1. Vast land
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Really, to die after giving me a responsibility, i don’t like responsibility. Was it to destroy or save the world.... Well whatever. but still... to see an old man die and turn into dust in front of me is not a good feeling.

 Tio dig up the ground with his bare hand and notice the old man still holding the staff. 

Should I also bury the staff with him? he didn't tell me to keep it or anything. 

"Status." Tio unconsciously thought. A transparent screen appear in front of the staff. 

[Changing Staff]: [Can change into any desired forms when pouring magic into it.]


Magic rise: [ increase the user magic power up to 2000 ( Power in Store - 0 -). Refill 1 power every 24 Hour.]


Look like I can apprise items. The old man must use the last drop of it. This could be useful, I take it. Bury the old man bones, Tio make a preyer. Ok, I pray for your good sleep.  

If I can appraise this items then can I check myself too. hmm, do I say status too? ‘status.’


Name: Tio Loke

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical: 400

Magic: 600

Total Power: 1000


Number of Sons:( 0 )


Power : 

[Power Copy]: [Can copy other Magic when planting a seed(semen) inside a victim.]

[Pleasure Touch]: [ Your touch can make others living feel pleasure and greatly enhanced in a sensitive part(Especially the lower part/ between the legs).]

[Bloodline Slave]: [When beings receiving your essence(sperm), they will whole heartily want to serve you in any way.]

[Domination]: [Can command over others beings.] 

[Male impregnate]: [ Can impregnate Male.] 


[ Man With Mission ]: [Enhance magic and physical Power. Ultra-Fast Regeneration] 



Look like it work too. Number of son? Does that have to do with my mission. But it seem to go well with my skills.—_—

Magic and power huh, this world must be incredible. I hope It’s not a complicated killing world, but if it is.... i actually feel relieve. There no flashing magic on me, and my power looks a bit unnatural m. 

To survive, let just hope my power is strong enough to command others. Should I just stay here and make it my base?

looked around, the cave is big enough to fit a normal house and there no cool stuff about it except the blood pool which he emerged from. 

I don't want to waste time doing work. Beside I’m a man with mission... and I want to go traveling and see the world, then its time for exploring!

I will take on the world! Old Man, I won't let you down!

Picking up one of the torches on the wall, Tio began walk on the only road there is.

Not long, He reach a door made of bronze that open in the middle. He push it open and on a walls, there a stair that going in a circle leading upward.

‘it seem to endless. I should hurry up and go up.’


After walking for who know how long, Tio began to feel bored. ‘It feel like I been waking in circle. Just how deep is this cave?’

Tio wanted to run but the turn of the step are not that wide and afraid of accidentally falling, he just speed walking.

Who know how long, he began to see the end of the steps. ‘Finally, a flat ground. Please let there  be no more stair.’

As he walk, the cave gets brighter. ‘The end of the cave!’ He rush fast toward the exit.

There was a green in front of him. Fresh wild grass, few trees, vast land, and the warm sunlight. "MUAHH" He stretch out his arms and legs to the highest. ‘It a wild plain!’

"Where in the world am I?" Tio sharpen his eye and gaze around. There nothing, no sign of people or house, just a plain field.

looked behind him, there a small mountain, the one he just came out off. It not one of those sharp slope but more like a wild soft kid playground.

He climb up and reach the top for a better view. ‘This one too high to climb!’ He looking around for a better way to climb but there none.

‘I can’t see all the surroundings if I don’t get high enough and I don’t want to run around in this endless grassland, if only I could fly.’

Imagine himself flying, meditate, focus the energy... but he’s  still on the ground. He put his hand open his chain, thinking. ‘Flying...  flying.... Aladdin.. Maybe I could change the staff into a flying carpet!’

Holding the staff with both of his hands in a horizontal line and try his best to imagine a flying carpet.

An invisible energy began to gathering and flowed from inside his body to his hands and onto the staff. 

The staff began to glow and reforming. 

Tio open his eyes. What in front of him is now a floating big white carpet? no pattern, just plain white. ‘well, I not a designer, it will get better. all that matters is if it flies and lifts me.’

Climbed onto and steady himself and sitting in the center. Feeling safe, he began to command the carpet "Alright Carpet, Up!" I pointed to the sky.

We slowly flew up and stop when I feel it high enough to see all directions.

I look around, slowly turning my body in all directions. "Now where should I go?" I again sharpen my eye and in a far distant, I found a road that seems to be for traveling.

One end leads to the distant mountains on the east, the other end to the tall forest in the Northwest and far from it seem to be a kingdom. 

If there a kingdom then there people!

"We going that way!" I pointed toward the forest.

Fly above the forest and following the road, I crawl to the front end and lied down to spot any people. After a while. 

"Oh, found one." below me, there a boy running with a backpack and a sword, and very fast at that. 

I flew down behind him and check his status.


Name: Yuken Xirit

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Physical: 310

Magic: 200

Total Power: 510



[ Lightning ]: [ Can generate and manipulate lightning.]


oh ho, my first prey.

Brown hair, cute face, well built and overall good looking. 

I flew down on his right side.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Huh?” He looks at me with his eye open wider than normal. 

“Where you headed to?” I ask again, smiled.

“You can fly!? That so cool, is that your power or the items?” 

“It the items.”

“That a cool item, I never seen it before! Oh, my name is Yuken Xirit, And I aim to be the best adventure, I headed to the city capital to become stronger and make name for myself. What about you?”

“Oh, um I’m Tio Loke, I’m also heading to the capital city.”

“Nice to meet you Tio, let be friend! it boring to go alone.”

“Sure, do you want a ride?” 


“Yeah, hop on.” 

Yuken jump onto the fly carpet, and we flew high up.

“I never been this high before, this feels amazing!” Yuken crawls around and when he at the edge I pull him back into my arm.  

“Careful, you might fall.” 

“Oh, thanks.” 

“Yuken..” I squeeze him tighter and rest on his shoulder


“Do you ever have sex?” I ask.

“Sex, what that?”

“It a very pleasant feeling. Do you know masturbate?” 

“Who masturbates?” 

“I see, look like I had to teach you.”

“Masturbated is something that makes people feel good, it part of a growth process, it means you ready for the world. Do you want to try it?”

“Yes!... So how do you do it.”

“let me show you.”

I reach into his pants and held his penis, slowly squeeze and pull. 

“Ahh..” his face blush red. 

I quickly pull off his pants and exposed the whole thing in the air. 

“You, what are you doing?” 

He quickly tries to pull back his pants. 

“You don’t need to be embarrassing, we both guys.” 


“You never see a guy naked?”

Yuken thinks back to the time when he takes a bath with his brothers in the mountain, all naked.

“Well... I do.. but this... umm feel weird ”

“Don’t worry, it just means you feel good, every boys does this.” 

“Really?... you too?”

“Yeah, so there no need to be embarrassing.” 

His cock got harder fast.

“Oh, it getting big. Do you feel good?”

I rub it up and down.

“Emm.. yeah.. feel good. Emm.. I want to pee.. ahh..”

After 30 seconds, he shot out a load of cum and it flew off. 

“Ahhh.... haa... haa... Tio, I....”

Yuken covers his face with his hand.