Chapter 157 – Level 4
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Chapter 157 - Level 4


[ 'Omni-Mastery' Lv.4


'Lv.0' - you can achieve skill acquisition much easily through knowledge accumulation & understanding.


'Lv.1' - you are able to acquire Mastery skills through skill & knowledge accumulation.


'Lv.2' - you are able to combine & Integrate skills of related nature through understanding.


'Lv.3' - you are able to use the primary ability of 'Omni-element' to achieve elemental interfusion. 


‘Lv.4’ - you are able to combine and allocate your class(es) with the authority of ‘Omni-Master’. ]


[ ‘Omni-Master’ (???)


- ‘Versatile Lord’ (Epic) (NEW)

- ‘Elemental Weapon Master’ (Epic) (NEW)

- ‘Lightning Swordsman’ (Unique**)

- ‘Thunder Arrow’ (Unique**)

- ‘Lightning Destroyer’ (Special****)

- ‘Thunder Runner’ (Special***)

- ‘Dual Sword Meister’ (Special***)

- ‘Sword Master’ (Special***)

- ‘Swordsman’ (Normal***)

- ‘Spearman’ (Normal***)

- ‘Archer’ (Normal***)

- ‘Axe Fighter’ (Normal***)

- ‘Hammer Wielder’ (Normal***)

- ‘Martial Artist’ (Normal***)

- ‘Jack of all trades’ (Advanced)]


‘Oh, God!’


Not only did a storm of comprehension assault my mind, but I gained another ability emphasising the ‘Omni’ part of my path…


All of the inheritance tags I had were all supposedly within my reach, and there were even two new classes that I hadn’t seen before, which seemed to be the result of ‘combine’.


[ ‘Versatile Lord’ (Epic)


Description: the true definition of ‘Master of all trades’ - Class


- Grants an overall 20% increase to all abilities. (Upon allocation)

- Grants 50% of the benefits from all classes in possession(Omni-Master’s). (Upon allocation) ]


[ ‘Elemental Weapon Master’ (Epic)


Description: the true definition of ‘Dual Practitioner’ - Class


- Grants a 20% increase to all abilities when using both weapon path and elemental path. (Upon allocation)

- Grants 70% of the benefits from all classes of elemental and weapon abilities. (Upon allocation) ]




[ Name: Ian Cloud.

Race: Human (other worlder)

Level: 55

Class: ‘Lightning Swordsman’ (M) / ‘Versatile Lord’ (S) ]


‘I see.’


Just by equipping one of the epic ranked classes, I could already feel that my power was at least doubled, especially thanks to me being a person with a wide range of abilities, the effect of an overall boost was more impactful!


Thanks to that, even my telekinesis ability went up by a notch


‘This is truly messed up…’


The classes and the titles felt like they were switched up!


The titles I gained had their effects applied every time I gained one and no matter how much titles I had, they were all active giving me various bonuses, unlike most games which only allowed one chosen title’s effect to be applied…


On the other hand, instead of gaining one main permanent class, I gained 14 classes which could be equipped as if they were a title or a piece of gear…


I wanted to test the other classes out, but as I was going to get out soon, I put ‘Lightning Swordsman’ as the main, although I wanted to shine and show my full brilliance under this persona, I didn’t plan to explain how I gained a class of a rank that can’t possible be gained within this tower with passage to level 4 being blocked.


‘I will make sure to test them thoroughly later, with this much I’m more than satisfied for now!’


[ 5 minutes have passed! Ejection in progress… ]


[ ‘Omni-Master’ class have been confirmed, calculating the stat bonus… ] (System)


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