Chapter 139 – Solutions
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Chapter 139 - Solutions


[ ‘Join the Lightning knight brigade’ has been initiated! ]


I was slightly taken aback at how fast this matter went, I expected at least some questioning and identity proving and other sorts of formalities, but the ‘Head’ of the brigade simply flicked these matters away, saying that it was not too late to make a new ID card after I was officially accepted in the brigade.


“Oh, right, you didn't tell me your name, I’m Flone by the way.”


The girl, Flone, took me to my supposed guest room while familiarizing me with the HQ and the way things work around here, she wore a friendly smile while explained some rules and other similar stuff.


“You can call me Zero.”


I have decided to adopt Long’s initial name in any case, as I planned to use it as my persona with which I could go all-out without reservation, while using my other fake identity if I even needed to lay low for any reason.


“Quite a unique name you have there, anyway, this will be your room for the next eight days untill you officially join us, by then you will be assigned a private room like the rest of the knights.”


As we reached the room that I was supposed to occupy, I could see that there were two rooms close-by as I made a guess.


“Oh, the rooms next to you are the top 2 who emerged from the recruitment, it would be nice if you meet them and familiarize with each other as the soon-to-be new members of the brigade, but they seem to be out and busy with something, you can meet with them later when they return…”


As expected, they were the other two who would also enter the class trial soon…


I entered the room and sat on the big bed as I thought for a second before changing to casual clothes, albeit keeping the mask on for several reasons, before throwing myself into the bed to relax.


Although I wasn’t too trusting of this brigade as I still had the ‘Omni-viewing Eye’ on passively, I still took this chance to relax and have peace of mind, after all, what’s the worst that could happen? Me stopping a sneak attack using telekinesis?


The tension from the battle that happened less than half an hour ago still made me a bit tense, while I relaxed a bit after it ended, I could only truly relax in this closed place and this comfortable bed.


Having already confirmed my course of actions, I decided to use the first day spent here to laze around and sleep relaxedly as a way to vent out my tension.


As for the week-worth of time left, I decided to use it to do some simple elemental practice, weapon training, and if possible trying to imitate the ‘Precise Throw’ hidden weapon art that was used by the assassin.


All of this was, of course, to keep myself at peak status for the class trial that is coming soon, even though I didn’t know it’s process and progress as even Long was quite vague about it saying ‘You will understand when you see for yourself’, I didn't want to perform happily as I wanted to get the most possible overall increase of abilities from that trial.


While having that hidden gate to worry about, emerging out of the class trial with a great results would certainly be the best way to solve that ticking bomb.


In the case the powers I gained inside were enough for me to guarantee my life in that gate, that would be for the best as I would be able to gain all the benefits that is to be gained from there by relying on myself, and in the worst case that I would fall short from doing that, joining the brigade and gaining a good position would obviously be the key to solving this problem within the shortest time possible.


I could either use my position to deliver this critical piece of information to the royal palace, or maybe make a team with the veterans of the brigade to conquer this special gate, still gaining some of the benefits.


All-in-all, it was best to be completely ready for the class trial in any case, as such I didn't dare slack off more than one day, in case that comes to hunt me back when I’m undergoing the class trial.


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