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1           Dou Zhi Qi

Battle Disciple- The very beginning of Dou Cultivation.

2           Dou Zhe

Battle Practitioner/Fighter- Upon reaching this stage, a Dou Fighter can truly utilise the Dou Qi within their own bodies.

3           Dou Shi

Battle/ Fighting Master- Once this stage is attained, a Fighter can use the Dou Qi in their body to form a cloak giving increased defensive strength.

4           Da Dou Shi

Battle Grandmaster/Great Fighter-It is at this point when a Practitioner‘s Dou Qi becomes hard enough to form an armament.

5           Dou Ling

Battle Spirit-It’s considered a decent enough state to be in where a person’s Dou Qi will solidify and it becomes possible to apply it to other objects.

6           Dou Wang

Battle King-At the time when a person reaches this stage, they will be able to form Dou Qi wings and even draw Dou Qi from around themselves. While this amount is not very large, it can still be useful in a fight.

7           Dou Huang

Battle Emperor- A step into the realm of the truly strong is attained once one reaches this stage. These existences can draw on massive amounts of Dou Qi from the area and briefly hold themselves in the air without wings.

8           Dou Zong

Battle Ancestor- A pinnacle existence among most minor clans, a Dou Zong gains the ability to utilise the mysterious ‘Spatial Strength’ to do things like hold oneself in air or even create locks in space, where a person can only escape after breaking the lock. However, this method exhausts a vast amount of Dou Qi.

9           Dou Zun

Battle Venerate- A strong person no matter where one goes, the Dou Zun gains an almost perfect knowledge of the so-called ‘Spatial Strength‘, and is able to use it in a far more versatile manner than any Dou Zong ever could. This class is characterised by the ability to form wormholes (Gaps in spacetime).

10         Ban Sheng

Half-Saint- This is a transitional stage of the higher level cultivation realms. It is not considered a true Dou State , but is still necessary to enter the extremely strong Dou Sheng class. It is divided into the lower, intermediate, and high levels.

11         Dou Sheng

Dou Saint- A peak existence among even top tier powerhouses, the Dou Sheng is a realm so broken that logic starts to fail here. A One Star Dou Sheng can easily overpower dozens of Ban Sheng, a two star can easily defeat a one star, and so on. Upon attaining the sixth star, a Practitioner can open a separate realm for others to inhabit, and the seventh can utilise all the Dou Qi within those realms, effectively becoming the world. A Nine Star Dou Sheng is representative of the peak of the world, with no other existence coming close to that. Any casual action of a Dou Sheng can demolish cities, shatter mountains, and destroy space itself.

12         Dou Di

Battle Sovereign/God- The Dou Di is a mythical ranking, high above all others.