Chapter 156 – Final Evaluation
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Chapter 156 - Final Evaluation


“I won’t take the last one, start the final evaluation…”


[ Starting the final evaluation… ]


In the end, I couldn’t finish this trial in an ideal way, I simply had no chance to win against a Unique Inheritance that reached the peak of telekinesis.


Just from the profession name, one could understand that I would have to face a telekinetic master who is on par with a sword manipulator, not to mention that telekinetic masters had no weapon limitations, their only limit was mental energy.


A telekinetic master with enough mental energy to rival a weapon manipulator…


It was only natural to give up, I would simply have no way but to die if I seriously took on that test, I didn’t let blood rush into my head as I calmly gave up!


[ You have successfully finished +10 (11) inheritance tests… ]


[ Final evaluation: Excellent x10, Very good x1… ]


[ You have received the auxiliary inheritance tag ‘Jack of all trades (Advanced)’ ]


[ 'Omni-Mastery' lv4 unlocking +10% (+100%) ] (System)


[ You have obtained an inheritance fragment! ] (System)


[ ‘Omni-Mastery’ has leveled up! ] (System)


[ ‘Omni-Mastery’ has reached lv.4 ] (System)


[ You have 1 Hour to choose one of the tags in hand as your main inheritance along with your auxiliary inheritance… ]


A second class!


[ ‘Jack of all trades Inheritance Fragment’ (Advanced)


Description: the key to the will left behind by a person who gave up the peak in exchange for versatility


- Grants an over-all 10% increase to all of the inheritor’s abilities. (Upon use) ]

It was also another surprise bomb, it was a secondary class that could be equipped with any other class, but it still gave such an amazing boost.


Not only that, but it also allowed ‘Omni-Mastery to finally level up!


I wanted to check the fifth ability of ‘Omni-Mastery’ as soon as possible as I held the new inheritance tag in hand.


[ Activating ‘Omni-Mastery’ lv.4.... ]


[ Absorbing all the inheritance fragments in the vicinity… ]


[ You have unlocked the main Class ‘Omni-Master’ (???) ]


[ You have unlocked the secondary class ‘Omni-Master’ (???) ]


[ ‘Omni-Mastery’ lv.4 has absorbed and fused the inheritance fragments! ]


[ ‘Omni-Master’ (???)


- ‘Versatile Lord’ (Epic)

- ‘Elemental Weapon Master’ (Epic)

- ‘Lightning Swordsman’ (Unique**)

- ‘Thunder Arrow’ (Unique**)

- ‘Thunder Runner’ (Special***)

- …………… ]


[ ERROR! ]


[ An unknown entity had caused a functional error within the regulations… ]


[ You will be ejected in 5 minutes for safety reasons! ]


- Here's today's (small) chapter, enjoy :")