Chapter 69 Devouring The Heavenly Flame
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"I must find a safe place first!"

Hun Han looked around, looking for a perfect place to devour a Heavenly Flame. He is currently on the edge of the desert. Around him, there are some barren mountains. The hills are like sentries stationed here, surveying everything.

In the mountains, one could faintly hear howling wolves. This is the territory of the Devil Wolves. Flying across the sky, looking back, Hun Han found that there were no longer any pursuers behind him. Along the way, Hun Han had consumed over 100 Descending Thunder Talismans before he was finally able to get rid of the Snake Race’s Elders.

During his flight, Hun Han found that there were many caves beneath him. He casually chose one and fell rapidly. After discovering that there were no traces of Magical Beasts inside, he moved a large boulder to block the entrance.

Afterwards, he took out a few moonstones and placed them in a corner of the dark cave, restoring light to the cave.

The cave is not large, it is about 20 to 30 square meters. He can only make do with it since he is in an urgent situation right now. After sprinkling some powder at the entrance, Hun Han took out the Green Lotus Core Flame Lotus, Green Coloured Lotus Platform and Core-Fire Lotus Seeds from his Storage Ring.

"Finally, a Heavenly Flame!" The corner of Hun Han's mouth slightly rose, a triumphant expression on his face.

It had taken him 4-5 months from entering the Tager Desert, going back and forth during this period and cautiously struggling before he could obtain the Green Lotus Core Flame. Because of this Flame, he had taken risks to make a deal with the great and frightening Queen Medusa. The way the situation unfolded from then on proved that his luck is no worse than Xiao Yan’s.

Heavenly Water and Heavenly Flame are both very rare treasures of heaven and earth. If he wants to refine Pill and draw Talismans, he must refine medicinal materials. If he has a Heavenly Flame to use then, the Pill that he refines and Talismans he draws will be exponentially more powerful. Moreover, the time taken to refine Pills and draw Talismans will be greatly shortened.

"Shall I swallow it or not?"

The answer is that he must swallow it. In the process of devouring a Heavenly Flame, if there is a slight difference or failure in some place, then he will burn and die. Hun Han already possessed Nine Serene Wind Ice, even if he does not have the magical Flame Mantra, he possessed Nine Origin Supreme Scripture and could devour Heavenly Treasures such as Heavenly Water, Heavenly Flame, Heavenly Thunder and so on.

Unlike in the storyline where Xiao Yan swallowed the Green Lotus Core Flame, a Heavenly Treasure for the first time, it was not the first time that Hun Han had devoured a Heavenly Treasure. He has the Nine Serene Wind Ice, so there is no need for him to refine a Blood Lotus Pill and use the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain to aid him in enduring the Flame's heat.

Of course, if he does use these two treasures, he will have an increased success rate in devouring Green Lotus Core Flame. Even if he does not, Nine Serene Wind Ice could replace the Blood Lotus Pill, allowing him to better endure the heat of the Heavenly Flame. Even if he does not have Ice Spirit Cold Fountain, Nine Serene Wind Ice can replace it. As far as Hun Han knew, when Xiao Yan swallowed Falling Heart Flame, he did not rely on any treasures to help him endure the Flame’s heat.

In the bright cave, the light blue flame of the Green Coloured Lotus Platform and Green Lotus Core Flame illuminated the surroundings, the roiling heat from the Green Lotus Core Flame scorched the surrounding space slightly.

"Time to begin!" Hun Han concentrated, he flipped his empty hand, encasing his hand with Nine Serene Wind Ice, he approached the cluster of light blue flames.

Before Hun Han's hand reached into the flame, Green Lotus Core Flame had already felt the changes in the surrounding temperature, its previous gentle temperature became violent. It began to attack the surroundings, this is all an instinctive reaction.

It is not the first time that Hun Han has attempted to devour a Heavenly Treasure. With great familiarity, and with the protection of Nine Serene Wind Ice, Hun Han's palm penetrated the Green Lotus Core Flame and approached its Origin.

"So this is Green Lotus Core Flame?" A strand of liquid-like cyan coloured magma was pulled out of the flame by him, it squirmed slightly in the palm of his hand.

Do not look down on it because of its small size. When it first took shape, it was the size of half a mountain. After thousands of years of tempering and compression, it became smaller and more concentrated, the enormous heat being concentrated at a single point is why this Flame is called a Heavenly Flame.

Hun Han looked at it for a while, before he opened his mouth, and swallowed the Flame. As the Flame entered his stomach, the imagined scene of him roaring in pain and agony did not appear. That is because Hun Han had used Nine Serene Wind Ice to form an ice-cold protective layer inside him. No matter how resistant the Flame is, nor how high its temperature is, with the protection of that layer, Hun Han does not feel the slightest heat. To him, it felt like he had drunk warm water, unlike xiao Yan who almost died from the scorching heat of Green Lotus Core Flame.

Seeing this, Hun Han was overjoyed. With the energy of Nine Serene Wind Ice guarding him, there is no need for him to worry about being burned into nothingness by Green Lotus Core Flame. Next, he only needs to operate Nine Origin Supreme Scripture to refine the Flame.

With the operation of his Dou Qi Method, the violent Flame became more and more peaceful. In the end, it exuded a very mild temperature before it was finally absorbed by Hun Han’s Nine Aperture Acceptance Soul. The current Nine Aperture Acceptance Soul already possesses 2 Heavenly Treasures, Nine Serene Wind Ice and Green Lotus Core Flame. Hun Han was very curious. If one day, he collected Nine Heavenly Treasures with different attributes, what transformation will his Acceptance Soul have!

Hun Han opened his eyes, there was a cyan flame heart beating in his pupils. With a movement of his mind, he flipped his empty right hand, and a ray of cyan flame appeared to hover above his palm. Flipping over his left hand, black ice crystals emerged from it.

"Haha, now, while I have Nine Serene Wind Ice, I also have Green Lotus Core Flame. Tsk tsk tsk, if these two polar Heavenly Treasures merge, will the power generated be stronger than Xiao Yan's Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus?" Hun Han could not help thinking inwardly.

Although he was curious, he was not impulsive enough to test it out. Currently, his ability to control his Heavenly Water and Heavenly Flame has not yet reached the stage of being able to fuse them with no repercussions. It is a risky thing to rush in creating a brand new Dou Skill, especially one that involved Heavenly Flames, if he failed midway in creating the Dou Skill and suffers a backlash, who knows what would happen.

Hun Han put away his newly obtained Heavenly Flame, looked around, he was astonished.

Previously, the cave was around 20-30 square metres large, but currently, the cave has expanded to be over 1000 square metres, and what is more, the surrounding rocks were all burned into powder by the terrifying heat of the Heavenly Flame. Currently, half his body is submerged in soot from burnt rocks and boulders.

"Elders, this cave has an extraordinarily high temperature. But the heat suddenly disappeared!"

"Disappeared? Are you implying that he successfully refined the Flame?"

"I’m not sure, the Heavenly Flame was so fierce, even Her Majesty Queen Medusa could not… How could he refine it?"

"Go, go in and take a look!"

When Hun Han put the Core-Fire Lotus Seed and Green Coloured Lotus Platform into his Storage Ring, he heard several voices from outside the.

With a flash, he appeared outside the cave. Looking at a Leader of one of the 8 Snake Race Tribes in front of him, he chuckled and said, "No need to come in, I am already out."