Before the ‘Talk’.
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We were in the taxi back home. Today's outing was fun and it was also great to spend time with Fuyumi and Eri, but I had to deal with something more pressing. I have to go to the HPSC Headquarters in Hosu City to have a 'talk' with the HPSC President. If I don't do it as soon as possible, the problems of Night Raid will only increase. The more time the HPSC gets, the more they are close to identifying me. And if they are not able to find something important, they will target the other members.

I will go at night but there was a problem. I cannot let Eri be alone in the house. I will be gone for around hours, it will be not a good idea to leave her alone. So, I decided to let her sleep at Fuyumi's house today.

I took out my phone and texted Fuyumi.

:: Hey, Why don't you take Eri to your house for a night?::

A notification ring came from Fuyumi's phone, she checked her phone and looked at me for a second. She texted back,:: Is it okay, I mean I only spent a day with her, I don't think it's a good idea, as she trusts you more::

:: She's a kid and Kids easily trust others. She will be reluctant a bit initially but everything will be fine. I think it's a good idea to raise her trust in you::

She looked at Eri who is now engrossed looking the pictures of her in the amusement park. After some moments, She texted

:: Fine, I will take her to my house but tell me what to do when she is not comfortable with the environment in my house::

:: It will be fine, just show her Tom and Jerry or Courage the Cowardly Dog and she will not care about her surroundings::

:: Okay, I will do that if things start going south::

When I read the part 'things going south', I remembered Endeavor will be there in her house. I quickly texted back,

:: Abort the plan, Abort it::

:: What Happened? Why the sudden change in the plans? ::

:: Your dad will be there, I don't want my kid to be traumatized by another thing known as 'Endeavor'::

She sighed when she read the text, she knew her father is 'not that good' at dealing with kids and is very strict about things, but she didn't know what he did to make an impression on Shido.

:: I know he is strict and all but he is not that bad. And don't worry he is still in Hosu City, helping in the investigation of the 'Two-Explosion Incident' and cleaning the perpetrating gangs::

I breathed a sigh of relief, as I don't know what would've happened if Eri would've faced Endeavor. She is already having PTSD with the experiments done on her. I don't want Eri to have a second PTSD. Now, It's all good that Endeavor is not at home. I can continue with my plans without any worry.

"Eri, Why don't you go with Fuyumi to her home, I think it will be a good way for you to spend more time with her," I said while turning to the back seats, looking at Eri.

She raised her head up and looked at me and Fuyumi alternatively,

"But... I don't want to.." She said in a low voice not intending to let Fuyumi listen but it was well and clear even for the taxi driver to listen.

It was a mistake on my part; I didn't even consider her choice, it looks like her trust is not that great to spend time with Fuyumi without me. I sighed, Now I will have to do something.

"Well, no need to worry, there is no pressure on you. It's just a suggestion, I thought it will be a good idea." I explained to the little girl. I don't want her to feel guilty about saddening Fuyumi.

"Sorry.." Eri apologized to Fuyumi. I felt my explanation went down the drain as Eri feels guilty.

Fuyumi caressed Eri's head and smiled, to show she doesn't mind at all. The rest of the ride was uneventful.


The taxi driver first reached the Todoroki Abode where Eri waved Goodbye to Fuyumi, which made her smile. We reached our home, Eri exited the taxi and I took out a Teddy bear from the trunk, with a size equivalent to Eri. I bought this Teddy bear for her to hug while sleeping. I don't want to become a body pillow for her every single night.

I paid for the taxi and we entered our house. I directly went to the bathroom for a bath, as I have to go to Hosu City. After the bath, I went to the bedroom and found Eri playing with the new Teddy Bear on the bed. I went close to Eri and sat on the bed.

"Eri, I will be not at home tonight, as I will be out of the city for something....." I said to her at least she should be informed.

She lowered her head, "..I should've listened to you and ..stayed with Fuyumi Nee-san.."

"Hey, Let me complete first. I was saying, I will be out of the city, so I am going to take you with me. Get ready, as we are going to meet La Brava and Danjuro." She quickly turned her head, "Really?!!"

"Yeah..". After listening to my reply, Eri happily left the bed and went to get ready.

'She really likes La Brava huh.' I thought. La Brava is the first person she befriended after her rescue, so it was natural for her to be excited to meet her again.

I waited for some time and Eri came rushing to me. "I am ready, Let's go". I looked at the excited little girl. "Wait for some time, let it be a little late. Don't be in a hurry.". This made Eri pout a little. I used both of my fingers to deflate the pout.


[8:30 PM]

Now is a good time to go I think. I was standing in my 'Night Slash' suit near the door of the house with Eri. Eri wore the same hoodie and mask, she had during the rescue. 

{ROCKETMAN} - Spawn Jetpack

[Cheat Activated]

The Jetpack was directly spawned to my back. Eri was fascinated by the new machine which suddenly appeared.

{AEZAKMI} - Disable Wanted Level

[Cheat Activated]

After the cheat activated pop-up came, my presence became very low, it became so low that Eri who was standing just right next to me was not able to find me as she started looking left and right.

"Papa... Papa... Where are you?" She looked around. To her question, she felt a hand caressing her head.

"Papa.. is that you?"

"Yes." After my answer, she could somewhat feel that I am there. I took her in my arms and fused one of my hands to her body to let the effect of cheat expand to her as well. We went outside the door. The people present on the street were not able to see us at all. The weird scene of Night Slash wearing a Jetpack with a little girl in his arms was left unseen by the people even if it was right in front of them.

I started the jetpack, then I used my free hand to operate the jetpack. We flew in the sky towards Hosu City. Eri was looking around everywhere, completely fascinated by the view. Everything looked small and the city in the darkness of night was illuminated by various kinds of lights. It was truly a sight to behold.


We finally reached Hosu City after who knows how much time. I landed on the balcony of Danjuro's Apartment and put down Eri, I defused my hand back and entered the apartment. I deactivated the {AEZAKMI} cheat and put the Jetpack into the Inventory. Eri ran off inside the apartment and hugged a 'little' Redhead with twin tails.

"LaLa Nee-chan!!"

'What the fuck?' That was the only reaction I can give after listening to this atrocity.

I looked at La Brava who was hugging back Eri. My curiosity got better of me and I asked La Brava,

"What did she just called you?"

To my question, La Brava proudly explained

"My name is La Brava so La La, and I am older than her so..."

"Not that, I understand that. I am asking Why is she calling you that?" I asked,  as this name was an abomination.

"I told her to call me by that. I always wanted someone to call me like that." She still had her proud look, like she achieved something. I decide not to meddle anymore, if she likes that and Eri doesn't have a problem then I don't care.

From the door Danjuro entered the room, Eri ran and hugged his legs. "Danjuro-Nii". This made my lips twitch a bit under the mask. She called him 'Nii' that is a big brother. Eri calls me Papa and Danjuro 'Nii', a guy who is older than me by more than 5 years. I don't know what to say anymore. I think I should just stop caring anymore.

I went to La Brava, "Is the program I asked for complete?". She nodded and gave me a USB drive. She explained to me how the program is able to do form a connection and give us remote access to the connected computer.

"I know that the program will be able to handle what I want, but still I want you to stay on the line when the program is doing its work. As there will be some manual work for you to do."

"Roger Chief" La Brava entered her agent mode and saluted.

I was about to leave but then I remembered something,

"Did you relayed the message of me going to HPSC HQ to Knuckleduster?"

"I relayed the message according to the order." She reported.

"What did he say?"

" 'Tell him to call me.' He said these words. "

Well, it was weird, Knuckleduster is a very direct guy, I thought he should've said something to La Brava. I took out the 'GTA Phone' which is given to every member of Night Raid. I called Knuckleduster, after some rings the call was connected.

"Hello Knuckleduster, this is me Night Sl..."

:: Listen here you a little piece of shit, I don't know what is going on in your head, but whatever it is, it is not good. You think you are some big hotshot to directly enter the HPSC HQ and talk to the President. You are a delusional kid, you better listen to me and stop right here before...::

"Knuckle, get to the point," I said in a serious tone. I don't have time to listen to warnings and scolding.

:: Heroes and Police are patrolling the entire Hosu City in full force. They have already lost face in front of the public after the incident. They will try anything to get the lost reputation back. Maybe your interpretation was wrong, You can't be too sure that they want to hire you. What if it's just a mistake on our end. If your interpretation is wrong, They will crucify to get the lost reputation back if they caught you and here you are saying you want to go directly to the lion's den and meet the leader:: Knuckleduster expressed his thoughts.

"I know it is dangerous but I got to do this. As I said earlier, They will target you when they fail to reach me. I know you can escape their chase and play a cat and mouse game but I'm not sure about your daughter." After this, there was only silence from the other side.

After some time,

:: Do whatever you want, just don't come back as an HPSC's dog::

"Don't worry. That's never gonna happen."

:: That's good. I don't want my Team's Leader to become a dog who does the bidding of others::

"What a Tsundere you are Knuckleduster hahaha."

Annoyed Knuckleduster hung up the call from the other side. Danjuro came into the room again with Eri in his arms.

"Chief, do you need me to come to take you out of the HQ if things go wrong?" He asked

I shook my head, "Don't leave the apartment if possible. Just lay-low. Take care of Eri for me now. I will be able to handle if things go wrong."

I went to the balcony. La Brava and Danjuro with Eri in his arms also came to the balcony.

"All the Best Chief"x2 (Danjuro, La Brava)

"All the Best Papa.."

I took out the Jetpack and activated the {AEZAKMI} cheat. After checking everything was okay, I flew off the balcony.