第44話 ー Ranko and Suu Form a Sisterly Bond, and Choosing to Take My Lover Into My Dungeon Instead of Making a Harem.
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I'm a huge fan of LoliconGentleman's work.  It's definitely goofy and fun to read, which I hope you think similarly about this work.  If you want some more fun while waiting for new chapters, please give his new work Potato Chips Level You Up In Another World a read!


Ranko simply laughed her usual teasing laugh when she saw what Senpai was holding in her hands.  

“Why is it I’m a little sad, seeing you holding that?” Ranko frowned.

“Yuu-kun felt the same way.  Suu didn’t know the right size, and made a mistake with the 『S』 and the 『M』 at first, but apparently they weren’t the right size, and when I suggested the 『L』 Yuu-kun… didn’t want to use it either.  So I just entrusted my entire body to Yuu-kun instead.  He seemed to like that idea better… but Suu was just a little bit worried, since Suu was supposed to use them…”

“Yuuta!  Protection is important!  Especially if a woman is requesting it, you know!”

“Iya, it’s not like that, Ranko!  I wasn’t trying to use any of them!”

“Yes, I understand that!  It’s why I’m scolding you right now!  What will you do if you accidentally create something unintended with her?  Or is that what you are aiming for?”

“Yuu-kun… wanted to create something with me?” Senpai asked.

Senpai was quiet for a moment.

“Oh…”  she began to blush  “Ranko-san… if it’s Yuu-kun, Suu is happy to grant him the authority level to create with Suu!  Rather, Suu imagines that creating something new and unique with Yuu-kun could be exciting!”

“Ufufufu~”  Ranko put a hand on Senpai’s shoulder.  “...while it makes me a little sad Yuuta wants to make something special with Suu, I guess he’s finally at that age, and it’s just wishful thinking that he would hold back.  I do wish you two would use some protection, or take some kind of safety measures.  After all, Yuuta’s father and I did a little special creation-making of our own once, and while I was never disappointed with what we made, it also means you have to adjust your life for the new thing you bring into this world.  It’s a lot of hard work looking after it.”

Senpai looked at me and then at Ranko and then at the condom in her hand.

“This is important wisdom I’m imparting to you.” Ranko added.

“Un.  Suu understands.  Yuuta, I should heed this knowledge from a fellow creator, like myself.  So… if it’s not done in protected mode, then Suu will not be comfortable doing so in the future.”

You know what.  Somehow, this went extremely better than I expected.  Really, I mean it!  I half expected Ranko to tell me that since she was capable of unlimited production or something, that we should fill the house with little ones.

I took a moment to hug Ranko, for somehow not making the misunderstanding far worse than it could have been.  Ranko returned my hug, with a whisper into my ear.  

Her condition is clear, so as long as it’s safe, go ahead and do whatever you two want together… but please don’t make me a grandmother too soon, okay?

You’re defective as usual, Ranko, but I will do my best not to, until my college path is secured.

I of course whispered something back in response.  Like hell I was going to impregnate anyone, girlfriend, lover, fiancé or otherwise!  I wasn’t ready to become a father either, anytime soon!

“I’ll be off, Yuuta.  Is there anything Suu would like for dinner, since she’ll be staying the night?” Ranko asked her.

“Suu has no preference.  Suu often takes in things from many people at once, and never seems to get full.  Even today Suu was participating in receiving many things orally from four people today at lunch.  Yuu-kun even fed his girlfriend’s sausage to her.”

Ranko opened her eyes wide!

“Yuuta’s girlfriend?  You mean Fuwa-chan?”

Senpai nodded.

“Right in front of her, he picked up his Sausage and carefully inserted it into my mouth as Fuwa-chan and two others watched.  Suu enjoyed it!  It was juicy and Suu could taste the feelings put into it.”

“...Yuuta!” Ranko acted in surprise!  

I threw up my hands.  These two insisted on playing this game, so whatever.

“Yes, she’s absolutely right.  I put a sausage in her mouth, and that wasn’t the only thing.  Sarashina-san also gave her something delicious to munch on, and so did their friends!  Senpai has a bottomless appetite, and I’m not ashamed to have had a cute girl sitting on my lap, while it all happened!  And I even had permission from Sarashina-san too, to do all sorts of things later on with her, so give me a break, okay!?

“Yuuta…  Was… it my fault?  Did I awaken some strange behavior in you?”

“No, I’m grateful to you, Ranko.  I would have been far more terrified if I didn’t have a clue about the female body.  You were the one who gave me the confidence to try that with Senpai.  But, even if I had learned a few things, the practical application of them still needs more work.  I wasn’t able to notice the signs she was being… overloaded, and I worry that I… may have cause her problems.”


“Suu… passed out after exploding.  Then got bigger, and has much bigger breasts now, after being rubbed so much.”

“Well, rubbing them will do that, sure… but so quickly?”

“Suu was surprised too, but… If this is the result of entrusting my body to Yuu-kun.  I will continue to do so.”

Yeah!  Take that!  How’s it feel to be on the receiving end of your teasing for once, Ranko!

“Alright dear, you continue to do that.  If you promise to be safe while you are with Yuuta, I can’t argue whatever it is you two get up to.  I suppose you may as well start calling me mother too at some point.”

“Suu refuses.”


“Ranko is also someone who has created before, right?”

Ranko looked over to me.  “Maa, that’s true.”

“Then, since Ranko is my senior, can I call Ranko Onee-chan?”

“Onee-chan?” Ranko said, her face suddenly beaming.  “Alright!  If you are fine with this old lady being your Onee-chan, I’ll be happy to be called that by Suu!”

Senpai and Ranko hugged for a moment.

“Since Yuu-kun is the only one who Suu has allowed permission to create with her, Suu would be happy to perform 『Docking』 with Ranko as well, so we can trade information on what Yuu-kun’s likes and dislikes are, as well as the best way to create with him!  Suu is looking forward to receiving instruction from you as well.”

“Ah… 『Docking』?  You mean… you and I…?”

Senpai nodded.  “Of course, I would like Yuu-kun to be present as well.  I do not wish to exclude him from such an activity.”

“Together with Yuuta and Suu…?”

Senpai shook her head.  “We would be doing the 『Docking』 with each other.  I simply wish for Yuu-kun to observe.”

This time I just laughed.  I laughed and laughed until my belly ached!  Oh god was this one hell of a misunderstanding, and I’m finally glad to not be on the receiving end of it for a change.

“Y...you’ll give me some time to think about it, won’t you?”

“Un.  Perhaps Yuu-kun and I will practice safely creating for a while, and when Ranko is ready, she will accept my offer?”

“...Let’s go with that.  A rain check for now!  I’m off to the store, feel free and settle into Yuuta’s room while I’m gone.”

“Thanks, Onee-chan!”

And Ranko bailed out of the house using the entirety of her Agility stat.  While I tried to reign in my own dark humor at it, Senpai had taken my hand in her.  She was in a pair of shorts and a shirt which was just the tiniest bit big on her.  

“Will Yuu-kun take me to his room now?” She asked me.

“Yeah, sure.  Let’s go.” I said, feeling somehow, the humor of the moment was what was going to keep me safe for a while.

I brought Senpai into my room, and she put her bag down next to the door, and I did the same.  She took a look around it, as the others also did, and eventually found herself sitting on my bed.

“This is the first time Suu has gone into a boy’s room.  It’s much more different than what I expected.”

“Oh?  What did you expect?”



“Boys like ecchi things, don’t they?  Suu knows.”

“Ah.  Yes, it’s true teenage boys do like those kinds of things… but I don’t own any.  I don’t have things like dirty magazines, or uh… devices.  I’m not sorry to disappoint you about that either.”

Senpai just shook her head.  “It’s fine.  Yuu-kun keeps all his desires bottled up.  Suu understands.  This is probably why Fuwa-chan so easily entrusted your 『Relief』 to  me.”

Eh?  Wait… this is my fault after all!?

I mean, I’ve rubbed a few out on occasion, but it’s not like I ever needed a great deal of external stimuli, and why bother doing it to someone I don’t even know just because they have a nice body?  It’s way better to do it with the thought of someone you know and have feelings for!  Because afterwards, you don’t get that whole 「what was I even thinking?」 feeling of disappointment and shame!

Around this time, I thought to check on her status, since she was occupying a new form, and Schnee-san had revealed some new information that may influence what the System would show me.

【Girlfriend System】

【Target: Nezumi Suu】

【Your Lover】

【Age: 17】【Weight: 53.4kg】

【Race: Genecyber Modified Human】

【Occupation: Student Lv11】

【Subjob:  Summoned Humanoid Replicator Imperium Mobile Platform (SHRIMP) Lv26】

【Number of lifetime『Docking』 attempts successful:  270,981】

【Number of Inki-chan Limited Edition Collectable Figurines in her possession:  2】

【Affection Level:36%】

【Special:  Currently wishes to engage in 『Creation』 with Kuromine Yuuta】

【Bonus:  Feels guilt about keeping the relationship she has formed with Kuromine Yuuta as his lover from Sarashina Fuwano.】

...successful 『Docking』 attempts?   NO WONDER she’s mechanical about sex!  That number… is that even a possible number?  Even the most prolific JAV actresses have crested at lifetime maximum only 1,000.  

I felt like fainting when I saw that number… My cute and fluffy loli senpai… you poor thing!  It’s just too cruel!  To be summoned and used over and over until you had become an emotionless thing…  That the act alone didn’t even spark a feeling of joy for you even once until me.

Wait.  Shouldn’t I be… proud?

But still…

Well, I mean… Abe-san did 『Do』 and entire planet.  So it’s possible her body count is much higher…

System why the hell are you throwing all these used goods at me man!?  Where the hell is my pure one true love!?  Or barring that, at least less than a handful of times!  Come on, give me a break already!


【Relationship Objective:  Go into the 『Dating Dungeon』 with Nezumi Suu and seek out the 『Dungeon Core』 Krystelle.  Reward: Lov+2, RP+2, ??? Item】

I have to take her into the dungeon!?

The door to my room was open, and Abe-san stood at the entrance offering a courtesy knock on it to get my attention.

“Yuuta.  Can we talk for a moment?”

I nodded.

“Is there… a reason why you picked up a lover when you have me as a Fiancé?  I tried to ask daddy but he said it was a normal thing for great beings to pursue.  The “Aunties” also agreed.  So… is it that?  Is it that you can’t be satisfied with just one woman?  Please help me understand...”


“Midori!  Why can’t you call me Midori!?”

I sighed.  Flagging her to come inside, I opened my arms and she entered my embrace.

“I know I’m the worst.  I said I would take responsibility, and I know I’ve hurt you, first with Sarashina-san and now with Nezumi-san.  I don’t know how to make it right, but it’s not like I was aiming for this from the start.  My goal is really only to have one person I could fall in love with and spend the rest of my life with.  Even though I said I would take responsibility, I don’t necessarily know how.  I will completely understand if you hate me for it.  I’m not wishy washy or anything, nor am I trying to create a harem like circumstance.”


I nodded.

“Hmm… that’s not a bad idea.”


“Well, a harem!”


“A private place for those of us to be with you, until you choose one!”

“Iya, really, I’m not one of those kinds of protagonists.  That stuff only exists in light novels and history books.  Japan has laws against that kind of stuff, too…”

“No they don’t.  Only against polygamous marriage.  No one said you had to marry everyone in your harem.  Just one.”

“So you are saying you want me to make a harem, then decide from that who I will marry?”

Abe-san thought about it.

“It’s a solid idea.  What do you think, Nezumi Suu?”

“...It is a place that Suu can share with Yuu-kun and his other women?  Can Suu engage in 『Creation』 with Yuu-kun in this harem?”

“Well, I mean, it would probably be good if you did so safely.  You might not be chosen as a marriage partner, and it may get complicated if you uh… make something that can’t be undone.”

Senpai nodded.

“Then, this harem.  It will also include Fuwa-chan and Ranko, correct?”

“Fuwa-chan is fine… but what’s this about Ranko?”  Abe-san pushed away from me and stared me in the face.  “Is there something going on with Ranko that I should know about, Yuuta?”

I could only gulp.  I needed to dodge that question fast!

“So, uh… about that.  Senpai!  How would you feel about taking a trip with me into my dungeon?”