Holiday for the Raid (1).
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I woke up late at around 8:30 AM, the sunlight pouring in to the room and the thought 'I'm Late' in my mind, urged me to wake up but Eri is still asleep. I got out from the grasp of the little girl and reluctantly got up from the bed, I need more sleep, as I had to work 4 hours more in the GTA World doing the mission but I still have things to do like preparing breakfast, getting myself and Eri ready for going out with Fuyumi.

I freshened up in the bathroom and after that, went to the kitchen and started making breakfast. I am making a breakfast bowl consists of sausage, fried egg, and lettuce. To add more flavor, I am adding a bit of ginger, soy sauce, and vinegar. The resulting flavor is savory with a little sweetness and heat. It didn't take me that much time to make it, as it consists of simple dishes.

Finally, it was done. I placed the breakfast on the table and went to the bedroom, to call Eri, only to find out that the little girl is still sleeping. I went close to the bed and shook her a little, No response. I shook her again.

"Hey, Eri, wake up.. breakfast's ready."

"Mmmm... I will.." She just groaned in her sleep.

"Wake up, or you are tablet will be gone for good, So you can kiss goodbye to Tom and Jerry." As soon as my words ended, the little girl's eyes shot open. She tried to get up quickly but her body was not ready, ended up stumbling. I caught her.

"Feeling groggy?" I asked her. To which she just nodded and her eyes turned sleepy again. I took her in my arms and went to the bathroom. I went near the sink, took a toothbrush with toothpaste on it. I handed the toothbrush to the little girl. She picked it up and put it in her mouth, not doing anything. I looked at her sleepy eyes.

'She's still sleepy. Well.. cannot blame her, as kids her age need more sleep and yesterday night's drama made her sleep late.'

I grabbed the toothbrush and brushed her teeth myself, while she just stayed in my arms, without much movement, looking at everything with sleepy eyes. After brushing her teeth, I washed her face with water and wiped her face dry. Now, remains the breakfast. I place her on the chair and took my seat. I was about to start my breakfast when I saw her looking at the food with sleepy eyes.

'I know you are sleepy but at least eat breakfast normally.' I thought of something that may break her sleepiness. I think my previous threat didn't make that much impact. So... I took out the tablet from the Inventory and waved it in front of Eri which made her get out of her sleepiness and look at the tablet.

I then took out an Uzi from the Inventory and waved it in front of Eri.

"You have seen me use it that day right?" I asked Eri and she nodded.

"Then how about I use it on Mr. Tablet here, he seems to distract you every time, don't you think so? You will be able to concentrate on important things like the breakfast in front of you right now." I said and pointed the Uzi on the tablet. "If you want Mr. Tablet to be well and alive, focus on your breakfast or I cannot guarantee his safety."

Eri quickly started eating her breakfast, to save her dear Tablet, as I'm still pointing the gun at the Tablet. Satisfied by her 'eagerness' to eat breakfast, I took the tablet and the Uzi back to the Inventory. Eri completed her breakfast and was sitting on the chair obediently.

'Sometimes it is important to do things like this or the kid is never going to listen to you. But I think using guns was a bit too much. Well, I will apologize to Eri later.'


I am sitting downstairs, all ready for the outing and Eri is getting ready in the room. While I was waiting for Fuyumi, I heard footsteps coming from the stairs, I saw Eri coming down in her usual dress but blue color. She came and stood in front of me.

"I am ready, Papa.." She said with a cute voice.

"Yeah, Just wait for... Wait... What did you just call me?" I was going to tell her to wait for Fuyumi, but something different than usual caught my attention.

"Papa... I called you Papa.. as you said you wanted to adopt me, so I will become your .. daughter. You cook good food for me and take care of me, I thought I should call you Papa.. should I not do it?"

"No..No.. it makes me happy that you started accepting and trusting me enough to me call Papa. It makes me extremely happy." I said and patted her head. It really makes me happy that Eri accepts me as her father now. But there was one thought in my mind.

'But she trusted me very easily. Only 2 days have passed since I met her now she is calling Papa. Kids trust others easily.' I pushed that thought away. Well, I should apologize first.

"Eri, I am sorry for threatening you this morning, it was very impulsive of me to use a gun... " I started apologizing, I admit showing a gun to a kid was too much.

"No... don't apologize, I was sleepy and I was not eating breakfast. I know you didn't want to..." She stopped me from apologizing, but before she could complete what she wanted to say, I hugged Eri and caressed her head.

'What a sweet little daughter I have.'

Fuyumi barged in while I was hugging Eri. She stopped and looked at the scene for a while.

"Aren't you a cute father-daughter duo?" She said with a smile.

"Yeah, We are. You know she called me Papa just a few minutes ago." I told Fuyumi about my happy moment. But her face had a frown on her face.

"It isn't fair, she should have called my Mama or Kaa-san first." Fuyumi chirped in her childish tone. But after some time, she realized what she said and blushed. I went closer to her and nudged her with my elbow,

"Someone's quite eager to become a mother, heh Fuyumi." I teased her as opportunities like this are very hard to get.

"Meanie, Don't tease in front of a little girl." She smacked my elbow away and walked to Eri. Eri came and hid behind me

"You are excited about the outing," Fuyumi asked Eri, to which the little girl just nodded her head meekly. Maybe She is shy or just afraid to talk to a stranger.

"I think we should go now."

"Yeah, there is a taxi waiting outside."

I took Eri's hand in mine and entered the taxi. Fuyumi is the one who decides where are we going and what will be doing today as it was her idea.


We were standing in front of a big amusement park, with many mascots on the entrance welcoming the visitors. Fuyumi was excited to show everything to Eri, but Eri is just maintaining her distance from her. Well.. this outing is to reduce the distance between them.

Fuyumi was a bit dejected at first but became more resolved to let Eri have a good time.

First ride: Carousel.

There were cute ponies to ride on in the carousel. Fuyumi brought two tickets, one for me and the other was for Eri.

"What? Don't expect me to sit on a pink pony. Why don't you use the ticket for yourself, it will be helpful for you to communicate with her." I decided to make my intentions clear.

"If you don't, then Eri will be reluctant to do so. And I will be walking alongside her, as she doesn't fall."

"She isn't a toddler that she will fall, you are just.." But I couldn't complete my sentence as she just glared at me.

"*Sigh* Fine." I said and rode upon the pony which was pink and 'cute'. Who would've thought, the Vigilante Night Slash, known for the 'Villain-Slaughter Week', is going to sit on a 'cute' pink pony? But even if I was not a Vigilante, sitting on a pony as a normal 24-year-old guy was not a good thing to do, and the people are looking at me weirdly.

Fuyumi helped Eri to ride the pony which is ahead of me. The carousel started and the motionless ponies started moving. The speed gradually increased but was not that fast as parents were holding their children riding the ponies. Fuyumi was holding Eri. Eri looked a bit distressed as she couldn't find me. Fuyumi motioned me.

"Eri, Don't worry, Look, Papa is also riding ..this.. cute pony.. just like you, look I am just behind you, no need to worry," I said to the distressed Eri. Eri turned to look at me, after some time she showed a genuine smile. Fuyumi was secretly taking pictures of me. She thinks she is sneaky, I am a fucking Vigilante, I saw everything. I am smarter than you think I am, dear Fuyumi.

'Well, it was worth it, even if I'm looking weird.' The picture of a grown-adult man sitting on a little pony was not that appreciative. The ride was good (For Eri).

"How was the ride Eri?" Fuyumi asked her

"....It was good."


Second Ride: Bumper Cars.

Fuyumi and I decided to divide into two teams. Fuyumi and Eri VS Me. In bumper cars, the main objective is to avoid being bumped by other cars. So the rule of our game are:

1. Avoid getting bumped by other cars for 10 seconds = 1 point

2. Crash other cars with the front of the bumper car = 1 point.

The team with the most points wins. The losing team will have to do one thing that the winning team asks.

'I will play the villain, as they will have a mutual feeling to defeat me, thus reducing their distance. That's the formal reason. Personally, I I want revenge from Fuyumi, for the humiliation I had to face in the Carousel.'

We sat in our respective cars, Fuyumi being the driver of her car and Eri being the passenger. I was sitting in a car opposite to them, showing a smug smile. Fuyumi had a serious expression while Eri was not that excited about this, as she wanted to be in my team. Fuyumi looked at her.

"What happened? Are you not excited?" Fuyumi asked

"No... I am excited ... but I wanted to join Papa.." Eri said. Fuyumi held Eri's hand which made the little girl look at her.

"How are you thinking about joining that guy's team, look at that smug and condescending smile. He is looking down on us." Eri looked at her Papa, then she again looked at Fuyumi.

"Don't you want you to beat him in the game? Well, listen to this, If we win I will give the wish to you, so you can ask him to complete your wish. You have something you want right?.. " Fuyumi's words were working like a devil's words.

"... I want my tablet back from him..." Eri said in a small voice but it was enough for Fuyumi to listen, which brought a smile on her face, but she hid it under a fake worrying expression.

"What did he do to your tablet," Fuyumi asked

"..He took it as a hostage and threatens to 'put him down'..."

"*Gasp* What a terrible guy. More reasons to defeat him. You can get your tablet from him" Eri nodded. Fuyumi was happy that now she can at least talk to Eri without her hiding behind Shido.


The announcement was made and the cars started.

'I am having my revenge for the humiliation you have put me into!!!!'

{NATURALTALENT} - Maximum Vehicle skill stat

[Cheat Activated]

And thus, I started the car and started crashing the other cars, while dodging the others who are trying to attack me, and one of them being Fuyumi and Eri. I dodged Fuyumi's attack and turned the car to crash into her.

"Haha, Got you. Team You-2 and Team Me-6. Smell ya' later, Losers." I laughed boisterously.

Fuyumi looked irritated while I was laughing boisterously. She looked at Eri and she got a plan.

"Eri, we are losing, if we lose.. he will really put your tablet down forever," Fuyumi said to Eri.

"... Really??.." Tears started to form on her face, threatening to fall down any moment. Fuyumi looked at me and gestured to look at Eri. When I saw her, I thought she wants to win just for the sake of winning.

'A man's got to do what a man's got to do.' I thought and decided to lose the game intentionally. I stopped the car in the middle of the metal floor inviting others to crash into my car. And the invitation was successful as it gathered a lot of cars. I may have attracted the ire of most of them, because of my initial push for points.

An announcement was made and the cars stopped. I stepped out of the car and went to the celebrating Eri and Fuyumi.

"Nee-chan, We won... We won." Eri said excitedly while jumping repeatedly.

"Yeah, we won. I also took his pictures. Look, how he is being trampled by all these cars." Fuyumi showed the pictures to Eri. But the phone was snatched from Fuyumi's hand. They looked around in shock,

"Well, Hello there," I said while waving Fuyumi's phone in front of her.

"Give me that." Fuyumi tried snatching the phone from me but failed.

"Not before... I delete something that shouldn't exist," I said and deleted the embarrassing pictures, after that I gave her the phone back.

She looked at the phone, found that the embarrassing pictures of Shido were missing, she showed a sad expression on her face but inside there was a smug smile.

'What a fool, all the pictures are directly uploaded to the cloud storage. I will go home and download them later. Thought you can snatch my phone when I'm not on guard and delete the pictures, You think you are smart, I outsmarted you, Shido.'