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After the beautiful evening ended however . . . What about the lovers' night?

Yeah right . . . Hestia might have gotten rid of her initial embarrassment but she wasn't one of the Three Great Virgin Goddesses for nothing.

After dinner, Nox took her home and nearly caused her to pass out in his arms again when he planted a kiss on just her cheek.

As for Nox himself, he went straight home, not his regular one though, none of them. He went to the secret laboratory inside its own pocket dimension created with a powerful enchantment. It was there he undertook his more questionable experiments.

It was also where Ikelos was held against his will. Funny thing was, because of the gods' lack of common sense and Ikelos' own reclusive personality, no one had even noticed them missing.

After all, the only ones to have regular contact with him were his own Familia who Nox had annihilated.

They however, unlike their god, had been missed, mostly by their black market connections to whom they sold captured monsters and Xenos.

As they were not really upright folk though, they just cursed the other party for failing to deliver any more goods and did nothing else at all.

It ended up being an extremely convenient situation for Nox and he knew it. Narcissistically praising himself for his good decision making when he had not considered things that far along the line when he captured Ikelos.

At the time, he was driven by a need to eliminate witnesses and since killing a god would just send them back to Heaven, he had to imprison him and since he was already going to imprison him, might as well use him for some experiments right?

This was one of the few things Nox didn't share with absolutely no one. After all, it was really too much of a big deal. Holding a god prisoner with an artifact that could even prevent them from using their divine power . . .

Being able to do that spreading to other gods would be the end of Nox.

One of them would definitely choose to just use their Arcanum to annihilate Nox at the cost of being sent straight back to Heaven which was the most their punishment would be.

As for why Nox choose to go there . . . It was to start planning out the next few steps of his Project Unlife.

The reason he chose to start doing so, was because his Soul was finally back to full strength and no longer fragilized by his injury and recovery.

First though, it was finally time for a status update . . .


Name: Nox Lyros

Race: Lesser Archon -> Greater Archon

Gender: Male

Level: 5 -> 6


STR: SSS-9999 -> I-0

END: SSS-9999 -> I-0

DEX: SSS-9999 -> I-0

AGI: SSS-9999 -> I-0

MAG: SSS-9999 -> I-0

Luck: SSS-9999 -> I-0

Archmage: A -> S

Craftmaster: S

Martial Lord: B -> A

Perfect Body: EX

Unbreakable Bulwark: C -> B

Irresistible Force: C -> B

Genocider: B

Tamer: B

Sexual Arts: G -> E

Magic Eye: H -> F


. . .


Archon: One who has balanced the attributes of Heaven, Human and Earth within themselves. Having grasped such a power, one can use them in a balanced way or temporarily focus on one aspect while abandoning the others for a more drastic increase in raw power at the cost of versatility.

Having become a Greater Archon, one can, for a limited time, fuse the powers of all three aspects to show the true face and power of an Archon.

-Heavenly Aspect: Take the form of an iridescent spirit covered in magical formations and capable of using spells of a whim and wielding magic with a thought. All magic related abilities drastically increase in power, range and efficiency and the user becomes highly resistant to magic.

In exchange, all physical abilities are lowered, a weakness to physical attacks is gained and all monster characteristics like a toughened body and skin are lost temporarily. It this form, equipment is temporarily dismissed and cannot be used.

-Human Aspect: The magical abilities of the spirits and toughened body of a monster are lost but the possibilities of humany are increased. All equipment doubles in power and effectiveness and the user's abilities raise in face of adversity to the point no enemy is utterly impossible to defeat.

It has the weakest base abilities of all three Aspects but carries the most potential out of all of them as well. Finally, the user can call on their latent power to unleash a powerful strike at the cost of all their Mind and Stamina.

-Earthly Aspect: Take the form of a Blood Dragon with reddish black scales and colossal body with extremely physical prowess but become unable to use equipment or magic. The user becomes highly resistant to both magic and physical attacks, particularly the latter.

Blood Arts are greatly enhanced in this form and Mind can still be used no reinforce one's body and to unleash devastating breath attacks as well as create windstorms with the beating of one's wings.

-Trinity Aspect: The armaments and fate of the Human Aspect, the physical might and tough body of the Earthly Aspect, the sheer magical prowess of the Heavenly Aspect, all joined into one. A three meter tall dragon man with ten twisted horns forming a majestic crown.

Armor melds into the user and is enhanced as will the weapon(s) in the user's hands. Prismatic magical power with the strength of all the elements will surround the user as protection, enhancement and a means of attack.


Nox had to admit . . . It felt good.

Knowing he was in the peak of power in the surface world . . . it felt great.

With him constantly maxing his limit breaking abilities to 9999 before leveling up, even a Level 7, despite the huge difference between the two levels, would be no match for him.

Other than the famed One Eyed Black Dragon, nothing in the surface could challenge him any longer But . . .

Nox was not satisfied.

Deep within the Dungeon, enemies far stronger than him, like the main body of the green figure that nearly drove him to death, still existed and the mentioned Black Dragon was still at large, being powerful enough to take on Level 8s and 9s teaming up and ganging up on them with the rest of their Familias.

Once Nox's mind arrived there, his satisfaction waned instantly as he hungered for even more power . . .

And so, he began to thoroughly analyze the changes in his status.


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