Chapter 159 – Testament
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Chapter 159 - Testament



“Ellona, you first.”


The Class Trials of the royal family was usually used as a competition between the princes and princesses, or their followers, to see who or who’s subordinate can gain a better class. So, to avoid people finding out about the inside information of the royal palace, such events were held while the royal garden was on total lock-out.


Of course, there was the chance that a talented general who would be noticed by the emperor joining such an event, but as he would be already considered as one of the emperor’s retainers, he would only act as a neutral party who would ease the tension of the competition.


On the other hand, the Class Trials held for the Lightning Knight Brigade’s candidates was the opposite, it was a totally open event, people would be allowed access to the royal garden to watch, even partaking in betting on who of the three would have the best class, who might be unlucky to drop-out..., etc.


As such, this once every five years event was gradually turned into some sort of a festival, that would ease the tension around and bring joy as the empire’s official strongest force brought young talent into its power, which only ensured that less harm would befall the empire which was growing stronger by the year!


Nonetheless, while the festival was considered to have started once one hour has passed after the candidates’ entrance, the true core of the festival was the grand revealing of the classes that the candidates have acquired. So, as soon as the first candidate started to head to the class testament arc, the whole crowd turned quiet in anticipation, some wondering whether they would win the jackpot, while others just excited to hear the cool classes and powers that the candidates might have obtained…




I looked at the quiet girl, Ellona, as she stepped towards the arc, which seemed to be the device used to know the classes and powers obtained from them, as people would normally be able to view the classes’ names and only estimate the benefits from the fight, or so I heard from the crowd that was gossiping around.


But as I already checked all the abilities that I would gain from my classes before using ‘Eye of  Knowledge’, such revelations held no suspense to me, well, at least I could see what classes did the other two gain and compare…


Once Ellona stepped into the center of the arc, bright light enveloped her as some words started to appear in the tablet at the top center of the arc.


[ Class: ‘Storm Bringer’ ]




“Ellona you were still hiding this much of your abilities……?”


The person who was in charge of operating the arc screamed in surprise, while Flone looked at Ellona with a half-excited half-questioning gaze.


“To think that a dual attribute would appear after all these years…”


Another old man who was watching from the side muttered, but by then the rest of the words on the tablet became totally clear.


[ Class: ‘Storm Bringer’


Class-Tier: Upper-high


Class Abilities: 


  1. Wind Elemental abilities’ prowess x1.35
  2. Lightning Elemental abilities’ prowess x1.35 ]


“A dual attribute, it’s really a dual attribute!”


“Haha, the Brigade sure is something, even such a rare dual attribute had appeared as its top recruitment candidate!”


“This girl is really good at hiding it, I was there at the recruitment test, she only used her wind element abilities to wipe the floor with half the participants…”


“Too bad a high ranking class was already expected to come out from the rank one candidate, or else my winnings would have been much more, sigh…”




The crowd broke out with screams and excitement, it was expected that such a break-out would happen once a dual attribute holder appeared.


‘Unexpected… truly unexpected.’

To think that this quiet shy girl, would actually turn out to be a dual elemental master…


‘Looks like this Lightning Knight Brigade is anything but normal…’


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