Chapter 14: Joining Energies
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Laying on the bed, Ren Yao was enjoying watching the quickly changing expressions on the women’s faces. Each one of them was older than 15, and each was still unsullied, it was quite rare. Here stood 13 of the most precious flowers in all the Azure Sky kingdom.

All, for him to enjoy.

He lit a couple of incense burners and watched as the first tendrils of thick, heady purple smoke wafted around the room before he beckoned forward the first woman.

She was guided on to the wide bed and slowly disrobed.

Her partner stripped as well, and her eyes went wide as her gaze wandered down to his equipment.

Forget about a eunuch; this Young Master was certainly well proportioned. It rose up under her scrutiny, like a cobra rearing up to strike. She let out a small gasp and held two hands to her mouth as she witnessed it in all its glory.

She visibly gulped and reached out a tentative hand to touch it.

It was warm and fleshy, but she couldn’t help but run her fingers along the rows of ridges which she realised spiralled all the way down for tip to base.

A soft voice broke her from her stupor.

“Relax. Just lay back and enjoy it.”

Given the incense, his knowledge of the human body and his gentle touch, she was quickly starting to pant.

Even the women standing around the edges of the room were being affected. They’d moved closer to the bed for one, and given that distance, it was easy to see that they were being affected by the aphrodisiac in the incense as their nipples were trying to poke through their gowns.

Regardless of age, each woman there had a perky pair of gently heaving white hills and mountains.

To the poor woman who had gone first, Ren Yao had already started to move on to the main event. Even he was feeling the effects of the purple haze. His nipples were rock hard, but he still had enough presence of mind to maintain the bone array.

Gently he spread her legs apart and aligned himself to her.

Usually, women in such a situation would show coquettish gazes or nervous, embarrassed glances, but there was a slight hint of madness currently in her eyes. This particular blend of incense was tailored more to the female’s arousal then the males.

If he didn’t keep up the pace, he might lose her to her wanton desires before he was able to guide her through the proper method.

Slowly he moved in.

She gave a yelping gasp as she felt each bead slide in and out.

In her addled mind, there was no pain from her first time it was all just a purple pleasurable haze. Ren Yao did a bit of manoeuvring before synchronising their breathing and beginning to increase his pace.

The cultivation method he was aiming for with his eunuch's vessel was precisely a method of esoteric sexual practice known as Joining Energies. Throughout all the Taoist sexual arts, he knew it was the most profound, with all the convoluted and complicated steps having been simplified down through the ages.

Generally, there were three main types of people who'd practice such things as dual cultivation.

The first were those that managed to find the right Dao companion. A person with whom they would create a bond stronger and longer than any marriage. A person with whom they’d delve into the vastness of the Dao and live out several lifetimes worth of time.

The second were those who undertook pure dual cultivation with another person.

In this instance, both parties equally sought to profit from an increase in their cultivation bases.

The third was those unscrupulous few who saw female cultivators as nothing more than furnaces to be used to refine and increase their cultivation. Ren Yao currently fell into this category.

The purpose of dual cultivation methods was to become something closer to the whole and thus stimulate a vast increase in the intake of the energies of Heaven and Earth.

The man was Yang; the woman was Yin.

When they enjoyed together, they became the Taiji, the Absolute that sought once more to become the Limitless by overcoming the demarcation and the delimited.

Bucking under Ren Yao she moaned violently, and he deactivated the array as she slid off and onto the bed. He let out a long sigh and looked at the expectant faces of the other twelve women.

Thankfully he had lost the ability to deplete his Vital Yang, or by the end of tonight he’d have become like a withered tree, devoid of fluids and tonight was merely the beginning. After he’d had a chance to refine their Vital Yin within himself and raise his cultivation, he would thoroughly engrave into each of them the profound mysteries and proper techniques of the Joining Energies art.



When the cockerel crowed the morning call, Ren Yao put away his crowing cock and looked at the collapsed figures around him. The incense had long since burned out.

Each had a sloppy smile plastered across their face as they slept peacefully.

Right now retained in his system was the Vital Yin of thirteen people, he stimulated his cultivation base and sat down to spend some time refining it. He had finally, once again, taken the first step down the long and arduous road known as cultivation.

He couldn’t help but smile ruefully with his eyes closed.