalent to 10 points when converted after integration.


Even my ‘Bleeding Resistance’, it was obviously gained from the wounds caused by the dark assassin yesterday, and even considering my ‘Pain Resistance’, ‘Thunder Resistance’, and ‘Heat Resistance’, I could imagine they were gained from my breakthrough after-effects, as my ‘Lightning Resistance’ leveled up as well. 


As expectedly they were all gained after I had all my stats above 10, which meant that the effects of that increase wasn’t as normal as one may think, my body has fundamentally became stronger and capable of resisting rough conditions that such skills that are expected to be at least special level skills were only as effective as hidden ones, created normally by my now inhuman immune system…


But in any case, while this realization only made me more curious, I decided to leave it aside for now as it was almost time to get into the last phase of my plan, cleaning the scene!

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