Debate and Discussion.
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I entered Danjuro's Apartment through the balcony. When I entered the apartment, I deactivated the {AEZAKMI} cheat to make my presence back to normal. I walked in just a few steps when a silver flash jumped onto me. I caught the silver flash in my arms while raising her high.

"Papa... How are you? Are you fine?" Eri asked me in a worried tone.

I was very happy that the little girl was worried about me that shows she has accepted me as someone close to her. I looked at Eri in my arms,

"Yeah I am good as new, look not even a scratch on me," I said while showed her my suit to prove what I said.

"It's good. I was worried about you." She said and hugged me.

'What a cute daughter I have.' I thought and walked to the living room where Danjuro and La Brava are, with Eri in my arms. They saw me coming with Eri, so they stood up from their seats and approached me.

"Are you fine Chief? Everything went good right?" Danjuro asked. Even if La Brava has assured him numerous times, Danjuro was a bit nervous, as he was not so sure I will be able to escape or not.

"Everything went fine Danjuro, no need to worry...." When I was reassuring Danjuro, I remembered something.

"I told you to care of Eri right?" I asked.

"Yes, Look she is fine and nothing happened to her." He told me while pointing to Eri who is in my arms.

"And I told you to put her to sleep as it was her bedtime, but she is awake...and it's 11:30 PM. What do you want to say Danjuro?"

"I.. I.. was... She told.." Danjuro started muttering incomprehensively. He wanted to give an excuse but his weakness is, he cannot give good excuses or reasons. He wanted to tell something but he couldn't. Then La Brava stood up for her 'beloved'.

"He was debating with Eri about whether you are more like Popeye or Batman." La Brava explained

His face was showing he was in a panic. He then started explaining everything,


[10:15 PM]

[Danjuro's POV]

:: ... Put Eri to sleep, it's already past her bedtime. ::

"Gentle. Put Eri to sleep, Chief said it's already past her bedtime." La Brava shouted from the living room. I heard her and looked at the Little girl with whom I was watching cartoons on the laptop (Danjuro's).

"Alright, it's your bedtime. Time to sleep or the Chief will not be in a good mood to know that you woke past the bedtime." I said to Eri and closed the laptop. She showed a reluctant look, but every kid dislikes bedtime it's not that concerning to me.

"But Danjuro-Nii, Papa is not here. Everything will be fine if I just watch some more episodes before he arrives. Then I will sleep I promise." Eri said.

"No. Chief seems to be very strict about your bedtime and I don't want to attract his ire. So sleep as said." I denied her request. I don't want to be scolded by Chief for being 'soft' which is insulting to me as I used to be a 'notorious' Villain Gentle Criminal.

She reluctantly laid on the bed and I covered her with a quilt. I turned off the lights and I was about to leave the room, then Eri asked,


"Yes? What happened? Do you need something?" I asked as kids usually want something to eat before bedtime.

"Papa and Popeye are similar no?" She asked

I had a 'what' expression on my face. Who asks questions like this before going to sleep.

"No. You are wrong, he is clearly similar to Batman."

Eri stood up from the bed.

"Popeye's punch is very powerful and Papa's punch is also very powerful. Papa and Popeye eat vegetables a lot and forces me to do so too... and... and... Papa also has a girlfriend like Popeye has Olive Oyl and... and... Papa starts with P, same as Popeye. and..and.." She listed her points and continued to find more but she couldn't.

'Looks like I have to educate this kid.'

"Chief is more like Batman. Chief work mostly in night, he wears black and he wants to prevail justice in this lawless society in his own way. Chief is also an expert in martial arts like Batman...." (aside from the 'non killing' policy) I listed various points to prove my statement.

The little girl became more fidgety, looks like she was close to defeat.

"I can prove my point if I can get more reference to watch. I need more Popeye episodes to prove my point." She declared as she stood up on the bed.

"Yeah, even if you watch more episodes you will not be able to defy my claims." I then opened the laptop and continued watching Popeye episodes with her.


I looked at Danjuro weirdly, "You know Danjuro, You are 31 years old and you debated with a 4 year old, whether I am more like Popeye or Batman. Is everything okay Danjuro or do you need some help?"

'The most important thing is he went through episodes of a cartoon to prove his claims.' Then I looked at Eri, 'Was it a carefully planned tactic Eri carried out to watch more cartoons and avoid bedtime.' I looked at the innocent-looking girl hugging me while she is in my arms.

'I don't think so.'

"Well, whatever. We will be leaving now in an hour." I told them. The city is going to be restless and I don't want to stay here for long.

I then put down Eri on the ground and let her go to watch her cartoons for now as I have to discuss something with Danjuro and La Brava.

"Call Knuckleduster. We have to discuss our future actions."

La Brava took out the 'GTA Phone' and called Knuckleduster, after some rings the call connected.

:: That creepy bastard got caught or died. If any of these has happened, then I don't know you and you don't know me. Don't try... ::

"I am fine Knuckleduster. 'Thanks for worrying about me."

:: Oh you're there. I thought the worse has happened and these two wanted my help. Well, it seems you are still alive and kicking. Then tell me, Why did you call? I was about to sleep::

"Well... I am about to give the details of how it went and talk about our future plans."

:: ...Go On...::

Then everyone took seats, I then started explaining.

"My 'talk' with HPSC President went well and the HPSC won't be any problem anymore as long as we don't do anything over the top like the 'Two-Explosion Incident' as they will face public outrage and it will be hard for them to reject public opinion. We won't have to worry about being registered as Villains also. We are free from the fear of being a Villain now."

They were happy to know that the HPSC won't chase after them anymore. but their happiness was short-lived as,

:: Do you believe the President will keep her promise. You are naive to think she will keep her...::

"Don't worry about that. She is too paranoid to go against us now after I performed a 'show of power' for her to look at what she will be messing with if she violates the terms of the 'deal'."

"What 'show of power'?" Danjuro asked, La Brava was also interested to listen to the details after I left the HPSC HQ.

"When I left the HPSC HQ, I was ambushed by 6 heroes who blocked my path. They were Endeavor, Gang Orca, Ingenium, Eraser Head, Eagle, and Hawks. I fought them, defeated them, and escaped from there."

Everyone was shocked, looking at Shido with wide eyes. Even Knuckleduster was silent from the other side of the phone. After some moments of silence, Knuckleduster broke the silence.

:: Let me get this straight. You came out of HPSC HQ and were ambushed by 6 heroes. Then you, a Vigilante fought them and defeated No.2, No.3, and No.10 hero as well as Eraser head and Ingenium. ::

"You forgot Eagle..."

:: He is just a hero skilled in reconnaissance. He is shit in combat... That's not important... The important thing is that they were carefully chosen I think. Ingenium to prevent your escape on the ground, Eagle and Hawks to prevent your escape from the air, Gang Orca and Endeavor as powerhouses and main attackers, and Eraser Head for support by disabling your quirk. But still, you broke through a carefully planned ambush easily:: Knuckleduster explained his thoughts about the ambush.

'He is correct for the most part except Gang Orca and Hawks. They were there to tell my location to others if I used my 'Stealth Quirk' and Eraser Head fails to disable it. '

"Chief, I never knew you were so strong.." La Brava said with awe and respect.

"I knew you were like Batman, defeating several opponents who are more powerful than you," Danjuro said.

"Well let's put this aside for now. I wanted to tell you that, after my 'show of power' She will think twice before doing anything against us but if we take things too far and create a huge ruckus. She will definitely take action against us under the guise of 'HPSC being forced to investigate because of Public Pressure'."

:: So we are in a kind of truce with them:: Knuckleduster said

"You can say that."

"Then what about the information we downloaded, if we are in a truce with them, then we won't be able to share this information to the public. Weren't we against the corruption of HPSC." La Brava asked

"It's them who are going to follow the promise, not us." I pointed out to La Brava

"That means.."

"Yeah, we will leak all this to the public..." I was saying but before that La Brava jumped from her seat.

"Great, let me bring my camera. It's been a long time I recorded something. Can't wait to show HPSC's true face to the world." La Brava said in excitement.

"Calm Down La Brava, We cannot do it..." I said.

"Chief, explain it clearly. Sometimes you say we will leak the information, and now you say we cannot." She said in frustration.

"If you will let me complete first... Then about the leaking the information part. We will leak the information but we won't do it by uploading all the data at once and record a video to show that HPSC is actually corrupt or something." I explained my plan.

"Why?.. In the movies, they do it like this." La Brava asked.

"We can leak the data all at once, but the problem is whether the public will believe it or not. If we were to leak the proof and claim that HPSC is corrupt and lawless, uses underhanded methods, etc. The HPSC will deny such claims and the public will definitely believe HPSC as they are more credible, trustable, and popular in the eyes of the public. In the eyes of the public, we are just a bunch of Vigilantes, nothing more than a criminal who broke the law. We won't be able to convince the public except for some weird people who believe in conspiracy theories or villains." Danjuro said his thoughts. When it comes to publicity, Danjuro's mind runs faster than usual.

:: Danjuro is correct and I will believe we should follow Night Slash's decision::

La Brava still looked unsatisfied with Danjuro's answer.

"Let's assume that the public believes that the HPSC and takes the provided information as true information. Then what will happen? Chaos. Chaos will be widespread throughout the country of Japan. Don't forget HPSC is a national-level law enforcement agency. Once the public gets to know the dark side of the HPSC and society, they will be on the streets protesting against the government, not the HPSC. Entire Japan will be in disorder.

And do you know who will benefit from this disorder and chaos?"

La Brava shook her head as she didn't know who can even take advantage of this chaos.

"Villains and the countries hostile to Japan such as China. We may be against HPSC but we are not against the entire country and the people of the country." I explained.

"Then what do we do?" La Brava asked but she was still somewhat frightened as she didn't know what kind of effects would have taken place if she would've continued with her plan to leak the information all at once.

"Don't worry about it. That was just an assumption. To spread the information we gathered, we first need to analyze what can be leaked to the general public and what cannot be leaked. Governments hide the dark side of society from the public for a reason. Second, we need to decrease the trust of people in HPSC slowly. Third, we need to make our team a reliable name in the eyes of the public, so when we spread the information, people don't take us a random group which is doing this as an act for attention."

I continued,

"About First, La Brava take a rest and start analyzing the data from tomorrow. Take advice from Knuckleduster when it comes to sorting the data which is to be spread."

She saluted when I gave her the 'command'.

"Second and Third can be accomplished at the same time, if we show that we are more efficient than heroes in cleaning the villains. This will increase our Team's reputation and it will show the incompetence of HPSC and the heroes. So I have decided that we will do some team missions while the data analyzing part is in progress."

"But there is a problem..." I said

All the attention was now on me as I have proved my position of being a leader various times, as the plan to raid Shie Hassaikai was made by me and achieved success, the problem of HPSC was solved by me alone and we are about to expose HPSC which is also planned, and if I say there is a problem, then that means there is a problem.

"What is the problem?" La Brava asked.

"We need a face for the team."

La Brava had a weird face when she listened to the 'problem'. But Danjuro had a serious face.

"He is right. We need a face which represents the team." Danjuro said.

"But don't we have Chief. He is famous and our leader. He is suitable for being the face of the team." La Brava said.

"It doesn't work like that. We need a person who is reliable and seems trustworthy for being the face of the team like All Might is the face of heroes in Japan. Chief is known for killings, If we were to become famous as a team only known for killing villains then Chief is suitable for the face of the team but we want our team known for dealing with villains as well as helping people, ultimately a better version of heroes. So we need another person." Danjuro explained in a really good manner to La Brava.

I looked at him for a moment. Then I said

"Hey Danjuro, Want to upload videos of your heroism on the Internet to inspire others?"