Chapter 1: Goodbye, little brother
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Arthur woke up and found himself in an unfamiliar place. It was a room that looked to be a bedroom.


It was spacious and luxurious with expensive decorations here and there. And he was now sitting on a king size bed with a super soft bed canopy.


“Where am I?” 


His eyes widened the moment he heard his voice. Th-This wasn’t his voice!


He used to have a deep and manly voice, but what he heard coming from his mouth just now was a high-pitched voice like that of a girl! 


In reflex, he looked down at his body and was astonished! His slightly muscular body now looked so small and delicate and dressed in pink pajamas! 


This was definitely a girl’s body!


His body began to tremble as bad premonition crept into his mind. He had a suspicion as to what was going on to him, but to confirm it—


With a trembling hand, he slowly reached out and touched his chest. Holy moly! The sudden soft sensation made his body jolted as he began to tremble even more.


He was now certain as to what was happening, but for the sake of reassuring his trembling heart, he needed to confirm something, one last time!


Slowly, he reached his trembling hands to the final destination, the most precious part of his body. His hands slid down his pants and onto his crotch.


Upon contact, his body jolted once more! The mighty anaconda he once had was no more, and only its nest remained…


‘N-No…This can’t be….. I-It’s gone….’


Taking a deep breath, he shouted out, “My dick is gone?!!!!” 


His now girly voice rang out loudly.


‘Alright, calm down me.. Calm down.’ He breathed in and out slowly to calm himself down. Panicking would only make things worse.


Arthur was usually very calm, but on some rare occasions did he panic. A rare occasion such as suddenly turning into a girl and having to say goodbye to your precious little brother…


Once he began to calm down, he tried to recall what happened before he got here. The last thing he remembered was going to bed after his usual gaming routine, and the next thing he knew, he was already here.


He thought about it more deeply and then a realization flashed across his mind! Could this be one of those situations he’d read in most light novels and mangas?


Now that he thought about it, such scenarios were very common in light novels and mangas. He suddenly found himself in an unfamiliar room and even found himself turned into a girl. If that was the case then—


‘Did I die and get reincarnated in another world?’


Arthur was a big fan of light novels and mangas, and had dreamed about being reincarnated in other worlds multiple times. But those were just for fun, but when it was happening for real, he was overwhelmed.


Now to confirm his suspicion. If he really was in another world then…


He opened his mouth and began to mutter, “statu-“


*Bang!* Before he could finish his sentence, the door suddenly swung open!


Arthur was startled and looked in the direction the sound came from. There, in front of an opened door was a young woman who seemed to be in her early twenties in a maid uniform.


She covered her mouth with both hands as tears streamed down her cheek. “M-M’lady... Y-You’re awake..”


Then, she ran toward Arthur and embraced him strongly. Arthur could feel the warmth enveloped him. It felt very comfortable yet slightly suffocating due to the strength in the woman’s embrace.


The woman in a maid uniform kept hugging Arthur and sobbing for a while. Arthur responded by hugging her back, although, questions upon questions started appearing in his mind.


‘Did she just call me m'lady? Judging by her uniform…. A maid?’


‘My bedroom is very spacious and luxurious. And I even have a personal maid. Am I some princess or noble kid or something?’


‘Wait… If I am a princess then, she must address me as your highness instead of m’lady… So I am most likely an aristocrat.’


While they were embracing each other, A flash of idea sparked in Arthur’s mind. It seemed like he already had an identity in this world, and he wasn’t just born as a baby either.


If that’s the case then, maybe, the memories of this body still lingered somewhere. He tried to recall these memories, but—


“Argg!!” Arthur groaned as he covered his head in pain. 


The maid broke out of her embrace and looked at Arthur worriedly. “Are you okay, m’lady? What’s wrong?”


Arthur couldn’t answer her question as the pain still attacked him. He could only endure as he gritted his teeth. 


The pain was so severe, as if his head was about to split open and exploded into millions pieces!


Seeing her mistress in pain, the maid began to panic and didn’t know what to do. She then rushed out of the room while shouting, “Vivian! Vivian!”


After a while she came back, followed by another maid. She was a middle-aged woman who seemed to be in her late thirty.


She came in with a tray that had a glass of water and a medicine pill resting on it.


She kneeled beside the bed and said, “M’lady, here’s your medicine.”


Arthur was in excruciating pain and didn’t hear anything. He shut his eyes tight and gritted his teeth. He couldn’t think properly and everything was hazy.


Seeing this, the maid then picked up a medicine pill and fed it to her master. Arthur gulped it down on reflex. She then fed him a glass of water in the same manner.


After a little while, the pain subsided and Arthur was sweat soaked while panting heavily on the bed.


Once his breathing started to become stable, he looked at his two maids. “Thank you, Ruby, Vivian. I’m okay now.”


The two maids sighed and smiled at her gently. Vivian, the older maid then said, “M’lady, you just woke up after such a long time, you should take some more rest to recover.”


Arthur nodded his head and the maids bowed and left. A sigh of relief escaped Arthur as he now had time to contemplate things.


Just now, after the pain subsided, it was as if a light bulb suddenly lit up in his brain. Flashes of memories suddenly appeared like a scene in movies one after another.


Just as he suspected, he now had the memories of this body's previous owner. Her name was Luluka von Colbert, the sole daughter of marquess Arthur von Colbert.


To be honest, Arthur was slightly surprised when he found out that his father’s name was the same as his. No, that sounded wrong, it’s more like ‘her’ father’s name was the same as ‘her’ old name.


Although he now had the memories of this body, his consciousness was still that of a man. But nothing he could do about it, sooner or later, he would have to accept the reality anyway.


So just like that, he was now a girl named Luluka von Colbert. 


Once came to that conclusion, he, or rather, she smiled to herself. 


She got out of her bed and walked to the tall mirror tall enough to reflect her entire body. Standing in front of the mirror, she looked at her own reflection.


Luluka was an incredibly beautiful girl, with black hair and bright blue eyes. Her entire aura exuded nobility and charm. Any guys who laid their eyes on her would be charmed instantly.


But—Luluka had a secret that not many people knew. 


In the mirror that reflected her beautiful appearance, her bright blue eyes suddenly turned blood red as an evil smile crept on her face. A pair of fangs were visible.


That’s right, Luluka had a secret.


She—was a vampire.