Chapter 158 – Bonus
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Chapter 158 - Bonus


[ Normal Class stat bonus: 0.01 per level (6)


Special Class stat bonus: 0.05 per level (4)


Unique Class stat bonus: 0.1 per level (2)


Epic Class stat bonus: 0.2 per level (0*) ]


[ *Classes derived and created using the authority of ‘Omni-Master’ don’t apply as part of the bonus.


- Secondary (Auxiliary) class(es) don’t grant a stat bonus ]




This meant that ‘Versatile Lord’ was created from fusing the concept of ‘Jack of all trades’ with the other professions, and ‘Elemental Weapon Master’ which was derived from fusing the concepts of the two unique classes wouldn’t give a bonus as they weren’t true inheritances…

[ ‘Omni-Master’ Class stat bonus equals the sum of the bonus from all its classes divided by two… ]


[ ‘Omni-Master’ Class stat bonus = (0.06+0.2+0.2)/2… ]


[ ‘Omni-Master’ class bonus = 0.23! ]


‘That means that I gain a slightly bit more stat points than if I gained an epic class the normal way!’


This also meant that I’d gain 0.253 thanks to the effect of ‘Limit Break’, making the total stat points that I’d gain from leveling go up to 1.151 (11.5 normal stat points)!


[ Calculating the bonus acquired from existing levels… ]


[ Your Unassigned stat points have increased by 13.915! ]




In the beginning I didn't have much info about the benefits of classes that much, but even when I found out that my a stat bonus would be one of these benefits, I didn’t expect that levels gained before acquiring the class as well, especially when it was such a big sum…


[ Unassigned stat points: 17.305 ]


‘Still, all in all, it’s another good surprise, although it’s not enough to reach the next wall, it should be able to take away a great part of the gap…’




“Hey you!”




While I was pondering, the void that I was on after being ejected, which seemed to be my transport out, vanished, as I was standing in the middle of a big crowd. I had only realized so when the red-haired guy shouted at me…


“Why are you standing like that? Did you lose the trial and get turned into an idiot?”


The red-haired guy’s mouth rained out his blunt opinion…


“I’m fine.”


“Phew, I thought something happened to you, Zero.”


Flone who had an expression of worry on her face breathed out, she seemed to put a lot of value on me due to the head’s behaviour.


“Now then, since all the candidates have come out, let’s get you three checked and see what you got!”


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