Chapter 66 Seeing Queen Medusa
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Looking at the figure in front of him, Hun Han was dumbfounded and muttered inwardly: "This place is near the holy city of the Snake Race and Medusa Guards are here. Could it be that figure is...”

The clear water reflected the starry sky above. Making it seem that the beauty in the lake is bathing among the stars.

As the beauty emerged from the lake and shook her long hair, the wet hair pressed against her snow-white jade shoulders, drops of water slid down her soft and tender skin into the lake below.

Of course, her flexible waist cannot be forgotten, the looming arc that could be vaguely seen was enough to make any man’s spear harden and full of primal desire.

As her perfect body was exposed to Hun Han's eyes, even if Hun Han had seen many goddesses and research videos detailing reproduction and female physiology, Hun Han could not help but react to her.

The woman seemed to detect something, she tilted her head and stared sideways in Hun Han’s direction, exposing her noble, elegant and graceful face beneath the faint moonlight.


Hun Han swallowed his saliva. After taking a closer look, he noticed that within the lake is not a pair of legs, but a purple snake’s tail.

"Purple tail?" Hun Han was taken aback for a moment, he instantly became sober.

Hun Han did not leave as many would expect, instead, he became overjoyed, he jumped down from the tree. Now that he was discovered, there is no point in hiding anymore.

The lady in the lake did not expect someone to be here, she opened her charming lips and spat out some saliva. The droplets shot towards Hun Han.

In response to the lady's attack, Hun Han leapt backwards.

Sha Sha Sha

The droplets missed Hun Han and landed on the ground. Immediately, the flowers, plants and trees that were hit by the droplets, withered and died. Hun Han mused: “What a vicious Queen Medusa. Her poison alone is worthy of frightening the surrounding empires.”

If Hun Han was any slower and was hit by those droplets, even if he did not die, he would be severely injured.

"Huh!" The snake girl flew into the air as she flew, at this point, she had put on a simple item of clothing.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hun Han boldly looked at the other party.

She has a pair of long and narrow lavender eyes, her eyes are fascinating, they can draw in any man’s gaze. She was wearing a graceful purple brocade robe, her body that was hidden by brocade robe is plump and exquisite, her chest is like a mature peach but ten times larger, her hair scattered over her fragrant shoulders. Beneath the brocade robe, is an exposed snake tail. As the tail swayed, a wild attraction came from her, leaving Hun Han feeling hot and horny.

At this moment, the girl's eyes were filled with a touch of astonishment, as if she did not expect her attack just now to be avoided by the other party.

At the same time, there was a rustling noise in the forest. Various venomous snakes appeared coiling around the trees and branches and hissed at Hun Han. Immediately afterwards, the bushes trembled, as dozens of strangely dressed guards walked out of the forest.

The Snake Guards glanced at Hun Han, their eyebrows furrowed, then faced the woman girl who descended from the air, bowed and spoke respectfully: "Your Majesty, subordinates was negligent and let a human in. Please punish us!"

After hearing this, Hun Han was overjoyed. The alluring temptress in front of him is the prestigious Queen Medusa! He stepped forward and said respectfully: "Your Majesty, Queen Medusa, please do not misunderstand my intentions, I came here for no other purpose but to offer you a treasure!"

"Treasure? Hahaha, little guy, you went deep into this place alone, and even sneaked into the forbidden land of our Snake Race, just to offer me treasures?” Queen Medusa said calmly while slowly swaying her tail side to side, approaching Hun Han.

"Of course. Why else did you think I came here or?" Hun Han nodded.

Queen Medusa smiled slightly, obviously, she did not believe Hun Han’s words, she opened her luscious lips and said with a smile: "Little guy, no need to be nervous, tell me, are you humans here for another war?"

“Ah, Your Majesty, I truly came here to offer treasures! This is an elixir that can preserve your youth forever, please accept it!" Hun Han touched his Storage Ring and took out a jade bottle which he respectfully handed over.

"Little buy, what kind of Pill is this?" Queen Medusa hooked her hand, the jade bottle flew into it, she sniffed deeply after opening the bottle. However, she does not know much about Pills and cannot detect any difference between the Pill in the bottle and any other Pill.

"It is an Eternal Youth Pill. After taking it, you can stay young forever." Hun Han explained.

"Eternal Youth?"

Queen Medusa's eyes moved. As a woman, of course, she cared about her appearance. Looking at Hun Han, she chuckled: "Little brother, big sister is not a bad person. Tell me, is there someone telling you to give this Pill to me?"

"No." Hun Han shook his head, he continued: "With your ability, you must be able to detect that there is no one around here apart from us. I am telling the truth! I truly came to offer a treasure. This is just a meeting gift."

Meeting gift?

This boy had entered the Tager Desert, travelled all this way under the scorching sun to give her a gift?

Can you believe it?

Queen Medusa is not stupid, her intuition tells her that there is a great possibility that this Pill is poisonous and that someone is plotting against the Snake Race.

"Well, since if you do not believe me, and think it is poisonous. You can cut a little bit of it off and let others consume it, you can take the entire Pill after being sure of its effects. Besides, I am here, if I wanted to harm you, it would be stupid of me to remain here where you can catch me and this is within the vicinity of your sacred city!" Hun Han continued.

Queen Medusa nodded slightly, feeling that his words made sense. Looking at the Pill in her hand, from the energy contained in the Pill, she could feel that the Pill’s Rank is not low. She looked at a guard beside her.

"Your Majesty, Hua She’er is willing to try the Pill for Your Majesty." Among the Guards, a colourful snake girl respectfully saluted Queen Medusa.

Queen Medusa hesitated for a while, she glanced at the calm Hun Han before slightly nodding, a touch of Dou Qi appeared on the tips of her fingers, she gently waved her hand, cutting off part of the Pill. With a wave of her hand, the cut piece of the Pill floated in front of Hua She'er.

Without any hesitation, Hua She'er swallowed the Pill. The Pill entered her mouth and instantly dissolved and began moisturising Hua She'er's skin, a hazy light could be seen on Hua She'er's skin as it swept through the rest of her body. Finally, the light disappeared.

"Your Majesty, the Pill is not poisonous!" Hua She'er replied respectfully.

"Of course it is not poisonous." Hun Han curled his lips.

"Little brother, are you truly here to give me a gift?" Queen Medusa looked happy before she once again became suspicious of Hun Han.

"Of course, apart from this gift, I want to make a deal with you!" Hun Han said lightly.

"Oh, tell me about this deal." Queen Medusa put away the Pill, perhaps because Hun Han is still young and is only a 2 Star Da Dou Shi, she is not that guarded against him.

"if you give me a tour of your palace, I will tell you the location of a Heavenly Flame!" Hun Han smiled slightly, he finally has hope of completing this Hell Level Location Sign In Mission!