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This is this week's Interaction Chapter.

* The next chapter will be the last part of the Despicable Me plot and the Original Plot I mentioned earlier, will start.

* Any questions that you want to ask?

* What type of Yandere do you want Fuyumi to be?

* I earlier decided on having a separate villain to fight Fuyumi when Shido is away from home but now I have decided not to do that.

But since now the Villain idea is scrapped, So I can now just tell you what I had in mind.


Hitoshi Matsuno (OC) is a teacher in a middle school. He is a good-looking man with a charismatic personality who is liked by all, the teachers, the students, and his neighbors. But behind his charismatic personality lies a dark personality within him. He is a psychopath who likes to kill people, but it doesn't end there.

After killing his victims, he takes photos of the victims in various poses as they are covered in their blood. He sees this as creating art.

And at the end, he cuts one part of his victim to make an accessory for himself, for example, he cuts a women's breast and makes a pouch out of it. After that, he takes the bodies into a cold storage room where he is working on a project.

A project to make a house from the dead bodies of his victims and create art out of his earlier art creations. He usually lures his targets into believing him then kills them for example, acting as a Salesman to enter the house. And all of his victims are female as he thinks that females are very cooperative for 'art creation' and females represent beauty which is much needed in his art. But lately, there has been a thought lingering in his mind. The thought is that this new art is lacking something which cannot be fulfilled by the 'beauty' of Females.


One day, he was stalking his target, a working-class woman but he stumbles upon Fuyumi who is going home with Eri and Himiko. Fuyumi greets Hitoshi as he was familiar with her and it turns out that Hitoshi teaches in the same Middle School as Fuyumi. Hitoshi greets back but then his attention turns towards the daughters. So he asks Fuyumi who are they?

"These are my daughters. They are cute aren't they?" Fuyumi replies to Hitoshi.

Hitoshi when heard this, found something else in this statement that cleared his mind. The element lacking in his new art was 'Innocence' which can only be fulfilled by children. He quickly goes back home and thinks more about it.

Things start to become more clear to him as time passes. He makes plans to find some child victims for his art and he had two candidates already in his mind.

Eri and Himiko.

These two were chosen as they were the ones who made his thoughts clear, so to 'honor' them he chose them for the sacrifice.


And with that, He kidnaps Eri and Himiko when the girls are in the BabySitting Club and Fuyumi is busy teaching in class.

When Fuyumi returns to pick up the girls she finds a note, mentioning that they are kidnapped and the kidnapper wants Fuyumi to come and meet him at the mentioned location.


Fuyumi arrives at a warehouse which is a cold storage room. When she enters it, she sees a house made of dead bodies and Eri and Himiko sitting inside it.

Hitoshi makes his appearance and explains what his plans are. He explains why Fuyumi was called here.

He planned to kill a working-class woman earlier but couldn't because of her and now she is chosen as a replacement as she is also a working-class woman. And the kids will be sacrificed later, as the new addition of 'innocence' to the house.

Fuyumi without any dialogue with the antagonist goes for the attack, rushing towards Hitoshi with her fists. Hitoshi doesn't take much of that and considers Fuyumi's attack on him as a struggle of a mother to save her kids but when the punch lands on him, reality starts to kick in.

The Punch which packed the strength of a Super Soldier easily broke several ribs of Hitoshi.

Hitoshi who now is injured quickly stands up as nothing happened. He picks up two steel axes and goes for the attack on Fuyumi.

Fuyumi uses her Ice-Quirk, Ice-Create, to make Two katanas, resembling Night Slash's Katanas, blocks Hitoshi's attack and after a small stalemate, start to push him back. The difference in the physical strength of a Super Soldier and an average Human is clear.

Fuyumi breaks free from the stalemate and stabs him in the abdomen but he doesn't show any weakness, instead, he attacks her neck. She dodges as the ax passes nearby her neck.

Fuyumi not understanding her opponent's powers quickly uses {Appraisal} on him and a blue panel appears in front of her.

[Name - Hitoshi Matsuno

Skills - {Twin Ax Mastery} {Lying} {Charm} {Cooking} {Building}

Abilities - {No-Pain} (Abilities = Quirks)

Titles - {Charming Teacher} ]

{No-Pain} - [Passive Skill]

: The Ability makes the user unable to feel any type of pain. This skill is active all the time.

Fuyumi now knew the reason behind how Hitoshi is ignoring the pain. It turns out that he is not feeling the pain in the first place.

She then quickly defeats him and kills him with her quirk which is now a lot stronger as it also evolved with her when she was injected with Super Soldier Serum. Now the potential and power of her quirk have increased by many folds.

After killing Hitoshi, Fuyumi takes her daughters out of the gory house and brings them outside. She then lights the cold storage room to fire.

But her problems have not ended here but increased. Now Eri and Himiko are severely traumatized by the events that transpired. When they were kidnapped Eri acted as moral support for Himiko and acted as an elder sister to her.

Fuyumi quickly admits both of them to a hospital as she fears Eri's PTSD kicking in. After the kids are admitted she then goes and talks to her mother, Rei Todoroki (Admitted to the same hospital) about how to take care of kids.

Rei jokes that she should ask anyone other than her how to take care of kids as memories of her hurting Shoto and the loss of Touya comes back to her mind.

After not finding any answer from her mother, Fuyumi contemplates the events that happened today. She finds how unsafe the world is as her daughters were kidnapped by a psychopath and he happened to be her colleague.

She found it hard to kill a person but when the fact that he was about to hurt her daughters was added, she no longer hesitated to kill him. It was her first kill. Then she thinks about Shido. Shido kills Villains just for no apparent reason but it saves lives and families.

Respect ++

Love ++

Her respect and love for Shido increased... for no reason at all.