Escape (1).
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Surrounded, here I was standing in the middle of the crossway road while the heroes stood in their positions blocking each of the cardinal directions. Endeavor-North, Eraser Head-South, Ingenium-East, Gang Orca-West. They are intending to block my escape but their problem is they cannot see me well, as my presence is very low. But the question is how they can know my location.

Endeavor shouted,

"Stop Hiding and Surrender willingly!!"

'He said stop hiding, that means he still cannot see me. I can use that to advantage, but I also have to show my prowess to make a deterrence in the mind of President Ige to stop her from doing something reckless but I never thought I will face the top heroes.' (Except the Eagle looking guy)

{AEZAKMI} - Disable Wanted Level

[Cheat Deactivated]

I didn't feel any changes happening to my body, but the heroes got into fight stances, seeing me suddenly appear out of nowhere. I was standing there, doing nothing. They also started closing in but they didn't let their guard down.

"You made a wise choice boy. Now throw your weapons on the ground, raise your hands in the air and kneel on your knees." Gang Orca said, appraising my action of not doing anything reckless and 'surrendering'.

I threw my katanas on the ground with some guns. Then I started raising my hands in the air.

This scene made Hawks think that he had a deja vu, then he remembered something from the video of the Night Slash confronting Police.

"Don't... It's his trick..." Hawks shouted to warn the others but his warning came a bit late as now tens of gas grenades rolled down on the ground. White gas started covering the center of the crossway and it made it hard to see what the opponent is doing.

"GANG ORCA!!" Hawks shouted.

Gang Orca lowered his head a bit and I felt the same sound wave passing through me. So he used Echolocation to find my position earlier. Echolocation is a technique used by bats, dolphins, and other animals to determine the location of objects using reflected sound. The reflected sound is used to make a mental picture in the animal's mind, enabling it to navigate, determine the prey's position, etc.

Gang Orca, a top hero with the quirk Orcinus making him capable to do anything an Orca can do (Killer Whale), and Echolocation is one of them. Never thought I will be sensed through Echolocation.

'Is this is a coincidence or did the HSPC deliberately called him to Hosu City?'

But this was not the time to think about all these things, as Gang Orca shouted

"The same position as the last time, no movement!!"

This made the heroes go for the attack as the Vigilante has already declined to surrender by throwing gas grenades which came out of nowhere. All were ready to attack at the same time but Endeavor has something else in his mind.

"MOVE ASIDE!!! I will end this myself and I don't need any hindrance while I am dealing with him." He said while preparing for a big attack. He knew that Night Slash mainly depended on Guns and Katanas. There is no way he is going to dodge the attack. He continued to make the fire hot enough to give the Vigilante some serious burns. Recovery Girl will handle the rest.

When I heard what he said, I also had made my preparations,

{SLOWITDOWN} - Slow Motion/Fast Perception.

[Cheat Activated]

In the 'slow time', I took out some things from the Inventory and threw them towards the direction of Endeavor with the entire body strength. The 'things' went to Endeavor at a very high speed.

He stretched his arms to release the flames but before he could release the flames, He sensed something coming towards him from the direction of the Vigilante. He thought the Vigilante has decided to make a move. So he released the flames.

The flames made their way towards me, But things went in different directions when he saw three fire extinguishers coming towards him. He wanted to stop the flames, but he was late as the flames met the extinguishers. The extinguishers heated up and made a big blast, making the contents of the flame extinguisher spill out of the canister and making another white curtain for the Flame Hero.

He again charged up for the attack, but a black shadow came from the 'fog'. I rushed towards Endeavor intending to reduce the distance. When I came very close to him. He gave up charging the attack and direct attack. But again against his expectations, I didn't dodge but accelerated into the flames, still running in his direction. Because

{BAGUVIX} - Semi-Infinite HP

[Cheat Activated]

I can handle these flames easily. I closed up to Endeavor who had a surprised face, as he never thought anyone can tank his flames without getting burned (because he hasn't met a Nomu yet.)

But the surprise didn't get to his head, as he readied his fist for a punch, thinking the battle is going to be a Close-Combat. To his dismay, I took out, another Fire Extinguisher and sprayed on him. Then came the finisher,

{IAVENJQ} - Super Punch

[Cheat Activated]

'Super Punch 15%'

I hit him in the face with the 15%, making him fall on the ground unconscious. It was like hitting the head with a swinging Baseball bat. I saw Endeavor lying unconscious on the ground with his mouth, nose bleeding and his cheek swollen.

'Now we're even.'

I checked my suit which was burned in some areas.

{HESOYAM} - Health and Repair

[Cheat Activated]

The suit turned back to its original state without any burn marks on it.

I then turned to face the others. The White gas started to fade, which revealed me standing near the unconscious Endeavor. They were shocked to see the No.2 Hero got KO'd in such a short time and the perpetrator is still standing, without any injuries. This is a concerning issue. The opponent showed much more power than they expected.

They got ready for the attack. Endeavor got knocked out because he was overconfident and rushed to attack, he never expected a 'surprise' from the opponent. I looked towards Hawks who is the ringmaster of all of this.

Hawks shouted,

"Ingenium and Gang Orca, Go for the Close Combat. Eraser, Take the mid-range."

After his command, the heroes rushed to what Hawks commanded. They are trained and experienced Pro-Heroes, they won't attack me recklessly like hooligans, and following Hawks command was not so hard for them, as he is higher-ranked than them, showing his prowess.

They followed his command as Gang Orca and Ingenium rushed towards me and Eraser Head made his Binding Cloth float around him.

Ingenium would be the first to reach me with his high speed. He readied for the attack in his speed. I looked at him in Slow Motion, It looked like he was running at walking speed. As he was close to me, I took out a baseball bat to hit the incoming Ingenium. I made a swing and the bat now contained a huge amount of momentum. Let's see what will be the outcome.

The swinging baseball connected to Ingenium but he tried to block it with his arm. The bat continued to push him but he was dragged back by a cloth. I was irritated as I could've dealt with another one of them, but they are working as a team.

When I was internally cursing Aizawa, I felt someone approaching me from behind. I turned back quickly with a swinging fist.

'Super Punch 20%'

The punch landed on a white suit which ripped the part of the suit where the attack landed but the one who wore the suit was standing as nothing happened. I looked at Gang Orca in his eyes which were not suitable for heroes to have.

"Quite the strength you packed in that punch, but it's not enough." He said while trying to threaten me with his fish eyes.

I wanted to increase the strength of the next punch but waves started assaulting my ears, which made me lose. I subconsciously covered my ears to block the waves, listening to it in Slow Motion/Fast Perception was more terrible. Gang Orca continued to use the Hypersonic Waves to continue to paralyze me. He had a frown on his face which showed that he cannot do this wave attack for longer as it is very much taxing for him.

"Come and Get Him, I cannot hold him for much longer."

Aizawa and Ingenium with his broken arm rushed to apprehend me. Eagle and Hawks also made a dive from the air, trying to take advantage of the situation. But they didn't know anything about me. I don't get affected by Physical Debuffs like Fatigue or Paralysis. It took me some time to get adjusted to the hypersonic waves, with my mind working completely fine now under the calming effect of the system.

I stood up from my place and looked at the frowning Gang Orca who is trying his best to continue the Hypersonic Wave attack on me. Looking at me who is unaffected by his attack, he wanted to stop his attack and back down, but what met him was a punch on his abdomen.

'Super Punch 50% Titan's Crash'

The punch made him arc and fly like a comet and crashing into a nearby building, making a dust cloud rise. When the cloud of dust settled down, it showed Gang Orca lying unconscious out cold.

"Was that Enough Gang Orca or Should I put more strength into it?" I said.

The approaching heroes stopped in their tracks, looking at the sight in disbelief as the Vigilante took out the No.2 Endeavor and No.10 Gang Orca alone. This was enough to show his battle prowess to the heroes present on the scene. I turned around to face the remaining four heroes.

"What happened? Come. The Party has just started."