Life of slave
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While our village was burned and dead bodies now littered the ground. We were locked up in cages like common animals or monsters. Locked up, a long journey awaited us as the nearest town was about a year away. I could already see the depressed faces of the women who had lost their husbands. Children having lost their fathers and especially for everyone the humiliation and suffering of the life of a slave. Where we will be treated as objects that can be used and replaced at will.

As I wondered how he had found our village. Had he made a long journey especially to capture us? Questions I had no answer to for the moment. Teilo had not been captured, he had managed to escape with others since some children and adults were missing. I was happy that some of us were able to avoid being captured. 

After 2 weeks of travel, we were getting hungry. Our bellies were crying out for food, while our cages were starting to stink. Because trapped in these cages the smell of shit and piss was emanating from us while we were fed just enough to keep us alive. After one month of ordeal, the first deaths began to pile up.

The smell of the dead bodies spread everywhere, making us nauseous as the flies laid their first eggs. After a few more days, worms were coming out of the ears, eyes and mouth. Until finally the smell became stronger and we could see a ton of worms. Devouring the entrails and emerging from the decaying corpses. 

Some of the children and women would then die of disease or malnutrition. While starvation was destroying my empty stomach. When someone died, we didn't even have the strength to cry them. Or even the resources to do so due to dehydration. Yet the only thing that kept me alive was the will to live, the will to get revenge.

<Your hatred and will to live has been heard.>

Skills obtained:

<Will to Grow>: you gain 2 times the normal amount of experience. Your stats are all boosted by 10%.

<Will to Survive>: You are more physically resilient and able to endure the worst while. All of your stats are increased by 10%. Your Vitality, Stamina, and physicality are strengthened. 

<Bestial Fury>: You enter a bloodthirsty animal fury, all your stats are increased by 50%.

As I gained these skills, my mind cleared slightly. I was able to regain a little more clarity.

"My hatred and desire to live was heard by whom?  By that wretched goddess? " I said through clenched teeth. 

So finally 2 months had passed. We stopped, the men were getting busy. I looked through the bars of my cage. I could see a camp and a gigantic portal. I then understood how he had made the trip. A teleportation gate had been installed as a new relay. But that still didn't explain how they had found our village. We finally passed through the teleportation gate that led us to the capital of the Sigma kingdom named Attal.

We were then sold like the slaves we had become. I was separated from my mother while on the journey 25% of us had died during the 2 month journey. I and other girls from my village were now being exposed as commonplace objects on the street to be sold. As we were sold one by one, until it was finally my turn.

"How much for this girl? "

"She's a half-human with a rather rare white coat she costs 10 gold coins."

"That's a bit expensive though."

"True, but all these girls are virgins."

The man learning this information then smiled while licking his lips. 

"Very well, I'll take it from you." Said he as he held out the gold coins.

My ordeal then continued, I was washed to be minimally clean. Taken to this man's house, I found myself tied up so I could not resist.

"Ah don't worry, I'll take care of you and maybe you'll get a taste for it." (Man)

As I struggled uselessly with all my strength, the man undressed me. While struggling I managed to kick him several times. This provoked a black anger in the man who started to hit me violently.

"You bitch you dared to hit your master!" (Man)

He hit me so hard that blood started to stain the white bed we were on. 

"Please stop... please..." (Aria)

I begged him to stop but he started to like my pleas. Hitting me even harder when the bed was already stained with blood.

"That's it learn where you belong!" He smiled sadistically.

He then penetrated me and a sharp pain shot through me as he took my virginity.

"Ahhhh. It hurts... It hurts.... Please...."

None of the screams or cries for help could be heard and then who would come to help me. In the end, the bed was covered with my blood the white sheets now stained a bright red. 

During these 4 years I was raped against my will, sometimes by several men. He tortured me sometimes just to see me suffer. He hit me, burned me, cut me, choked me while I was trying to get air. All this for about 4 years of ordeal and suffering, I had become an object.

Then one day, while I was on the street, a man came to my aid. A handsome young man with red eyes. But he was going to make a mistake by protecting me in public so I said it was okay. Then my master hit again. 

But I was redeemed by another man and today I find myself with this young man again. He promised me to do everything possible to change the situation of the half-humans. As he held me in his arms, I could feel the warmth of his body which was comforting. And I couldn't help but admire his beautiful red eyes that were shining on this beautiful starry night.


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