Chapter 131 – Two
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Chapter 131 - Two


In a small forest only tens of kilometers away from the Lightning Empire, which can be reached by Coach in half a day or so, a cave hidden by illusion resided, which was the current target of the  dashing demon.


The only reason I identified it in the illusion was that it entered my ‘Sensory Area’, which meant that the demon was less than 10 meters from running away with his life…


However, this also meant that he was within my telekinetic range!


I threw [ Lightning Cloud ] and pushed it even further with my mental energy, a message to be delivered to the demon’s heart.


He once again tried to dodge, but as soon as he tried to do so…




He threw up a mouthful of blood, before the sword missed him, only then, did he stop and drop to the floor.


As smart as he was trying to escape as soon as he realized that he wasn’t my match, he forgot what my first strike was meant for.


The daggers that were already lodged in his body were simply time bombs that were set, and the moment he entered my telekinetic range, I already took control of them.


The sword throw was merely a distraction to stop him from using any other trump card he may have had, before finally finishing him off by destroying his heart.


The true use of a trump card was as such!


In simply a fragment of a second, the outcome has been reversed, and only now did I draw a sigh of relief, as my identity was still hidden.


And even if he actually had some sort of communication device, the only info that would be revealed that I was part of the force in the camp, after all, even the assassin himself didn’t see my face.


The true surprise was actually this corruption gate, which appeared to be just a grand tree at the center of this small sized forest.


Since, I had already dealt with the nuisance, I was quite free at the moment so I decided to check the gate’s info out of curiosity.


[ 'Demon Base Corruption gate' (Two-floor) ( Special )


Status: Active


Current location: outside the gate ]


[ Time till outer invasion ] : [ 179d: 5h: 55m: 21s ]




It was actually a Two-floor, and even a special ranked gate, that I have never seen before…


“Hey Long!”


[Hmmm, what is it? Oh!]


[You actually managed to find a two-floor gate, and a special one at that. Well, it’s quite an achievement, but this might be a bigger bite than you chew.. Sigh... ]




[Simply putting it, two-floor gates are double gates, the first floor would be quite similar to normal gates, except that there is no corruption room at the end, instead there are stairs that go down, not only is the difficulty increased, but more importantly, the second floor actual corruption bringers, demons!]


“Ah, I see why that guy was rushing to head here, he was kind of just going back home. But still, what makes this impossible for me to clear?”


[A special Two-floor gate only means one thing, the demons in the second floor are lv.100 at the very least and their levels can rise with time, so you might even find lv.110 ones by its end, not to mention the actual Demon General holding the corruption core…]


“Hmmm, what about the first floor?”


[It should be above the level of the last gate you cleared, but considering what you have done so far, it shouldn’t be too hard for you, of course, the problem still lays with the second floor… maybe…]


“Maybe what?!”


[Honestly, Two-floor gates can actually be left once one cleared the first floor, however, the problem is that once the spatial transfer happens, demons would be alerted and they would be able to escape the gate, which is what we should avoid the most!]


As I wasn’t in a hurry to enter anyway, I pondered about what I should do, after all, this was quite a tempting opportunity, since leveling would take too much time if I cleared normal one-floor gates….


“Ah, I still didn’t harvest this guy’s blood essence!”


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