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//{HESOYAM} - Health, Armor, $250k (around 28M yen) 
Description- First cheat to be activated by Shido.


//{FULLCLIP} - Infinite Ammo, No Reloading.
Description-  In the later chapters.

//{PROFESSIONALKILLER} - Hitman Level for all Weapon Stats.
Description- Shido gets the experience of a hitman using weapons (not all experience of a hitman that includes fighting and assassination techniques.) But He still needs to train his body on adapting various weapons' weight, their recoil, etc., and the mindset to use guns on a person.

//{BAGUVIX} - (Semi)Infinite Health. 
Description- This cheat gives Shido a semi-Infinite heath which means if He is dealing with an opponent who tries to chirp off Shido's health slowly with continuous attacks, then it will be impossible. But outright killing methods are immune to this cheat, such as taking out his heart, cutting off his head, explosions, falling from a very high altitude etc. Consider this as a High HP Cheat.

Weather-Related cheats are not usable as the System cannot affect the Laws of the world.

//{ANOSEONGLASS} - Adrenaline Mode.             
Description- In adrenaline mode, Shido is able to make faster movements, with increased strength and heightened senses/perception.

//{SLOWITDOWN} - Slow Motion.
Description- This cheat makes Shido perceive the surrounding in slow motion or in simple words, his perception speed is increased. This cheat can be stacked over it again to make a bigger slow-motion effect, by writing the cheat again. Used to fight agile opponents.

//{SPEEDITUP} - Fast Motion. 
Description- This cheat is the reverse of the Slow Motion cheat, it decreases the perception speed of Shido. Used by Shido to train his perception speed by watching TV in fast motion and trying to dodge balls shot by tennis machine in fast motion.

To deactivate the time-related cheats, Shido needs to write the cheat of the opposite nature. Example- If Slow Motion cheat is activated, then Fast motion cheat is required to deactivate the slow-motion cheat and vice versa.

Description- This cheat enables Shido to make a super powerful punch, thus Super Punch. The power of a full-powered super punch is not known to Shido, but a held-back super punch was able to make Muscular unconscious with a single hit and at that time Shido was weak(not trained). (Known Outputs: 20% Hephaestus' Hammer Strike|30% Spartan Rage| 50% Titan's Crash)

//{KANGAROO} - Super Jump. 
Description- This cheat enables the Shido to take jumps higher than normal, comparable to Rabbit Hero: Mirko, stated by a victim of assault, saved by the Shido.

//{VKYPQCF} - Maximum Stamina. 
Description- This cheat gives Shido max stamina in his stat, but this stat is effective for a period of time. But there is no cooldown period, then it can be activated numerous times.

//{BUFFMEUP} - Maximum Muscles.   
Description- This cheat gives Shido max muscles in his stat, but this stat is effective for a period of time. But there is no cooldown period, then it can be activated numerous times. The permanent effect of this cheat is a muscular body. (Muscles can be related to the defense and attack combined, so the higher the muscles in the stat, the higher is his defense, and attack.)

//{AEZAKMI} - Disable Wanted Level.

Description- This cheat makes the presence of Shido very low or conceals it to a very high level, making it hard to find him through normal perception and devices. The only weakness is the Perception-based quirks which let them 'feel' that he is around them somewhere.

//{WORSHIPME} - Maximum Respect.

Description- This cheat makes Shido look very respectable and a person from a higher level than them in the hierarchy, to others.

//{NATURALTALENT} - Maximize All Vehicle Skills.

//{SJMAHPE} - Recruit Cheat.

Description- This cheat increases the impact of Shido's words. If he tries to recruit someone, the words of Shido will seem to be very alluring to the person, which makes it easier for Shido to recruit them. The cheat doesn't work when the words used are completely opposite to the person's thinking, then the dissatisfaction will also increase at an alarming rate.

//{ASNAEB} - Remove wanted level.

Description - This cheat has the same effect as of {AEZAKMI}, which is to lower or conceal Shido's presence but the effect of this cheat is lower when compared to {AEZAKMI}.

(This chapter will be updated regularly whenever there is a new cheat used in the book. If you have any questions about the cheat or their description, you can ask them in the comments.)