Chapter 137 – Quest Item
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Chapter 137 - Quest Item


‘Ended? What does that mean?’


I calmly and quickly contemplated instead of panicking, the quest time surely stated that there was still 8 days available, it couldn't be just a misleading part.


‘The scroll!’


The quest item would usually be an item which you would give to an NPC for rewards or the NPC would follow by giving out a chain quest, either way, since something was wrong, the last act that I could try would have to be handing the quest item, if it didn't work then I would have no chance but give up on this quest….


“Perhaps this would change that?”


I simply pretended to take the scroll out of the leather armor’s sole pocket while actually retrieving it from the ring, before offering it to the girl behind the door.


“He came late after the examination started by 3 weeks! This isn’t simply late, his perception of time must be off…”


“He even brought out a piece of paper to bribe someone in the BRIGADE? Is he stupid or something?”


“Doesn’t he know that the recruitment this time was much harsher, only accepting the top two even though the recruitment happens every five years! And he wants to enter simply like that.


A small group of three who were passing by and listened to the situation gossiped a bit, I was able to hear them easily with my perception and thanks to the fact that the street was mostly empty, but I didn’t pay them any heed as I waited for the girl who was now completely to inspect the scroll she took from my hand.


“Let me see…”


The girl’s nonchalant expression was soon replaced by one of seriousness as she looked a bit puzzled.


“Wait here please….”


The girl took the scroll as she went inside slowly as I indifferently stood there, I wasn’t sure whether this meant that the quest wasn’t wrong or not, I could only wait and see.




The girl, Flone, took the scroll, as she walked with hasty steps as she questioned herself…


‘This was definitely a recommendation letter that has our secret emblem, however, as far as I know the recommendation of our brigade can only be given out from the royal family, moreover, such a recommendation hasn’t happened in the last twenty years according to our records, who is he exactly? Could it possibly be...’


She sighed as she slowed her steps, ‘Sigh.. whatever, let’s not overthink it, let’s leave it to Head, it’s not my business...’


She finally stopped in front of a door as she knocked.


Knock. Knock.




“It’s me.”


“Oh, it’s Flonnie, come in.”


“What’s the matter?”




Flone said as she handed the scroll to the man who was sitting on a large couch while holding a book in his hand.


“Hmmm? Oh, is it…?”


The man opened the scroll as he excitedly looked through it…


“Phew, he is finally here, I was wondering if he forgot about this since only a little more than a week was left, but he is finally here!”


He excitedly stood up from his couch with high spirits.


“Flonnie let’s go get the guy…. Or wait… this isn’t appropriate I guess, bring him to me!”


“Understood, Head.”


Flone slightly bowed to the man before she left in even greater confusion, showing the scroll to the Head didn’t explain much as he even added more questions to her head.


‘I truly wonder who is this guy, to think that Head is excited to meet him? He only gets this excited once he finds something that is quite interesting, that guy must be quite special…’


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