Chapter 136 – Recruitment?
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Chapter 136 - Recruitment?


Participating in class trials for free was a very tempting part in itself, after all, the average trial entering price is well within 20~30 gold’s range.


Even then, the number of wealthy people who would want to participate themselves or have one of their family members participate in class trials even for a price beyond that was still very high. This was mostly because finding an organization that would allow outsiders to use their Trial Tower in exchange for money was very hard. After all, Trial Towers were considered a rarity that would only be found in places like the two empires’ capitals or ancient clans and sects’ secret grounds.


Due to such complications, people from all out the domain would scramble to join organizations such as the Lightning Knight Brigade, as they would have a chance to participate in the class trial as long as they passed the qualification matches, to most people, this was an opportunity sent from god!


If they were lucky enough to enter the top 3 of the combat examination and the qualifier matches they would be granted the chance to enter the trials and as long as they didn’t gain a trash normal class like a simple ‘Swordsman’ class or something similar, even the weakest Special class would grant them a position in the prestigious Lightning Knight Brigade!


Not to mention, if they actually gained a Special class of the highest rank, they might be granted the position of the general and maybe even nurtured to succeed the position of the Brigade leader!


However, in the latest recruitment of the Brigade, countless participants who daydreamed about all of this glory, were stunned as the overseer of the combat examination announced that only the top ranking two would get the chance to participate in the trials and join the brigade, pouring cold water on most of the participants ambitions.


Lots of complaints were voiced out as the participants demanded explanation, but they were only greeted by the overwhelmingly cold glare of the overseer, forcing them to shut up and contemplate whether to continue with the examination or just call it a day and return home early. 


After all, the third position was the only chance left for those regular people who only reached their current ability by effort alone, now that it was eliminated, their chance of achieving all their hopes was instantly cut down by half at the very least…..




A blue haired youth who seemed to be in his twenties stared at the colossal building which was the equivalent of a big company building, despite being shorter, it had a higher width so it was similar in size.


“Woah, as expected of the Lightning Knight Brigade!”


This youth was naturally Ian, while he was actually only less than 17 years old, thanks to the increase in his bodily stats, especially since his Constitution and Strength have surpassed 10, his body was growing countless times faster, till he reached the epitome of human growth at the age of 20~22.


‘Thankfully, passing through the main gate wasn’t a problem..’


After cleaning myself using the water kept in the ring and changing into a light blue leather armor and putting on a simple blue mask over my face, I managed to reach the Lightning Capital using a few minutes’ time without exerting my full speed as there was no need to rush over in a minute or two as the difference wasn’t this much anyway.


When I tried to pass through the main gate I was asked to show my face and give them any sort of identification card I had, I obviously said that I didn't have any as I didn’t plan on using my fake Light Association ID, I planned on using a completely different identity this time.


Obviously they didn’t pursue the identification as countless people born in villages and small cities outside the empire would visit the capital for several reasons, and they naturally wouldn’t have identification cards as well, so I was granted entrance after they confirmed my face wasn’t on the red list.


After taking a few strolls around, and asking a few passers-by for direction, I finally reached the headquarters of the Brigade which was at the rather calm part of the capital, quite close to the city borders.


I knocked on the closed door as I waited for an answer…


“Yes, how can I help you?”


The face of a green haired girl popped out from behind the door as she wore an inquiring expression.


“I’m here to participate in the recruitment exams.”


“Ah, recruitment exams? sorry for being the one to inform you that, but you are very late, the recruitment exam had already ended two weeks ago…”


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