Chapter 162 – Time
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Chapter 162 - Time


“You three, come in.”


The flustered Flone went straight for the head’s office as soon as she returned, while we waited outside till she finished her report.


We went in as soon as we called, lead by Fredrick who hurried to enter as soon as he heard the call.


“Ok, I just heard about the results, now that you have passed the last screening I will be brief about what happens next.”


“As you all know, we are quite the committed organization, once you have settled down here, leaving on your own whim without a mission or a task isn't normally allowed. As such, before becoming officially new members of the brigade, you will be given a period of one month to finish all your possible outer problems, outer enmities, outside business…, etc”


“If you still don’t have anything to do, you can still stay in the guest room and wait for the one month period to pass, thirty days from now, the official acceptance and registering ceremony would be held, and you three would be officially part of our brigade!”


“Alright then, dismissed!”


‘To think that his abilities would be so quirky…’






The one month period was the perfect time for me to move on and remove the last known threat, all the while tempering myself.


The me before the trials might have had some difficulties clearing that two floor gate, but the me now was someone else.


Not only had I gained several boosting classes, but I also obtained a decent amount of stat points that can help me further develop.


Nonetheless, the biggest gain I had received from the trials was something else, it was the elemental comprehension of the last two inheritance tests, Lightning Swordsman and Thunder Arrow.


Both LS Ian and TA Ian had a very important understanding that allowed their elemental path to fuse with the weapon path, that was integration of elemental nature into a weapon art.


In the little time I had to exchange blows with LS Ian I realized that his Sword Art was very familiar, only one word could describe it… Lightning!


That was originally a path I wanted to tread on but as my time was limited I left it as a last minute choice, hoping to find suitable weapon arts once I entered the brigade…


But after my enlightenment due to receiving both class inheritance, I only needed to practically control it and then advancing to the 2nd stage as a weapon practitioner, a true Weapon Master!


However, rushing over without digesting the gains would only be a foolish thing, so I decided to enter closed door practice for a few days in the wide guest room.


Firstly, I had to distribute the stat points accordingly, as suited to my next venture.


Secondly, I had to adapt to the changes of classes and their various boosts, all in order to make a true tactic depending on the use of the right classes at the right opportunity.


And lastly, I planned to go all out and try to reach the next elemental layer!