Chapter 154 – Last Level
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Chapter 154 - Last Level


[ Suitable Level 3 inheritances:


  1. Lightning Swordsman
  2. Thunder Arrow
  3. Telekinesis Manipulator


- You can choose to attempt these following Inheritance tests or move to… ]


[ Error! ]


[ User qualification allows access up to Level 4, but the path to the next level is not fully functional... ]


[ As such, this is the last Level user can access due to the difficulties, please take the tests that you wish to take, so you can receive your final evaluation. ]


‘So that’s the last one, huh?’


I was still pondering about the number of levels that I can go through, and although it turned out that I had the qualification to enter the 4th level which supposedly the highest level, I could only go up to this level…


It wasn’t the worst case situation, as I still had a chance to level up ‘Omni-Mastery’ if these classes were enough for it, and in any case, it was better than being able to go up to the next floor only to get beaten from the first test and losing all the tags I got to this point.


“Start the Lightning Swordsman test.”


[ Inheritance test ‘Lightning Swordsman’ chosen… ]


[ Level Two Inheritance test (Lightning Swordsman): defeat your enemy once. ]


[ Test Enemy: 


  1. Body status set at 150% of the normal human limit.
  2. Possession of ‘Lightning Swordsman’ Inheritance. ]


[ Begin! ]


‘As expected.’


Going up every level gave the Ian(s) more physical advantage, not only did that mean they had caught up to some of my stats like Dexterity and Constitution, but that also meant that if I were able to access the next level, I would have to face an Ian who possible has stats which average at 20 points…


But as the road forward was already cut, there was no need to think that far, I just had to give my all to finish this level in hope to level up ‘Omni-Mastery’.




A sword fully covered in lightning slashed towards me, as I hurriedly dodged using ‘Lightning Steps’.


‘Hoho. Yet another unexpected one.’


So far, the tests I have faced all grew stronger when I moved to the next floor, all because their power was focused to one extreme, for example, SM Ian was a peak swordsman that was close to enter the great ranks of Sword Manipulator, while LD Ian was someone who achieved an extremely destructive lightning path.


However, LS Ian was someone who was quite similar to me… he was a dual practitioner!


He practiced both the sword path and the elemental path, his sword practice was also at the 3rd Tier like me as well, only his elemental practice was higher than me by one layer.


He had already broken through to the next layer, meaning that he had already activated his second elemental might, ‘Elemental Armament’!


Not only did that allow the user to coat his weapons in elements enhancing them by several notches, but one would be able to solidify weapons made from elements to a certain extent, of course it was limited by the size, shape and duration but it was still quite the potent ability.


Thanks to my ‘Body Mastery’ I was able to achieve 50% of the might from the first effect even though I still didn’t reach the upper layer, but as it was only 50%, I would lose when it came to a confrontation only based on that…


But that was only limited to elemental confrontation, as for sword practice which already surpassed the regular peak of Tier-3 and reached for the standard of Tier-5 when it came to quantity?


Not to mention that not having just one or two abilities was the main reason I got so many inheritances to choose from…


I summoned two greatswords, each in one hand as I applied my physique and ‘Body Mastery’ bonuses as well as the limited layer of ‘Weapon reinforcement’.


‘This isn’t the hardest battle that I have faced by far.’


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