Chapter 73 Really Cool!
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Line Break

"Ding Dong!"

"Timed Sign In has arrived, do you want to Sign In?"

"Sign In!"

Unconsciously, Hun Han had been in Misty Cloud Sect for 2 months. It has been half a year since the last time he Timed Sign In.

"Ding Dong!"

"Congratulations, Host has obtained the following: Perfect Quality 3 Lines Green Spirit Pill!"

Perfect Quality 3 Lines Green Spirit Pill: The Pill has 3 lines on it, its quality is much higher than the High Quality 3 Lines Green Spirit Pill. Those beneath Da Dou Shi are to use this Pill with caution! If a Da Dou Shi takes this Pill, they will rise 3 Stars in a short period. At the same time, they will not suffer a backlash.

After looking at the System Panel, Hun Han found out that the next Timed Sign In is 1 year later.

As the sun rose, many disciples gathered in the square of Misty Cloud Sect. For the disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect, today is a great day. If they can enter the Top 10 of the Grand Sect Tournament, they will have the opportunity to enter the Dou Skill Pavilion and choose a Dou Qi Method and Dou Skill.

Since giving the Purple Cloud Wings to Nalan Yanran, Hun Han has asked Yun Yun if he could enter the Dou Skill Pavilion. Yun Yun told him even though she is the Sect Master, she cannot just let people into the Dou Skill Pavilion of Misty Cloud Sect. However, she can privately give a few low-class Dou Qi Methods and Dou Skills to Hun Han. However, this is not what Hun Han needs. Hun Han wants to enter the Dou Skill Pavilion to complete his Location Sign In Mission.

In Misty Cloud Sect, two places have Dou Skills and Qi Methods. One is the Dou Skill Pavilion, and the other is the Dou Skill Hall. The former hides many advanced Dou Skills. Only those who have passed the Grand Tournament and those who have made outstanding contributions to the Sect are eligible to enter it. The latter has some low-class Dou Skills, with the highest being Huang Class. As a disciple of Misty Cloud Sect, they can gain Sect Contribution Points by doing Sect Missions, they can use their points to exchange for the corresponding techniques and Dou Skills.

Misty Cloud Sect has been established for a long time, counting Yun Yun, the Sect has been around for 9 generations. After 9 generations, the Sect has many affiliated Clans and vassal powers. The Patriarchs of these Clans and Powers are all disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect. It is more accurate to call them a Branch of Misty Cloud Sect. You could say that Misty Cloud Sect is the river’s source and these Clans are its tributaries. As long as any person from these Clans and Powers enter the Top 10 of the Grand Sect Tournament, they will have the opportunity to enter the Dou Skill Pavilion.

Of course, the reason Misty Cloud Sect dared to do this was also out of self-confidence. To be able to enter Misty Cloud Sect, naturally, their talent must be high. Therefore, since the formation of this rule, no disciple of vassal Clans have ever been able to enter the Top 10 of the Grand Sect Tournament if they have not been previously trained by Mists Cloud Sect.

"Okay, next Match, Hun Han Vs Jia Lie Bao!"

As the Host's voice fell, Hun Han slowly stepped onto the Stage. Opposite him, a 15-16-year-old boy, dressed in a moon-white robe, stepped onto the Stage.

"Elder, did you make a mistake? How old is he?"

Before Hun Han could speak, the young man named Jia Lie Bao looked at Hun Han in astonishment. Hun Han is so young but he is participating in the Grand Sect Tournament!

Misty Cloud Sect's Tournament is divided into 3 levels according to one’s age. Under 16 years old, 16 to 30 years old, and over 30 years old. At each level, the Top 10 will be determined through countless gruelling Matches.

"He is allowed to participate! Now, stop talking nonsense and begin the Match, there are still many people waiting for their turn!" The Elder replied lightly.

"How old are you, are you sure you want to fight me?" Jia Lie Bao looked at Hun Han mockingly. In his opinion, he wondered if Hun Han had even become a Dou Zhi Qi yet.

"Yeah." Hun Han nodded.

"How funny. Okay then, let’s do this, shall we? I will give you 3 free moves, if you can defeat me, you will win this round, okay?" Jia Lie Bao looked at Hun Han contemptuously.

Hun Han stretched out a finger and shook it.

"Good, at least you know your limits. Go down, I do not even have to make a move!" Jia Lie Bao stood with his arms folded, not paying attention to Hun Han at all.

"No, you got it wrong. I mean, I do not need 3 moves to deal with you. 1 move, with only 1 move I will defeat you!" The corner of Hun Han's lips slightly rose as he shook his head to explain.

"What? 1 move? You brat! You have not even grown hair down there and you dare to claim that you can defeat me with 1 move?!"

"Yes, doesn’t he know that Jia Lie Bao is the strongest among us? Last I heard, he’s broken through 7 Star Dou Shi Qi."

"Yes, even if that little kid is a monster like Junior Sister Nalan Yanran, he is at most 3 Star Dou Zhi Qi. Defeating Jia Lie Bao with 1 move is complete nonsense!"

When facing Hun Han, he was not only the party that is concerned, Jia Lie Bao, looked at Hun Han thinking he had made a mistake, even the other Contestants around the Stage also wondered about Hun Han’s intelligence and if he had made a mistake. They could not help but ridicule Hun Han and think he was bragging and being an attention seeker.

"Hahaha, do you think you are a genius like that brat from Wu Tan City? Even that genius is only a 4 Star Dou Zhi Qi, much less you. Come, show me how you can defeat me in 1 move!" Jia Lie Bao looked mockingly at Hun Han.

Middle Level Xuan Class Skill· Nether Ghost Shadow

After images appeared in the arena, by the time Jia Lie Bao reacted, a dark shadow had come to his side.


Hun Han smiled, he whispered: "Down you go!"


Just when he wanted to react, Jia Lie Bao was punched by Hun Han. He was hit off the Stage and fell 30 metres away from it. He rolled a few times before he remained motionless. He had fainted!


"Jia Lie Bao lost?"

"One move, damn! He really used only 1 move! Only 1 move and he defeated Jia Lie Bao! Genius, he is a genius more monstrous than Junior Sister Nalan Yanran!"

Beneath the Stage, hundreds of pairs of eyes looked at Hun Han with incomparable astonishment, each incomparably shocked.

"Exploding Heavens Faction's Hun Han wins. The winner can now rest, the Matches will continue tomorrow."

"No, I do not want to rest. Come on, who else?"

Hun Han scanned the surroundings. With sharp eyes, he added: "Who else thinks I am not qualified to obtain the championship? They can come and challenge me!"

Faced with Hun Han’s provocation, all the Contestants beneath the Stage gritted their teeth and wanted to mock Hun Han a few times when an unbelievable scene appeared. They saw that Dou Qi surged from Hun Han's body, it had golden light and began to morph into armour.

"FML! Dou Qi Armour! Da Dou Shi!"

"My God, he turned out to be a Da Dou Shi!"

"No wonder he could easily defeat Jia Lie Bao, he is already a Da Dou Shi!"

"Oh, Mama! He is 10 years younger than us but is already a Da Dou Shi! Did he start cultivating from his mother’s womb?"

The contestants beneath the Stage looked at Hun Han in shock and worship. Hun Han had become their Number 1 idol!

"No one?"

Hun Han bowed triumphantly. He had read so many novels in my previous life and did not expect that one day, he would have a handsome face and great strength to go with it. He had to admit, showing off felt cool. He laughed and spoke: "Since no one has come up to challenge me, then I am the champion of this Grand Sect Tournament. Yanran, come, take me to the Dou Skill Pavilion!"