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So, to put it out simply, as some of you may know, 'Omni-Mastery' is now contracted to 'Webnovel'.


this doesn't mean that I'm entirely removing the whole novel from scribble or anything of this sort, but as some of you may know (again, lol), what follows a contract is going premium, which means that future chapters can only be read at 'Webnovel' ( I know a great part of you may not like that but that's what the current situation is).


So, I'm planning to leave the first two volumes here without any change (completely free to read), and remove the chapters starting from volume 3 which is the part where premium is going to start at a few days later.


To be honest, it was quite a difficult choice for me, but that's where the ships have decided to sail, I must say that I had quite a great experience releasing 'Omni-Mastery' here at scribble, where I got some good motivational boost (and of course a greater deal of part destructive-part creative criticism), it wasn't easy for me to write here as an amateur author ( considering this is my first continued novel, and my second if I considered the first less than 15 chapter one at RL ), but overall, it was a great ride, and I would like to thank all readers regardless!


Anyway, for those who may be willing to read the novel outside scribble, here is a link for the convenience ( ), where I will be continuing to release 'Omni-Mastery' normally ( or even increasing the release rate >.> ).


See you soon (Hopefully), if I ever start another novel, till then! cheers!