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Making trouble. It was one of Nox's most beloved activities and he could think of several troublesome situations to get into.

'Still . . . I should probably raise my level a bit and maybe power up some as well. So long as I work up the courage to use that item that is.' Nox thought to himself.

With the Philosopher's Stone and the Soulsucker spell, leveling up ought to be easy enough. Nox went down to his 50th floor hideout and then went up to the 49th floor and started wreaking havoc with his grand spells.

He would then use the philosopher's stone to channel all Excelia his gained for his Magic ability into the stone to purify it and then, redistribute it across the abilities not yet maxed.

He even summoned a Black Balor and, after barraging it with powerful magic to weaken it, Nox finished the monster rex with Soulsucker for a massive gain in excelia and so, a few days later, he was ready to Level up but before that, he wanted to use the Tear of the Evil Eye.

After all, Level ups tended to be the points where his modifications would integrate into his body and result in new skills so he thought it would be better to use the item beforehand.

Lying down in his hideout, he finally worked up the courage and used it like an eyedrop, immediately burning his eyeball and eye cavity due to the sheer curse in the liquid as he twisted around in extreme pain.

If he was able to talk, or even think, Nox would be saying something on the lines of "This is exactly why I didn't want to do this!" or something a "little" more extreme perhaps.

Still, a few hours later, while his right eye still stung greatly, the pain had subsided enough for him to think properly despite not eye being able to open his eye without even more pain.

Only a few days later did the pain subside, but Nox could not control his eye at all. As soon as he opened it for the first time, a beam fired that wrecked even the ultra reinforced wall and ceiling on the place, leaving it looking like a missile fell on top of it.

Nox immediately closed it back up and put on a special eyepatch seal he made just in case. After then repairing the hideout, Nox performed his Level up in the hopes of it helping him in controlling his new power.


Name: Nox Lyros

Race: Lesser Archon

Gender: Male

Level: 5


STR: I-0

END: I-0

DEX: I-0

AGI: I-0

MAG: I-0

Luck: D

Archmage: A

Craftmaster: S

Martial Lord: C

Perfect Body: EX

Unbreakable Bulwark: D

Irresistible Force: D

Genocider: B

Tamer: B

Sexual Arts: H

Magic Eye: I


. . .


Evil God Eye: As the name implies and evil eye with great and divine power has resulted from a transformation in the user's right eye. It possesses the ability to use several curses through it as well as grating the  ability to see through matter and magic as well as sped up perception of the world.

-Curse of Submission: Makes a weaker or significantly weakened target the user's slave. Once successful, the target can no longer form thoughts of rebellion and will slowly but surely be converted into a loyal slave.

-Curse of Enchantment: Similar to a goddess of beauty's charm. It enchants people to have a submissive yet irresistible attraction for the user. It's power increases and weakens based on how attractive the target finds the user.

-Curse of Madness: Inflict a curse of growing madness upon the target, causing rage to bubble out and making them attack anything on sight regardless of their will. The key to resisting this effect is willpower more that actual strength but targets stronger than the user will have resistance to it.

-Curse of Petrifaction: Petrifies weaker opponents and stiffens stronger ones, somewhat restricting their freedom of movement.

-Curse of Dispel: Dispels magic and curses with one's gaze. Can be used to dispel the Evil God Eye's own curses but also as the ultimate anti mage weapon.

-Curse of Destruction: Focuses the user's Mind through the eye to utterly destroy whatever the user is looking at. Even if the target survives, the wound received are cursed to be unable to heal until the user either dispels them or the Evil God Eye is destroyed.

. . .


The skill he gained was even more powerful than he expected but control only got slightly better. He did get a new development ability which Nox surmised would help him control his new skill.

Just like the Swordsman development ability helped one wield a sword more efficiently and more powerfully, Magic Eye ought to do the same for Nox's right eye, it made sense.

As for leveling it, it would take time if Nox did not funnel all of his Excelia into it thus slowing down his growth. For now, he could not deactivate the eye but he could choose which curse was active, so while there was no problem if he was fighting, there was a big one if he was not.

The Curse of Enchantment was the most benign but far from harmless so Nox decided to just wear an eyepatch with a sealing spell worked into it. He quickly made it and then, happy with his current power, he decided to do one more thing before going out a causing trouble.

He replaced the Evil Eye within his magic staff, the Sceptre of Maledictum with one from the newly defeated Black Balor, enhancing all of its abilities, especially the Eye of Destruction.

At the moment, Nox could handle Six Seals quite easily and could even go down to 5 Seals if he pushed it but could not bear it for long, despite being already a Level 5, even if a newly promoted one, that could fight even Level 6s without too much trouble and, depending on conditions, handle a Level 7. This alone made the staff's power quite evident.

Still, armed with his new power and gear, Nox went out of his hidey hole to find trouble. With the events of the Light Novels approaching, Nox wanted to poke at some interesting characters. Namely, the Thanatos Familia and Filvis Challia.

The latter held greater importance in Nox's mind as her true power reached Level 7 or even above and, with his help, she could not only go further, her situation could also help Nox strengthen himself greatly, among other things.

Filvis true nature was very hard to explain in few words. There was a mysterious breed of monsters associated with corrupted spirits that produced unique violet green magic stones.

Sometimes, a dead adventurer could be resurrected by implanting such a magic stone into them, their chest more specifically.

If successful, said adventurer would become a Creature, gaining the powers of a monster like enhanced healing and a toughened body along with the ability to grow stronger by consuming magic stones.

Additionally, Filvis possessed a powerful magic called Einsel which could split her into two different bodies that could act independently but halving her status during use. These to bodies could then learn and grown on their own and then rejoin to greatly increase the user's growth speed.

That was one of Nox's main interests. The other was charming the boots of the innocent elf. Despite her status, and loyalty to Enyo a god hellbent on destroying Orario, which was in truth her god, Dionysus, she truly hated herself for what she was and did.

The proof was the numerous suicide attempts mentioned in the Light Novels which she survived due to her healing abilities as a Creature.

Nox honestly felt pity for her and liked her character quite a bit so he intended to truly help her, despite his less the pure intentions that were mixed in with that help.

Whatever the case, it was time to get going . . .


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