Chapter 127 – Nice
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Chapter 127 - Nice


The effect of the intermediate ‘Pain Immunity’ was pretty potent as I recovered to normal level in a few minutes, such a Unique skill was a great to the current me.


In fact, while I have unexpectedly acquired 2 Unique skills within a short frame of time, I still acknowledged their value as the only Unique skill I had before has helped me greatly, even though it had little effect on my direct battle prowess.


So I was expecting much more from these two skills, with one being a battlefield skill and the other being some sort of body strengthening skill.


It was already 10 AM by now, so I started getting ready to move at any time, so I started switching my current clothes to my regular jet-black leather armor.


I took the chance to inspect the changes in my body caused by the recent major assignment of stats, I was somewhat surprised, as the most effective Strength and Agility increase has caused quite a miraculous change.


Instead of gaining bulky muscles, the density of my muscles became condensed to a terrifying degree, as it retained its well defined structure and somewhat even became more defined, all the while I still didn’t feel that heavy even though I expected my current mass to surpass 200 Kg due to the muscle condensation.


[ • Stats : 


Strength: 20.09

Constitution: 15.28

Agility: 20.01

Dexterity: 11.91

Perception: 15.09

Wisdom: 20.31

Intelligence: ???

Dual-element: 11.01 ( Lightning, Thunder )


Unassigned stat points: 1.594 ]


Taking one last look at my status, I felt quite confident. Just a few days ago I had, I had only surpassed 10 stat points over-all achieving a change in my body, yet now I already surpassed 20 in half of the stats that I could assign points to!




It was such a nice feeling that left a great taste in my mouth, as I no longer felt hesitation about my next step, it was the sensation of succeeding and advancing that I almost forgot due to my last days of desperation back in reality…


However, that didn't mean I planned on becoming reckless, not at all! This success was more of a reason to be cautious as to protect these feelings and advance even further!


As I felt the blood in my veins boiling all-over, I left the tent in high spirits…


‘Let’s get this done with!’




“Uh-oh, I’m sorry!”


Due to my hot-headedness I accidentally collided with Tia who looked like she had come to get me… it seemed that I needed to rely more on ‘Omni-viewing Eye’


“No worries, it was just that my timing was bad, on the contrary, I’m glad that you seemed to have recovered well!”


“I just needed time that’s all.”


“Grace was quite worried about you, you know! You were asleep all the time, even when we tried to visit you two days ago…”


“Uhmm, it was just the after-effects of the medicine, I needed more sleeping time to recover.”


While it was true that medicine could have this effect, this was just me trying to cover up for Long’s limited illusion…


“Whatever, follow me, it seems like our targeted Dark Caves have some problems, so we are supposed to meet some higher up for task confirmation.”


Tia’s voice seemed to slightly waver as she seemed to have some apprehensions about what’s next, after all the next gate they had to clear had a 5 levels difference than the earlier one, and they had barely cleared that one too.


“Ok, let’s go, I’m sure everything will be alright!”


I followed after her after passively activating ‘Omni-viewing Eye’, starting from this point, I couldn’t lower my guard down any longer….


  • A late chapter as always...
  • Here is some (not so) rare cat fact: Some cats have Thumbs! which is pretty funny to look at and it's also quite rare I guess.