Chapter 16: I love you too~
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“Ruby~ Let’s be together forever~” Luluka hugged Ruby tightly as she rubbed her cheek against her and acted like a spoiled child.


“U-Um, y-yes… m’lady..” Ruby answered with her face as read as a tomato. 


Her body was stiff and she didn’t know what to do. Her heart was beating so fast and so loud that she could even hear it.


Although she did confess her love to her mistress the moment she was about to die, she still wasn’t used to her mistress getting physical with her like this. 


Though, It’s not like she didn’t like it. In fact, she loved it a lot and even secretly wished to stay like this forever, but she didn’t have the courage to say that out loud as it’d be too embarrassing.


They were now in Luluka’s bedroom and were sitting on the edge of Luluka’s bed.


When Ruby came in earlier to deliver her mistress’s breakfast, her mistress suddenly pulled her to her bed and started hugging her tightly. Ruby’s mind went blank for a moment, but then she started blushing furiously after that.


“Ruby~” Luluka continued rubbing her cheek against Ruby’s and started purring like a cat. A blissful smile appeared on her face.


She was way too cute!


Ruby felt like she couldn’t take it anymore. She felt the urge to return her mistress’s hug and maybe even go for a k-k-ki…


‘N-No! What am I thinking!?’ Ruby shook her head to clear away all her thoughts.


She sighed deeply and tried her best to calm her racing heart down. 


Once she started to calm down, she extended her arms and wrapped it around her mistress’s body, and then rested her chin on her mistress’s shoulder. 


“Yes, me too, m’lady. I also want to be with you forever.” Ruby said sincerely. She closed her eyes and had a contented smile on her face.


“Ruby?” Luluka was surprised. “Where did this assertiveness come from? You were just being bashful a moment ago.” 


Ruby giggled. “Geez, you did that on purpose didn’t you? You always seem to enjoy seeing me blush.” 


Hearing this, Luluka began to giggle. She tightened her embrace and rested her chin on Ruby’s shoulder. 


“Didn’t I tell you before? I can’t help it. You always look so cute when you're being all bashful like that. I couldn’t get enough of it, fufufufufu~”


“Geez, I’m not cute at all, m’lady. You are the cute one.”


“Aww, how sweet~ Thanks for the compliment~” Luluka giggled. “By the way, what’s with the m’lady thing? I told you to call me Luluka, didn't I?”


“I can’t, m’lady. You are my mistress and I am your servant. So it would be inappropri-“


“Stop that. I heard that sentence a lot of times already.” Luluka interrupted. “I said it’s fine so it’s fine. You can just call me by my name.”




“No but.” Luluka released her embrace and started pouting at Ruby. “Didn’t you call me by name back when you confessed your love to me? Didn’t you think it was inappropriate back then too?”


Upon hearing the word confess, Ruby started blushing furiously again as she turned her face away from her mistress. “N-No, back then I was..”


“You were what? Thinking that you were gonna die anyway, so it didn’t really matter?” Luluka said as she turned Ruby’s face to her with her hand.


“T-That’s not it. I-I..” Ruby averted her gaze.


“Ruby, look at me.” Luluka said in a firm tone.


Ruby slowly turned her gaze back at her mistress. Her mistress looked at her in the eyes with a serious look on her face.


“I—love you too.” Luluka said firmly.


Ruby’s eyes went wide for a moment and then she started blushing furiously again, but this time, her whole face went red and her heart started beating faster than before!


Why did her mistress suddenly confess to her like that!?


Once again, Ruby’s gaze started to wander everywhere, everywhere but her mistress. She was so embarrassed right now and didn’t have enough courage to look at her.


She felt like digging a hole into the ground and hid in there forever!


Luluka broke out into a laughter upon seeing Ruby’s bashful face once again. She then stopped laughing and looked at Ruby with a gentle look on her face.


“I didn’t have the chance to say it back then, but I really mean it though. I really love you. As a big sister, as a friend, as a maid, and as Ruby. I love you, Ruby. I love you so much. It doesn’t matter who you are, I just want you to know that I love you.” 


Luluka said sincerely and brought Ruby into her embrace again. She rested her chin on Ruby’s shoulder and closed her eyes. 


Silence filled the room as the two girls enjoyed each other's warmth.


“I was scared, you know? I was so scared and didn’t know what to do if you were to die on me back then.” Luluka broke the silence. “If the miracle didn’t happen back then and I really lost you, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same me again…”


“M’lady…” Ruby said in a shaky voice as she closed her eyes and tightened her embrace.


“Luluka—When we’re alone, just call me Luluka.”


Ruby didn’t respond for a while as she kept hugging her mistress tightly and enjoyed her warmth. “Alright, Luluka…”


Luluka broke out of her embrace and looked at Ruby’s face with a beautiful smile. “Now, that’s more like it~”


Seeing her mistress’s beautiful smile, Ruby started blushing again, but this time she didn’t avert her gaze and continued looking at her mistress.


Soon, silence filled the room once again as the two girls kept staring at each other’s eyes without moving. 


Then, slowly, their faces started to get closer to each other. The two gradually closed their eyes as their lips were about to make contact, but then—


*knock knock knock*


“Excuse me, m’lady. It’s Vivian. May I come in?” Vivian’s voice suddenly rang out behind the door.


Ruby jolted as she swiftly pulled her face away from Luluka and got up from the bed. She started tidying her clothes and remained in her position near the bed like a proper maid.


Though, her face was a little red and her body was a little stiff. It was obvious that she tried her best to look calm right now.


Seeing this, Luluka started to giggle before she turned to the door and told Vivian to come in.


Vivian opened the door and came inside. 


“Excuse me, m’lady.” She bowed at Luluka and then turned to look at the stiffed Ruby. She was a little curious about Ruby’s state but now wasn’t the time. 


“Ruby, lord Arthur had asked for your presence.” Vivian said in a professional tone.


Ruby’s and Luluka’s eyes went wide upon hearing this. 


“Father wants to meet Ruby? Why?” Luluka asked in a surprised tone.


“I don’t know either, m’lady. He only ordered me to tell Ruby to come meet him at his study.” 


Ruby was also surprised by this. Lord Arthur didn’t call her that often since she was Luluka’s personal maid.


Unless it was something important that had to do with her, would he call her like this.


Ruby started to think of what that something might be when a sudden realization hit her!


Maybe, Lord Arthur wanted to talk to her about that matter?


Coming to this conclusion, Ruby started getting a little nervous. She turned to look at Luluka and it seemed like she also had the same thing in mind.


Ruby bowed at her mistress and walked out of the room with Vivian. Now, Luluka was the only one in the room, she began to contemplate.


Her father suddenly summoned Ruby like this, there was only one reason Luluka could think of—


The fact that Ruby had turned into a vampire.


It’d only been a day since the incident and Ruby was now alive as a vampire. According to Luluka’s system, Ruby was considered to be a minor vampire with Luluka as her master.


Ruby’s soul was now linked to Luluka’s through some kind of vampire’s master-servant pact that came with the new skill, Blood Revival. 


And as their souls were now linked, if Luluka were to die then, Ruby would too. Though, the same couldn’t be said the other way around, and if Ruby were to die again this time then, she would be gone forever.


But, having their soul linked together also came with a lot of benefits. 


Firstly, Luluka could now communicate with Ruby via telepathy and was able to sense her emotion more easily when they were closer to each other.


Second, she could locate Ruby no matter where she went. It’s like a GPS system. Pretty convenient to say the least.


And lastly, there was also an alarm function that would go off when the other party was in a serious danger that threatened their life.


All in all, these benefits would make it easier for them to look after and protect each other.


After that incident, Luluka told everything that happened to her father, everything except her being a transmigator, obviously.


Her father went into a long hug and told her about how worried he was. And sure enough, after the father-daughter wholesome moment passed, the scolding session began.


Though, this time, it was entirely Luluka’s fault, so she didn’t complain and just listened to her father quietly. After the scolding session, came a punishment time. 


Due to her going against her father’s order, she got grounded for a whole month this time. 


A whole month!


Luluka felt like her soul had left her when she heard of the punishment, but she could only obediently accept her fate. 


The good thing was that she didn’t have to keep her race a secret to Ruby anymore and her relationship with Ruby had also gotten much better since that incident


So this whole month being grounded wouldn’t be so boring anymore as long as Ruby’s with her, or so she hoped…




The day passed and it was now the next day. Luluka felt despair when she remembered what day today was.


Today was Ruby’s day off!


That’s right, Ruby wouldn’t be with her today. 


Being a personal maid was quite tough since you had to work everyday, but Colbert's personal maids had two days off per week, so it’s not that hard compared to the other households. 


Usually, when Ruby had a day off, Vivian would take her place as Luluka’s personal maid, since she’s the head maid and also had quite a close relationship with Luluka.


“Hey, Vivian, do you have something fun for me to do? This is so boring…” Luluka said to Vivian as she flicked a gold coin into the air while sitting at her desk.


“If I may suggest, m’lady. How about reading a book?” Vivian answered in a professional tone.


“Geez, you don’t have to be so formal with me, you know I don’t like that. It makes us feel… distant…”


Vivian was a little surprised upon hearing this, but soon she recovered and a gentle smile appeared on her face.


“As you wish, m’la,.. I mean, understood, lady Luluka.”


“There’s no difference at all!” Luluka pouted at Vivian.


Vivian began to giggle with a slight blush on her cheek. Although she wasn’t as close to lady Luluka as Ruby was, she still adored this cute little lady a lot.


Normally, an aristocrat would consider themself higher status than the commoners and would look down on them, but lady Luluka was different. Since as long as Vivian knew her, Luluka had never once looked down on any commoners and always treated her servant with kindness.


This naturally made all the servants in this household love her and adore her. And add to the fact that she was a sickly girl with a serious illness, it would only serve to make the servants feel empathy for her and adore her even more.


Vivian was also one of those servants.


Seeing Vivian giggling at her, Luluka puffed her cheek like a balloon. She then sighed and began giggling.


“Fine, fine, I get it, you are professional, alright.” Luluka said sarcastically. “Though, speaking of reading books, I think that’s a good idea.”


Luluka got up from her seat. “Alright then, I’m off to the libr-“




Before Luluka could finish her sentence, her heart throbbed and an alarm sound suddenly rang out in her head!


“What’s the matter, m’lad-“


Luluka sprinted past Vivian and got out of her room quickly without letting Vivian finish her sentence! Vivian was surprised and called out to her mistress, but she ignored her and continued running.


Luluka was feeling restless.


Just now, the alarm from the vampire's master-servant pact suddenly rang off. 


And that would only mean one thing.


Ruby—was in danger.