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I woke up 1 hour before the appointment.  I had decided to do some exercise before the hunt having also the need to be alone.  I accelerated towards the mountain opposite the forest where the monsters were a problem. I went up to the top, I had come across some monsters I had never seen before. Stone snakes, and white bears with horns on their heads.

"Analysis." (Logan)

Race: Dedos

<Level> 35 
<Vitality> 200<Magical power> 50
<Attack> 100 <Defense> 300 <Speed> 90
<Endurance> 150 <Agility> 139 <Intelligence> 100<Physical> 250
<Skills> Stone throwing Lv6/ Quicksand Lv7
<Unique Skills> (None)
<Elements> Earth

The stone snake looked strong to me, but it was nothing compared to this bear.

Race : Garonne Bear

<Level> 45 
<Vitality> 300<Magical power> 150
<Attack> 200 <Defense> 300 <Speed> 90
<Endurance> 150 <Agility> 139 <Intelligence> 500 <Physical> 300
<Skills> Polar claw Lv8/ Ice shield Lv10>
<Unique Skills> (Blizzard)
<Elements> Ice.

He had great vitality and defense as well as some skills with some level. But the most impressive was his intelligence stat.

"Could he be one of those monsters with a conscience? " 

I definitely wanted to measure myself against him to gauge the power of my attacks. I stood in front of him waiting for him to pounce on me. But he ignored me and then I saw that this bear had little babies.

"So some monsters are not aggressive. " I said as I continued on my way quietly.

Anyway I just wanted to run a little bit so I continued my ascent since the snake did not seem to want to attack me too. I finally arrived quietly at the top of the mountain from where I could admire a beautiful landscape. I sat quietly beginning to think :

"Alfred and these men are anything but not remove friendly to me, especially since they seem to be planning something against me. The presence of Aria is also strange and not the fruit of chance. Because chance always has a logical explanation, does he intend to use her against me? If they think they can get me, they're way off. There is also the question of how I am going to change this society. And who is this goddess, what is her goal?"

I then thought back to the day I was summoned to this world.

"Should I kill my comrades if they get in my way? Surely, but what intrigues me the most are the dungeons, what are the reasons for their existence? But especially the numerous inconsistencies that I have found in the history books I have read? This can only be related to one thing, this famous goddess! "

"But let us pass for the moment a thing in its time. " I said while standing up and admiring the landscape.

Before I let myself fall into the void while the fresh wind was now whipping my skin. I stopped being afraid the day the person I loved most committed suicide. The ground was approaching as I had my hands in my pockets and steadied myself in the air. Before landing on the ground with a gust of air.

<Calculation capacity used 55.>

I finally saw in the distance the bear I had seen earlier being attacked by a group of humans. She was trying as best she could to protect her children. While her beautiful white coat was covered in blood.

"She's at the end of her rope, guys, let's finish this quickly, her children are going to sell themselves a small fortune. Said one of the men with eyes full of greed." (Adventurer)

Then the men launched a joint attack mixing the fire and lightning elements. Their attack never hit the bear, however, because a wall had protected it while I stroked the bear's breathless head.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of them." I said as I stood in front of the men.

"Who are you and why are you protecting this monster!  Complained one of the men.

"This monster is harmless, why do you want him dead?" (Logan)

"For the money of course!" (Adventurers)

"I see, I just wanted to confirm, but now you'll have to leave him alone."  (Logan)

"What are you talking about get out of there or we'll kill you too." 

The men in front of me were 6 all level 30. But it was good timing I wanted to get some exercise.

"Leave that beast alone and I'll forget about the threats." (Logan)

"Ah, ah kill him!" Said the man as a barrage of magical attack came at me.

I created a thick triple barrier around the bear and her children.

<Calculation Power Used 140.>

Once this was done I ran towards them and dodged a multitude of their attacks. Before one of their combined attacks managed to hit me.

<Excessive computing capacity of mana was taken as compensation. Mana remaining 70/200>

"The next attack like this I'll take damage."

I continued my run while my opponents were confused by the fact that their attack did nothing to me. I then grabbed one of the men by the head to tackle him to the ground while with my other hand touched the ground. And a stone spike came out of the ground piercing his skull, spilling his blood on my face.

"I got one ! Five left!"'

Without wasting any time, I took advantage of their confusion to immobilize two of them by piercing theirs foots. Once done, I created walls with spikes that I closed on them.

"Noooooo!" Shouted one of the two men before being pierced by the sharp wall.

"Only 3 more!" I said as a pool of blood flowed from the walls, which I stepped into.

"Wait man we can work this out!"
Exclaimed one of the men. 

"It's too late." I said as I charged at them at full speed. 

"You bastards!" He shouted as he and his comrades launched a barrage of attacks.

I dodged, picking up two stones as I passed and threw them through the heads of the two men. I was now close to the last one.

"Die, infernal gust!" He shouted as he released a large blaze.

At this distance, I could no longer dodge I went through the flames and grabbed him by the neck. As I felt an immense and brief pain in my right arm, which was now completely burned.

"Don't kill me, I beg you!" He pleaded for his life.

"I'm not going to kill you." I said to the man who seemed reassured.

But I sent him waltzing to the ground and spikes pierced his legs and arms immobilizing him.

"You said you weren't going to kill me!" Shouted the man.

"I don't, but she does." I said as a gigantic bear approached him.

"Nooo please.... Nooo... Ahhhh...! " He shouted as his head was torn off splattering my clothes and face.

Newly acquired title: Friends of the beasts.

Name : Logan
Race : Human 
Age : 18 years old
Profession : Avenger- ???
<Level> 60
<Vitality> 410<Magical power> 210
<Attack> 150 <Defense> 145<Speed> 129
<Endurance> 159 <Agility> 143 <Intelligence> 290<Physics> 189
<Calculation> 280
<Elements> (None)
Skills <Analysis Lv5/DissimulationLv7><High sewing Lv max>
<Uniques Skills> (None)
<Exclusives Skills> Vector control, ultra fast learning, encyclopedia.


- Goblin Exterminator.
- Ruthless
- Pigeon shooting.
- Insatiable.
- Friends of the beasts.


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