Chapter 152 – Destruction
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Chapter 152- Destruction


[ ‘Lightning Immunity’ has leveled up! ]


[ ‘Lightning Immunity’ has reached the intermediate rank! ]


[ ‘Thunder Immunity’ has leveled up! ]


[ ‘Thunder Immunity’ has reached lv.9! ]


[ Your Dual-Element has increased by 0.01! ]


‘It’s a shame I wasn’t able to up ‘Thunder Immunity’ to the intermediate rank, but it’s time to end this.’


By now, countless cracks showing raw flesh under them started to appear all-over LD Ian’s body, after exchanging several blows with him, I actually found out that while his ‘Body of Elements’ was close to perfection from its destructive ability, he almost had no actual foundation on using body martial arts.


So, using the superiority of my own ‘Body of Elements’ and 'Lightning & Thunder Body art' in tandem, I was easily able to suppress LD Ian.


However, instead of finishing this quickly as I planned from the beginning, I planned to use this opportunity to gain some elements to make my progress to the next layer faster.


Not only that, but having my ‘Body of Elements’ in full constant activation actually elevated my ‘Immunity’ skill as well!


But of course, all the good stuff would have to come to an end, at this point, not only the amount of elements I absorbed too little to bother, activating my body of elements anymore would possible overload my body, requiring me to rest for one or two days before my elemental cells are revitalized and for my body to recover from being overdrawn.


As such, and since I still had one more battle to finish, it was time to end this battle which lasted for over 10 minutes…


Simply summoning my bow, I applied thunder element to with the two arrows I had in hand and shoot them over.





A cry went out from the mouth of LD Ian as the arrow went through his neck, his previous might may have seemed overpowered but once his passive lightning skin that gave him his ‘Domain’ cracked, he was like a turtle who came out from its shell, totally defenseless against my methods.


[ You have obtained an Inheritance tag (Lightning Destroyer) ]


[ You have obtained an inheritance fragment! ]


[ 'Omni-Mastery' lv4 unlocking +10% (34%) ]


[ ‘Lightning Destroyer Inheritance Fragment’ (Special****)


Description: the key to the will left behind by an unknown avenger who pursued ultimate destruction to take revenge for his destroyed clan.


*Transfers the understanding and experience of the Lightning Destroyer’s elemental path. (Upon use)

*Grants a 30% increase in damage for attacks caused by the inheritor’s lightning elements. (Upon use)

**Grants a 40% increase to the destructive ability of lightning elements. (Upon use) ]


['Immunity' (Unique) lv.1 


Skill type: Passive


Description: a skill created from the accumulation of the abilities manifested from a body which is a half-step into transcendence to resist the powers threatening it.


Immunity Types:


'Pain' Intermediate lv.1, 2.34%.

'Lightning' Intermediate lv.1, 0.05%.

'Thunder' beginner lv.9, 15.6%.

'Heat' beginner lv.5, 11.55%.

'Bleeding' beginner lv.2, 31.49%. ]


‘Definitely above average.’


Unlike the earlier two tests, this was a unique test, it’s class was one that focused into one extreme aspect of lightning, although it wasn’t the answer to finding the most powerful elemental path, it was definitely close enough to that aspect, even I would have found it hard to deal with him if my primary element wasn’t lightning.


But in any case, this was most likely the target of these tests, granting the power of the inheritance only to one that can overcome it and develop it in a better path, of course, there was the chance that it followed the quote ‘Only the strong could grow stronger, while the weak would only get weaker’.


In the end, I gained several benefits from this single test more than all the tests I have finished since my entrance here…


‘Well, I guess it’s time for more rest then.’


Thanks to the change of plans, I now had to rest and circulate my elements to correct the cell pathways that became overstrained from the prolonged use of the ‘Body of elements’.


Of course as I knew my limits the damage wasn’t too great, so I only needed to rest for one hour to return to my optimal condition.


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