Chapter 61 Rank 2 Talisman
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With the last stroke of his pen, a soft humming sound came from the paper on the table. Silky silver thunder and lightning hovered around the scroll, the energy produced made it break away from the bluestone stone table.

Xiao Yixian didn't answer Hun Han immediately, instead, she looked dumbly at the scroll. She had never seen such a scene. It's just that she, who lives in a rural area had never seen the miracles and wonders of the outside world, including Alchemy and Talismans.

"Yeah." Little Dairy Doctor nodded, her eyes were as firm as an unshakeable boulder.

"Okay, I knew I was right about you! If you want to become an expert, you must always have this boulder heart and remain fearless!" Hun Han looked at Little Fairy Doctor with satisfaction, she is worthy of being known as the Heavenly Poison Girl, someone who would one day control the vast Izumo Empire!

"Then how should I begin cultivating?" Little Fairy Doctor asked.

"It's simple, just eat poison. You can create all kinds of toxins now that you have activated your Woeful Poison Body. To grow and become stronger, you only need to consume poisonous herbs and treasures. Use this Dou Qi Method to cultivate, but, you must remember that you should not bite more than you can chew, begin with the weakest of poisons and then slowly work your way up." Hun Han touched his Storage Ring and took out the Seven Colour Poison Scroll and handed it over to Xiao Yixian.

Little Fairy Doctor flicked it briefly and briefly observed the Dou Qi Method before she carefully accepted it, she paused and looked seriously at Hun Han, she solemnly asked: "Should I call you ‘Master’ from now on?"

"No, call me Hun Han, or you can call me Boss. In terms of poisons, I am your guide, I am not qualified to be your master." Hun Han waved his hand and refused Little Fairy Doctor becoming his apprentice. Currently, Ya Fei is his disciple, he does not have the energy and time to teach so many people. And besides, Little Fairy Doctor is talented, she would be able to bloom using her own efforts and does not require his guidance.

"Hun Han, is my physique powerful?" Xiao Yixian asked with concern again.

"Of course. With the Woeful Poison Body activated, you are now invincible to all poisons. For those who have the Woeful Poison Body, as long as they continue consuming poison, the poison would be transformed into Poison Dou Qi. There was once a woman who had the Woeful Poison Body, in an act of rage, she turned an Empire spanning thousands of miles into poisonous soil. Even a blade of grass would not grow there for thousands of years, much less anything else.” Hun Han replied.

"Thousands of miles of poisonous soil, grass not growing for thousands of years?!" Little Fairy Doctor gently clenched her hand, is it possible that one day, she will become such a ruthless person?!

"I know what you are thinking about, a sword, in the hands of evil people, is an evil sword. If it falls in the hands of good people, it is a good sword that benefits the common people. Poison is the same, it all depends on how you use it!" Hun Han spoke to Xiao Yixian.


Xiao Yixian nodded, this physique also left her feeling helpless. After a pause, she asked curiously: "I'm very curious, how do you know that I have such a physique?

"The way to identify that someone possesses the Woeful Poison Body is very simple. One just needs to see if they have a small colourful line on their lower abdomen." Hun Han replied.

" Lower abdomen? "Xiao Yixian looked down subconsciously and saw that she had not exposed herself. Indeed, when she was born, there was a colourful hidden line on her abdomen. Only she knew this secret, even Lord Yao did not know about it. At the moment, her willow eyebrows furrowed slightly, she asked in a dangerous tone: "Did you peek at me bathing?"

"No, if I said I have penetrative eyes would you believe me? "Hun Han stopped, and quickly denied the accusation.

"Penetrative eyes? Then prove it to me!" Xiao Yixian asked.

Hearing that, Hun Han's eyes closed and opened, he condensed his Soul Power in his eyes, immediately, Xiao Yixian’s clothes became transparent before his gaze.

Hun Han's closed eyes opened as he smiled: "Well, it seems that if I give you a gift in the future, I definitely can't give a red dudou. You have a weird love for white! It seems that all my gifts should be white or have chrysanthemums in the future!"

(T/N: Dudou are the Chinese version of belly bands that aim to improve posture, stabilise the pelvis and flatten the breasts)


Xiao Yixian looked astonished and lowered her head, only to realize that her clothes were not exposed. It's just that Hun Han’s words had caught her off guard. Currently, she is wearing a white dudou. And on the dudou, there are white chrysanthemums that she had embroidered.

"Do you really have penetrative eyes?" Xiao Yixian asked in surprise.

"Yeah." Hun Han nodded, his Soul Power is different from ordinary people. He had figured out such a unique use of Soul Power! That is, penetrative eyes!

(T/N: I am sure Jiraiya and Master Roshi would love such an ability, after all, it would help immensely in their research and exploration of the biology and anatomy of the female physiology!)

"Ah! Don't look at me!" Xiao Yixian screamed, she covered her chest with both her hands to prevent Hun Han from seeing through them.

"Don't be nervous, I haven’t advanced to that level yet!" Hun Han gave Xiao Yixian a look. Currently, the ability would only make it seem he is looking at a mannequin in a shopping mall.

(T/N: I am sure that would change when he grows up and ‘matures'… hehe boi….)

"Really?" Xiao Yixian looked at Hun Han weakly.

"If you do this, I will be angry!" Hun Han said dubiously.

Fearing that Hun Han would be angry, Xiao Yixian immediately put down her hands protecting her chest. She then looked at the Talisman suspended above the bluestone stone table and asked: "What's that?"

" ATalisman"!


"Yes, this world does not only have Alchemists, other professions like Poison Masters, Formation Masters, Talisman Masters but Refining masters also exist. And I, am a Talisman Master!" Hun Han replied triumphantly.

"I know about Alchemy, but what are Talismans and Talisman Masters?" Xiao Yixian looked at Hun Han curiously.

"Talismans are more useful!"

Hun Han held the Talisman in his hand, a wisp of his Soul Power penetrated the Talisman. The energy in the silver Talisman turned into a small dark cloud. Lightning crackled inside the dark clouds.


With a wave of Hun Han's finger, a dark cloud shot out violently and appeared above a large tree in the yard.


A loud noise as loud as thunder rang from the cloud, and lightning crackled and hit the tree. The lightning was so strong that it had torn the tree into two!


Little Fairy Doctor was shocked that an inconspicuous Talisman contained such amazing power!

"Rank 2 Talisman!"

Hun Han was smiling. That Talisman is a Rank 2 Talisman called Descending Thunder Talisman and it is a testament to him becoming a Tier 2 Talisman Master! Finally, after a month of training and practice, he can draw a Rank 2 Talisman!