Chapter 68 Taking The Treasure And Legging It
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"Is the Queen still in seclusion?"

"Yes, there was a Heavenly Flame in the location the humans gave us. Even when we were a kilometre away, we began to sweat like rain from the heat!"

"Then again, what is the origin of this human being, and how does he know that there is a Heavenly Flame there?"

Listening to the conversation of the snake man guarding him outside the room, Hun Han had already known that Queen Medusa had acquired a Heavenly Flame. And as described in the storyline, she was seriously injured by the Flame. Currently, she is recuperating from her injuries, preparing to rely on the Heavenly Flame to evolve into a Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python.

"It's been half a month since she returned, at this rate, I won’t make it in time to the ceremony. I can’t wait any longer!" Hun Han muttered to himself.

It has been almost 2 months since Queen Medusa went out to obtain the Heavenly Flame and returned to the Snake Race’s holy city. In the past 2 months, Hun Han has been under house arrest, though Queen Medusa was kind enough to give him food.

Queen Medusa has the time, but he does not. In a little over a month from now, he must be at the Misty Cloud Sect to participate in Yun Yun's inauguration ceremony. While there, he can complete his Location Sign In Mission.

"Well, anyway, our relationship will not be shallow in the future, so I will help you again."

Hun Han walked back and forth in his room, finally, he made up his mind and opened the door. With a flick of his finger, a small jade bottle appeared in his hand. He spoke to the two Snake Guards at the door: "I heard what you just said, that your Queen is injured. Come, give this Pill to your Queen. It will heal her!"


The two guards looked suspiciously at Hun Han, they were resistant to anything offered by humans, but when Hun Han opened the bottle, a faint Pill fragrance overflowed from it. Sniffing the fragrance, the Guard felt his soul become refreshed and spirit healed.

Apart from these 2 Snake Guards, there are eight hidden Snake Guards around his room.

"Don't worry, it is not poisonous, and besides, I am here. If I dare to do anything to your Queen, even if I have great abilities, I will not be able to escape!" Hun Han said with a smile.

"Okay, then you stay here. Don't run around. I'll hand this to Hua She’er!"


The next day.


When the moon just rose, there was a miserable scream from the distant horizon. The sound made people shudder.

"She is already evolving!"

Hearing this voice, Hun Han was shocked and frowned. He opened the door, looked at the guard, and smiled lightly: "I thank you two for your hospitality. Now, I want to say goodbye!"

Middle Level Xuan Class Dou Skill·Nether Ghost Shadow

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

As soon as his voice fell, before the two Snake Guards could react, a phantom flashed in the courtyard, and then, these Snake Guards who were only at the Da Dou Shi Realm were all knocked out by Hun Han. Even the Snake Guards hiding in the dark were no exception.

He did not hesitate as he moved towards the source of the screams. With the cover of the night and his abnormal Soul Power’s perception, he quickly approached his target.

To cause turmoil and facilitate the smooth implementation of his plan, Hun Han set several houses and buildings he passed on fire.

Not long after, a lake appeared in front of Hun Han. In the centre of the lake, is a small island. In the island's heart, there is a group of cyan flames and a purple, long Quiet Purple Flame Serpent being burned.

Knowing the storyline, Hun Han knew that there was a forbidden air barrier above the lake. Moreover, the water is poisonous, preventing one from getting to the island. If an ordinary person comes here, and they do not know the appropriate measures to take, they will be poisoned and die if they choose to swim to the island.

Queen Medusa had pondered about where to evolve and chose the most appropriate location.

With a move of his mind, Nine Serene Wind Ice enveloped his body. He slowly walked into the lake, and while keeping his head above the water,
he rapidly swam to the island.

Before Hun Han came ashore, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Qi suddenly rioted. They condensed to form dark clouds. Silver lightning bolts descended from them. The thunderbolts passed through the purple formation Queen Medusa had erected around the island and smite the cyan flame and the figure within it.

"It's done!"

Hun Han was anxious and sped up his arms movement. By now, the cyan flame has become the size of a fist. It constantly changed and transformed. On the ground, there was a scorched serpent’s body. It lay silent and motionless.

"Haha, it's the Green Coloured Lotus Platform, Core-Fire Lotus Seed!"

Hun Han looked at the green stone platform in the heart of the island and became overjoyed. It seems that Queen Medusa listened to him, causing a change from what happened in the storyline. This time, not only did she take the Green Lotus Core Flame, but she also took the Green Coloured Lotus Platform and Core-Fire Lotus Seed.


With a subtle sound, the charred black skin of the serpent's body fell off. Seeing this, Hun Han touched his Storage Ring and took out a jade bottle from it. As he opened it, a red, dense Qi came out.

Affected by this bloody Qi, the charred skin fell faster and faster. Along with the sound of an explosion, a Seven Coloured light shot out from the charred corpse.

The rays of light stopped directly in front of Hun Han. It had a seven coloured body, with slightly purple pupils. Its body had a nice fragrance and heaven-defying combat prowess, that’s right, it is the Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python.

Little fellow, want to eat?" Hun Han inquired dangerously at the small snake that was only 20 centimetres in front of him. He, pouring out a little liquid from the jade bottle, the seven-coloured little snake licked a few mouthfuls and the light in its eyes instantly lit up, it squinted in enjoyment.

"Little guy, follow me, okay? Follow me, and everything here is yours." Hun Han shook the jade bottle in his hand, tempting the Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python.

The Seven-Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python didn't think much and nodded its little head.

"Come in quickly, someone is coming, we have to leave!" Hun Han exclaimed and pointed to his chest. When the Seven-Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python got into his clothes, Hun Han jumped and came to the side of the Green Coloured Lotus Platform and Core-Fire Lotus Seeds. The corner of his mouth curled up as he took the Platform, Lotus Seeds and the Green Lotus Core Flame’s origin into his Storage Ring.

"Human, hand over the Heavenly Flame and release Her Majesty, otherwise you can go die!”

When Hun Han was about to leave, the Snake Guards of Queen Medusa had heard about what was going on and surrounded Hun Han.


Hun Han touched his Storage Ring and flicked his finger as a silver scroll was suspended in front of him, injecting his Soul Power into it.

"Everyone, thank you for your hospitality. But today, I, Hun Han, have to leave!" Hun Han waved his hand. The Scroll’s dark clouds shot out lightning bolts hitting the Guards, briefly paralysing them.

Subsequently, Hun Han’s back shook slightly, his Lightning Bat Sky Wings unfolded, leaping off the ground, Hun Han flew to the horizon at a rapid scene. Even now his Descending Thunder Talisman was shooting out bolts of lightning!

"Dou Wang?"

One of the elders of the Snake Race was incomparably shocked, but he immediately shook his head and said, "That's not Dou Qi Wings, but a Flying Dou Skill. Pursue him! We cannot let him get away with the Heavenly Flame and Her Majesty!