Chapter 153 – Unexpected
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Chapter 153 - Unexpected


[ You have obtained an Inheritance tag (Thunder Runner) ]


[ You have obtained an inheritance fragment! ]


[ 'Omni-Mastery' lv4 unlocking +9% (43%) ]


‘That was unexpected…’


To think that TR Ian was truly just a runner?


From the very start of his appearance he did nothing but run far from me, which gave me quite a surprise…


I originally thought that he had some speed fighting style ability that relied on thunder, especially when using all the tests I had so far, but it turned out to be so… easy.


When looking at the general capabilities of most elemental masters and weapon users, speed was the hardest aspect to improve on, so this test may have been the hardest of all the previous test considering that the speed of TR Ian was quite impressive.


He was also able to break the sound barrier with his speed, and him running constantly made him almost an impossible target, most people would eventually choose to give up such a test…


Unfortunately for him, the one he met was me, who already developed his speed to a certain extreme both intentionally and unintentionally!


The reason for his extreme speed was because unlike LD Ian, TR Ian had his bones as a conductor, and not exactly all of his bones, it was only the bones of both his legs, allowing him to achieve the feat of being a super coward quite excellently.


But for me, all it took was activating my ‘Body of Elements’ partly to overtake his speed and run my sword through his neck, it felt even easier than when I dealt with Sword Ian…


Nonetheless, unlike the actual TR Ian, his inheritance wasn’t useless at all.


[ ‘Thunder Runner Inheritance Fragment’ (Special***)


Description: the key to the will left behind by a nameless pacifict who hated fights and wanted to run to the end of the world until he found peace of heart.


*Grants a 30% increase to the inheritor’s speed when Thunder elements are in use (Upon use)

**Grants a 20% decrease to the inheritor’s air resistance. (Upon use) ]


Air resistance reduction!


Unlike speed increase boosts which actually decrease in effect as they stack and get higher, decrease in air resistance was something else.


The actual reason that speed was hard to develop the faster one is falls down to air resistance!


In this game world with different laws and effects, the air reistance’s effect was a bit less than the real world’s but it was still in effect, it was basic physics to say ‘the faster an object is, the more air resistance that it would have to face’, which in turn slows the object, the same applies for humans.


While there was ways to decrease it such as lowering the surface area,... etc, these were hard to achieve as unmodifiable living beings, so it was taken for granted that speed was one of the hardest aspects to raise, even in this supernatural world.


Unexpectedly the easiest class I was able to obtain had such a great ability, and even though it was only a 20% it was much better than a 100% speed increase boost as this would not only increase my current speed by a notch, it would also smoothen my path on developing my speed even further!


In my heart, I already made a choice that if there weren’t another similar class at the next level, and leveling ‘Omni-Mastery’ (if possible) won’t give me a better choice, I would use this inheritance tag without any hesitation.


‘Well, let’s see what’s on the next level first…’


One mere test already gave me two unexpected surprises with everyone of the two being the opposite of the other, so making choices right now may leave unneeded regrets.


“To the next level.”


[ Choice confirmed! Initiating transfer… ]


[ Initiating revitalization… ]




[ Searching for suitable Level 3 Inheritance… ]


[ Suitable Level 3 inheritances: … ]


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