Day Goes By… (2).
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After opening the shop, I went inside waiting for customers and Eri was sitting on a chair with her tablet, watching cartoons. I just looked at the door wondering if any customer will come, as I open the shop in a very random schedule. Somedays the shop will be open, sometimes it won't. It's not like I have a shortage of money, thanks to {HESOYAM} cheat, but It was the only thing left by the Old Man and Mom to me. (The adoptive parents of Shido). So I don't think I will leave this shop to become a deserted place.

I then looked at Eri, I was thinking that her quirk is somewhat similar to {HESOYAM} but at the same time is not. {HESOYAM} repairs the object or person to the 'just previous' stable state. For example, if I got a wound then {HESOYAM} will repair it to its previous stable state that was the normal skin with no wound. But let's say I got my arm amputated and let it stay like that for months or years, then {HESOYAM} will be unable to do anything as the 'just previous' stable state is also an amputated stump. I got to know about this limitation when I tried to heal Eri's leg which had twisted muscles.

And here Eri's Quirk Rewind beats {HESOYAM}, When Rewind is activated, Eri's horn grows and glows brightly. Those that are in contact or in the vicinity of Eri at the moment of the activation start having their bodies rewound to previous physical states, undoing or bringing back injuries or modifications from the present or the past. And thus, she can make amputated limbs grow back.

I was thinking if I could do the same thing, since I have [Law of Time], which I got after absorbing Fuyumi's System.

To use Laws, there needs to be some medium as I am not so proficient in directly handling them or even I don't know how to harness it without the System. The spawn cheats act as a medium to use [Law of Matter], but I don't know if {HESOYAM} can be used as a medium to use [Law of Time] to replicate the function of Eri's Quirk. If I am able to do that, then I won't have to fear anything other than Instant Death as I will be unable to use the cheat.

*Ching Ding*

The doorbell chimed, notifying me of the entrance of the customers and getting me out of my train of thought. I looked at the customers who entered and they were none other than the skinny duo, Toshinori Yagi in his 'Small Might' form and Izuku Midoriya.

I stood up from my seat and greeted the two as they were my customers now. They also greeted back.

"Good Morning Shido, It's been a while since I saw you again. You also didn't come to 'help me' train Midoriya-Shounen." Toshinori said

'If you just cheering him from the sides, while I train him is called training him, then Yes I didn't come.' I thought but didn't say it aloud as It would be too hurtful for Toshinori's feelings.

"Yeah... I was just busy with some work. But put that aside for now. What do you want to eat?" I changed the topic quickly. I don't want them to talk and leave, I will rope them in to order something since I am a good shopkeeper.

"Huh... I just came to talk to you but since you are asking then..." He started looking at the menu. "... Hakata Ramen for me. What about you Midoriya-Shounen?" he looked at Izuku who had already something in his mind, "Okinawa Soba."

"Wait here... The order will be prepared in a few minutes." I then turned around and started working on the dishes they ordered.

"Then, how is your training going Izuku? Did he gave you the quirk or he is still expecting the PLUS ULTRA moment from you?" I asked Izuku while working on the dishes. I was asking this as, with the introduction of my training into the scene, His body became able to vessel One for All one month earlier than the UA Entrance Exam.

It was a great advantage for Izuku as he will be able to train his body to adapt to One For All for a month, but a certain Trainer of Izuku, wanted to give One For All at the last moment. This was ridiculous but the reason behind it was more ridiculous. Toshinori wanted to give the Quirk on the day of the Entrance exam since he wanted Izuku to explore One For All in a distressing atmosphere, making the progress more explosive and giving All Might a PLUS ULTRA moment from his protégé. Another reason could be that he wanted to check Izuku's resolve and wanted to see if he lasts till the last day of training but I don't think it will be a good idea to leave the kid with a new weapon on to the battlefield. 

I had to interfere in this to stop Toshinori's 'Brilliant' Idea. I accept the fact that Izuku's growth in a distressing situation would've been more but it was sheer stupidity to send him into the battlefield with a power he never knew how to use. I convinced Toshinori to give the Quirk a bit earlier.

"Yeah, he gave the quirk to me..." He then turned to look at Eri, ".. But is it alright to talk about that here there are people here.." He pointed his finger when I traced where he is pointing at, I found it was Eri.

"It's alright... " I assured him, "Eri, Can you go upstairs?" I said to Eri who was watching her cartoons. Shen then hopped off the seat and went upstairs but her entire attention was on the screen. I sighed looking at this. It shows how much Eri is dependent on the tablet to pass her time. It makes me feel like an incompetent parent.

The dishes were ready. I then served the orders in front of the skinny duo.

"Here is your order. Enjoy."

Izuku didn't wait for Toshinori and started eating but Toshinori was looking at me like he wanted to ask something.

"What is it Toshinori?"

"Who is she?" He asked.

"My daughter..." I answered. Even if the adoption process hasn't even started, I still consider her as my daughter.

"I really don't want to intrude in your private life... but isn't it too young to marry and have a child?" Toshinori asked.

"I adopted her..." Listening to my answer, Toshinori stopped questioning and concentrated on the food. There was only silence permeating the atmosphere making the scene awkward so I turned the TV on and opened a news channel.

:: Why do kids wake up cranky? To answer the question of a lot of mothers out there, we have an expert present here to give us tips to deal with this situation. Please Mrs. Hoshikawa. ::

The expert in the TV bowed and started explaining,

:: Kids need more rest than adults as, When children are resting or sleeping, the brain is still actively working, helping children process information from the day. Furthermore, this is also when the brain stores old memories, so a good night's sleep is vital for this processing to take place, and if they don't get the required sleep turn them groggy or cranky, depending on the kid. Not getting enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and even depression

To deal with this, Do ensure that the kid is getting enough sleep, if night sleep is not sufficient then make them take a nap in the afternoon and try to follow the bedtime you have fixed to ensure 9-12 hours of sleep. Try to give them more nutritious meals as kids are constantly growing and lack of nutrients may lead to damage to their growth::

I was watching the TV carefully and mentally noting the points the expert was telling. But then I noticed a stare directed at me. I turned to look at Toshinori and Izuku, who have stopped eating, looking at me weirdly. I changed the channel to another news channel.

:: Today is the 12th of February and We are less than 5 days away from the entrance exam of the most prestigious school which offers Hero Course. Yes, We are talking about the UA High Entrance Exam. Currently, we are in a Quirk Gym and we will be talking to students who are training here for the Entrance Exam. Let's talk to one of them....::

I quickly changed the channel to another news channel. Izuku was looking at me like I stole his dog.

"Why did you changed the channel? They were going to ask others how was their preparation going. It would have been very useful for me if I understand what they are doing for training." He said.

"Concentrate on your own Training. Looking into others' preparation will make you think your preparations and training are not enough to compete against these guys. Just focus on yourself and don't think that you are not able to compete with these guys. You have trained 9 months for this, don't make it waste by having psychological pressure after you saw them train.

Trust All Might and in his training. No need to follow what others are doing." I told Izuku. This was a common problem in students. Before exams, Students share how much they've prepared, this makes others think their preparation is not enough and they feel pressured and demotivated. In the exam, they make silly mistakes which they could've avoided easily if they were more focused instead of being demotivated.

Izuku didn't say anything in reply and continued eating his food.

:: Today I am here with someone special to record this special segment of ours. In this segment, we show People who do acts of heroism without any cape or costume. Yes, they are normal people like you and me, but they possess a heart of steel to show courage in the face of danger. Today here with us is Mr. Justice Rider but popularly known as Lolicop. Welcome Mr. Rider:: The host introduced and welcomed the person wearing a bicycle helmet with dark shaded glasses.

:: Thanks for having me:: The person bowed and thanked the host of the show.

:: So please tell us how did all this happen? From a normal person to the Cyclist of Justice. Please tell the incident which led all this to happen::

:: Well... I was going back to my home on my bicycle after my job, then I heard a loud scream. I quickly checked where the scream came from and ran to it. In a dark alleyway, I saw three little girls were ambushed by a person who had a blade in his hands, the three little girls were in panic and their clothes were also torn.

All this indicated that the person is not having good intentions towards the girls. So I rushed and tackled him from behind. After apprehending him, I contacted the Police and they took care of the person. The Police and the little girls thanked me for my act of bravery. It was a very good feeling, to say, and it gave me a sense of achievement that I rarely felt in my normal life. So I decided to help the people in need and became Justice Rider::

:: And this incident gave you the famous alias of 'Lolicop', the Protector of Lolis (Little Girls):: The Host said with a smile.

:: Well it's the name that the Internet gave me. I don't have any problem with that:: The 'Lolicop' said humbly without any irritation on his face.

:: Then Mr. Rider, what is the motivation that drives you to help people aside from the sense of achievement that you mentioned earlier? :: The host asked with excitement. The Host or Anchor must show excitement or engagement as it's a part of their job. So I couldn't tell if it's real or fake.

:: Well, I tried all my life, I have tried to find something that makes me hold on and never let go, and this is the thing that makes me never let it go. I want to help people because I believe in that:: Justice Rider said with determination.

:: But you are not a hero and from what I have read online, you certainly don't have the strength to become a hero:: The host pointed out to Justice Rider, as this was the most asked question on the internet.

:: I am not a hero. I know that. I don't have the strength to fight Injustice as my quirk is not suitable for combat. I know that. The people mocking me as a 'hero wannabe on the internet. I know that. But I will still stand against Injustice and help people. Even if it costs my life, I will still ride my Bicycle of Justice and help people. As I believe True Heroes stand up for what they believe and I am doing that. Only Strength doesn't make a Hero. I am a Hero too, my heart is set and I won't back down. :: Justice Rider made his speech.

This made the host look at Justice Rider with respect and awe which was real. It was the same in everyone who was watching the show.

:: It is certainly a very good belief Mr. Rider and I also believe that the Viewers have the same thought as me now after watching this interview...

Due to Restriction of time, We have to stop the interview for now. Do you have any message that you want to deliver to the audience through the show::

Justice Rider stood up from his chair and bowed down 90 degrees towards the camera.

:: Mr. Night Slash, If you're watching this, Thank you very much....::