Apprenticeship 2
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After their first class they all went to the castle's training ground. On the field were waiting several people specially hired by the kingdom. With many guards accompanied by many boxes. With the sole purpose of training them, while Moïse did not finally speak.

"Hello, heroes, your first training will begin today it will be something rather quiet. We're just going to evaluate your fighting skills. And then we will train you and for that we have hired the best from the adventurers' guild and the kingdom." (Moïse)

The people in front of them then came forward to introduce themselves.

"I am Maximus, a great warrior of rank A affiliated to the clan of the purple lightning." Exclaimed a bare-chested man with a strong build.

"I am Peney, a magical swordsman of rank S also known as the golden blade." Spoke a tall man with a strong aura, with beautiful eyes and yellow hair.

"I am Jean Priest in the service of the church and the goddess I represent." Said a man dressed in white and gold with a splendid staff.

"I am Zem the leader of the army of the kingdom of Sigma nicknamed the invincible paladin." Launched a man with a large shield and sturdy white and black colored armor. 

"I am Eric alchemist of rank S with the guild of alchemists." Said a man empowered with a black and purple robe.

"As for me, you already know me I am Moïse the king's magician. The most powerful magician in the kingdom." (Moïse) 

The kingdom had gathered the best to train their newly summoned heroes.

"We will teach you the specifics of your profession as well as the basics of combat for several months. But for now we will evaluate you." (Moïse) 

"And how will you evaluate us?" (Shawn)

"Well, this is very simple, please all take a weapon please." Moïse indicated as he pointed to a stall with multiple weapons.

Everyone went to this one and chose a weapon, which seemed appropriate. For the most part they had all picked up swords.

"Well now that that is done, guards you can let go of the monsters." (Moïse)

" What !" (Eva)

The guards then opened the boxes and monsters came out. There were goblins and wolves of low level. But for beginners it was already a challenge because of their large number.

"Well, it's time to show us what you can do." (Moïse)

A wall of earth then surrounded them and the monsters. As their instructors looked down on them from the top of this newly erected wall. They were all thrown directly into the heart of the matter.

"Hey, what's this! There are some of us whose professions are not meant for fighting." Eva exclaimed, thinking of Max and Dan.

Who themselves had received the classes of superior alchemist and elite smiths. 

"Well, in that case you just have to protect them." Said Moïse nonchalantly.

"Maïli, what do we do?" (Eva) 

"The only possible choice, we fight!" (Maïli)

A wind blade immediately cut a goblin in half. Under the amazed eyes of Shawn and the others as well as the instructors.

"Oh, this girl has already mastered this kind of attack! What is her profession? " (Peney)

"These attacks are still incomplete but it is effective and to answer you she has the profession of Paladin. " (Moïse) 

"Looks like I'm the one who will have to teach her." Said Zem who seemed interested.

While Maïli was killing the monsters without difficulty. Some were surrounded by monsters not knowing what to do.

"What are we doing Shawn?" (Méverick) 

"Well, we fight too!" (Shawn) 

"And how do we fight, haven't we been taught anything?" (Méverick) 

"It's true and how Maïli can be so strong already ?" (Maël)

"I don't fucking know, just let's go for it ! These monsters are weak to test us." (Shawn)

Shawn then sent multiple fireballs that didn't hit any enemies. He had dodged everything with no problem. Because his attack lacked power, speed and accuracy.

"Damn it!" (Shawn) 

"Well, that's pretty disappointing coming from the guy who's supposed to be the hero." (Moïse) 

"What, this is him? We'll have to train him properly and take more time." (Maximus)

"Too bad he's not like her it would have saved us time." (Moïse) 

Maïli then killed some goblins while passing by Shawn and his group who seemed lost. She then gave a little advice.

"Instead of throwing magic into the void use your sword it will be easier." (Maïli) 

"Tch! This girl is coming out of my eyes!" (Shawn)

"But she's right." Said Jay who was attacking a goblin in hand-to-hand combat.

The goblin being quite weak Jay slashed his torso inflicting a fatal wound.

"Meverick." (Shawn) 

"Wai?" (Méverick) 

"Let's go!" (Shawn)

The two of them threw themselves at the Goblins and the wolves accompanied by Jay. Even though it was quite disorganized the 3 covered each other to fill their gaps.

Meanwhile Maïli, Eva, Dan and Max, although two had classes unsuited to combat. Had no problem killing monsters, Maïli filled in all their gaps. She gave orders for attacks and defenses, to coordinate her group.

"Eva go help Dan on his right side there are more monsters crowded there." (Maïli)

"Ok, I'm going!" (Eva)

"Max don't get too far ahead and refocus in the formation. Don't worry I'll get the monsters' attention." (Maïli) 

"She manages her group with a masterful hand." Says Zem impressed.

"The hero's group plays it pretty rough, going into the thick of things brutally." (Peney) 

"We'll see if their strategy holds up in the finale of this training." Said Moses in a stoic tone.

While other students were struggling with the monsters and were in trouble. Some of them were running away from the fight while others were already trapped, some having received injuries.

"Marine, what do we do!" Shouted a panicked girl named Beth. 

"I don't know! I don't even know how to use a sword properly so magic even less!" (Marine)

"Éléonore!" (Marine)

"There is only one solution left to us join a group and ally with them." (Éléonore)

"But there are only two groups that manage to fight the monsters." (Beth) 

"And there's no way I'm allying with Shawn." (Marine)

"Don't worry I don't want to ally with him either and then there are stronger than him, besides being a smart and nice person." (Éléonore)

"Maïli." (Marine)

"Exactly with his group Eva, Dan and Max." (Éléonore) 

"And how do we join them?" (Beth) 

"I've mastered a skill follow me!" (Éléonore)

The two girls then followed Éléonore as she threw herself at the monsters. A strong gust of wind blew the monsters away and they were sent everywhere. One of the monsters, a wolf, flew straight towards Peney. The wolf was cut in two without anyone seeing the man move.

"Pff, he could be a little more careful though." (Peney) 

Éléonore group then managed to join Maïli and her group.

"Can we join you?" Said Éléonore as she looked Maïli straight in the eyes.


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