Chapter 164 – Bottleneck
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Chapter 164 - Bottleneck


‘I guess there was no need after all…’


Making use of the rest of the day, I started changing the classes and familiarizing myself with them, only to find out that I was actually overthinking.


Equipping the two Epic classes made the rest of the classes useless to bother changing, after all thanks to their secondary bonus, all classes bonuses were effective 120%, making using other classes instead, a simple waste, the only reason for using them would be to achieve a singular overpowered effect.


Take for example, the Lightning Destroyer class, which could be used for extreme destruction, using it along side Versatile Lord would grant 150% of the bonus’s effectiveness!


To put it simply tactics of changing classes would take at least a week to achieve a minor effect, so there was no reason to indulge in them for now.


On the other hand, while I received a collective inheritance of understanding from all classes, it still wasn't that consolidated, and equipping a certain class would accelerate their inheritance process.


As such, I replaced the tactic task with class mediation sessions to make use of the time I had till I reached the next elemental layer…




Two days later…


‘Finally, full saturation!’


The elemental practice process was an inner to outer process, it simply started with self tempering to withstand the elements, followed by absorbing the elements to one’s body and making it an elemental mimic, achieving ‘Body of Elements’, the next step was to fill the elemental conductor to their limit and allow the elements to leave the body, achieving ‘Elemental Armament’!


So the sign of the bottleneck of the Upper layer was the full saturation of elements in the elemental conductor, which was namely my whole body.


[ Dual-Element: 22 ]


The crucial step was to break the illusory skin barrier to allow the elements to pass through, surround the body, create weapons, or strengthen existing weapons and armor.


Luckily, the breakthrough method was still the same as the last layer, breaking the barrier through overloading it with a great amount of elements.


So for the first time, I decided to initiate dual absorption using Grade-2 elemental crystals to break the barrier which was a notch tougher than the half point barrier.


[ Your Dual-Element has increased by 0! ]


[ Your Dual-Element has increased by 0! ]


[ Your Dual-Element has increased by 0! ]




Finally, after exhausting over 6 Grade-2 crystals…


[ Your Dual-Element has increased by 0.01! ]


[ ‘Lightning Cell’ has advanced to the ‘2nd stage, Upper layer’! ]


[ ‘Thunder Cell’ has advanced to the ‘2nd stage, Upper layer’! ]


I was finally ready to leave for my target!


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