Chapter 8: You’ll fetch a very high price
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“I want this and this and this…” Luluka pointed at the desserts on the stall.


“Here we go, that would be 50 Val, dear customer.” The vendor girl handed a bag of desert to Luluka.


The vendor was a cute girl who seemed to work diligently. Luluka liked this kind of girl. She paid the money and received the bag. 


“Thank you.” She said with a smile on her face and allowed the vendor girl to look at her under the hood.


Seeing an incredibly beautiful girl smiling at her, the vendor girl went into a daze for a moment as she began to blush furiously!


Luluka giggled and walked off. 


She continued strolling at her leisure while humming a song.


‘There are tons of delicious foods out here. This is so much better that getting stuck in my room doing nothing!’


Luluka was now dressed in the simplest cloth she could find in her closet. She was a marquess’s daughter, so all her clothes were of high quality.


Now, equipped with her trusty short sword, she should have looked like a normal adventurer who made quite an amount of money.


Totally not attracting any attention!


Luluka munched on her dessert and smiled happily. But suddenly—someone bumped into her causing her to stagger. 


“Hey! Watch where you’re goi-“ 


Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly noticed that her pouch was gone!


‘A pickpocket?’


In reflex, Luluka started running and gave chase to the running thief! They both kept running, avoiding the surprised people all the way.


“Stop right there you thief! Give my money back!” 


Luluka’s voice rang out loudly in the street. Hearing this, some passerby tried to catch the thief but he was too fast, too agile.


He kept running, jumping, dodging, dashing, like an acrobat. He was simply too flexible! What was he?


Luluka then noticed something peculiar about the boy. 


Under his hood, she could see glimpses of animal ears on his head and the bulge on his butt would occasionally leave a glimpse of a fluffy thing moving about. 


That must be his tail. Luluka was sure what this boy was—


‘A Demi-human.’


Unlike demonic races, Demi-humans were residents of this continent, though they didn’t really get along well with humans. They usually secluded themself in their villages or towns located in a rural area.


Luluka then noticed something even more strange about the boy. On the boy's neck, a metallic object was clearly visible. 


‘A collar? He’s… a slave?’


Realizing this fact, Luluka became even more vigilant. If this boy was a slave then, to suddenly commit thievery like this must be his master’s order. 


To make such a small boy commit a crime for themself, just how despicable was his master!


Luluka started to get angry as she gritted her teeth. Not long after, the boy suddenly came to a stop at a quiet area in the city with no people around.


Luluka was about to catch up to him, when suddenly—a barrier was put up around her, preventing her from getting out!


A chuckle suddenly rang out as Luluka turned to the source of the voice. A chubby old man dressed in a gaudy cloth suddenly walked out from behind the tree.


His laughter continued to echo as two muscular men followed after him. 


“Finally! Looks like coming to the capital was worth it after all.”


The old man walked closer to Luluka. She was stuck in the barrier and couldn’t get out.


‘A conditional barrier?’


This type of barrier would allow the user to choose who they wanted to have access to the barrier. It was very useful when used against wild animals or low-level monsters.


“You’re that boy’s master, I assume? I was about to give you some lecture about human decency at first, but it looks like I got myself in trouble, huh?” Luluka began to chuckle coldly.


The gaudy old man didn’t take her seriously and only looked at her with an amused expression on his face. 


“Hey, beautiful lady. Stop hiding under that cloak and show me your beautiful appearance.”


Hearing this, Luluka began to chuckle. “My, thank you for the compliment. I’m not that beautiful though. You’ll only be disappointed.”


“Heh! If you’re gonna tell a lie, at least make it more believable. I can tell a beautiful girl when I see one. Your scent is clearly different from all those country bumpkins I’ve seen around the city. You’re definitely a hottie!” The old man pointed at Luluka confidently.


“You know what? Since there is no one around here, I’ll let you see my face. But—I wonder whether you’re gonna like it though~” Luluka said calmly as she smirked.


Hearing this, the old man began to laugh out loud. “Hahaha! Good good! I like an obedient girl like you! Now! Show me your face.” 


Luluka began to chuckle coldly and soon after, her chuckle turned into a maniac laughter! 


“Hahaha! Alright then, don’t say that I didn't warn you, okay!?”




The slashing sound suddenly rang out.


A long crack appeared on the barrier as it began to shatter like a glass!


Luluka stood there with her hand raised up high. A crimson red scythe was in her hand. 


Her hood was down, allowing these men to see what was under there. 


An incredibly beautiful face was visible accompanied by a vicious smile as her eyes turned blood red and shone dangerously!


The old man and his men were surprised and didn’t move for a second. Luluka didn’t wait and lashed at them at full speed!


The old man saw death approaching him, began to back off on instinct, but then—




A clanging sound rang out as two metallic objects collided with each other!


One of the muscular men came into an old man’s defense. His long sword clashed against Luluka’s red scythe.


Luluka backed off and narrowed her eyes. The long sword in the man’s hands was shining in a faint blue light.


‘A magic sword? …Judging by the color…a water element?’


Luluka’s red scythe was made by her racial skill [Blood Manipulation]. Just like its name implied, it could manipulate blood and create any weapon from them.


The weapons made from this skill would naturally have a magic enchantment in them, allowing them to become more powerful than normal weapons. 


It even had the power to cut through the conditional barrier. But—she couldn’t cut through the man’s blade.


A magic weapon.


The weapons that were imbued with magic. It could even rival her Blood-Weapons.


Tsk! How annoying! 


Luluka clicked her tongue as she lashed at the man again! 


Their blades clashed for the second time then continued clashing again and again. The metallic sounds rang out from each clash, creating a strange melody in the area.


Then the second man jumped into the battle. He swung his magic sword at Luluka, aiming at her flank!


“Don’t you dare kill her!” The old man seemingly recovered from his shock shouted out to his men.


The second man stopped as Luluka backed off again, creating some distance.


Tsk! Luluka clicked her tongue again. If this kept going, she would lose!


“Hohohoho!! Look at her face! She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! And look at her eyes! She is a demon! Hahahaha!” The old man laughed like a maniac.


Luluka started to regret showing these men her face. But, they attempted to capture her in the first place, so sooner or later they would have to clash with each other, and her race would be exposed anyway.


“Hahahaha! I can’t believe there is a demon like you living in the capital city. Oh? Don’t worry though, I’m not gonna report this to the church or anything, rather—you’ll fetch a very high price, huhuhuhu.” The old man licked his lips creepily as greed and lust was visible in his eyes.


Luluka narrowed her eyes. 


She had no other choice. These guys were going to capture her and sell her as a slave. 


She—had to kill them. 


Here and now.


Resolving herself, Luluka's body started to glow in a faint red light. She bent forward as her narrowed eyes glinted dangerously.


The two men became vigilant and put up their guards, readying for another clash, but—




A sudden gust of wind blew out as Luluka's body blurred and disappeared!


Then in a split second, an arm was sent flying into the air as blood scattered everywhere!


“Argggg!!!!!!!” A man cried out in agony as he fell down to the floor, clutching his shoulder devoid of an arm.


The dancing arm plopped to the ground. A magic sword was in its grip.


The other man was shocked for a second but then his expression turned into rage!


“You bitch! I’ll kill you!!!’ He yelled out in a threatening voice and swung his magic sword at Luluka.


A blade of water rushed toward Luluka!


Luluka didn’t panic and bent forward again. She then slashed a blade of water with her scythe, making it dispersed it into thin air!


“Damnit! Damn it! Damn it!!!” The man swung his blade continuously, sending a dozen of water blades at his enemy!


Luluka didn’t dodge as she lashed at the man at full speed!


She slashed at every single one of the water blades, dispersing them one by one as she drew closer to her enemy!


Once Luluka got into the man’s sword range, he fiercely swung his sword at her, aiming at her neck!


“Nooooo!!!” The old man yelled out.


The moment the man’s blade was about to make contact with Luluka’s neck, her body suddenly blurred and disappeared as the blade went right though!


Then not long after…




The man’s head danced into the air as blood squirted out of his severed neck!


His headless body plopped onto the ground, revealing the figure of Luluka with her scythe raised up high.


“Hiiiii” the old man dropped his butt onto the ground as he cowered in fear.


Luluka swung her scythe and got rid of the blood. She then turned toward the old man. 


“It’s your turn now…” Luluka said with a cold voice. Her face was devoid of any emotion.


She slowly walked toward the old man with a scythe in her hand like a grim reaper.


Though, her elegant steps only served to make the old man feel terror.


“Hiiii, g-get away.. I-I’m sorry.. I-I d-d-didn’t mean to…” The old man stuttered as he backed off, trying to get away from the demon.


Ignoring the old man’s words, Luluka kept walking toward him. Once in front of him, she slowly raised her scythe up high, readied to behead the old man like the executor.


“Hiiii, I-I don’t wanna die! I-I.. S-Save me.. Ringo!!” The old man shouted.


Suddenly, Luluka's body tensed up with her eyes wide open! 


A needle was pierced into her neck. Luluka shakily turned to look behind her.


“Wh-Wha..” She uttered in disbelief with her trembling voice.


Then, strength left her body as her raised hand went limped. Her red scythe turned into red mist and disappeared.


Her eyes closed and her body fell onto the ground…