Gru Vs. El Macho (1).
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Gru rushed to his underground lair. Inside the lair, he went to the armory and quickly armed himself with hi-tech guns and bombs. Then he went to the Jam and Jellies production lines are established. In there he saw the minions partying instead of working.  The party was similar to a full-fledged 'Party of the Rich' with Music, Drinks, and Exotic Food. The only thing missing here is the strippers. He was about to scold the minions for ignoring the work.

But then he realized that it was a Saturday night and this is their way of spending the weekend. But still, he went to the drink counter where he saw three of his minions having a drinking contest.

Gru took out his freeze ray and froze all the drinks on the table.

"Dave, Tom. Come"

The two Minions left the table in annoyance and followed Gru.


Night Slash -:: Old Man, Go and follow Gru to El Macho's lair::

Night Slash's voice resounded through the old-looking Night Raid phone, in which he said Knuckleduster to help Gru but Knuckleduster was already too tired. Tired from giving a fuck to a case unrelated to him, hoping to save the team leader from any move by the AVL.

"Why? We don't have anything to do with this..." Knuckleduster complained. He seriously didn't want to go.

Night Slash -:: Listen, In El Macho's plan he is going to launch several rockets filled with PX-41 injected Evil Minions throughout the United States and some other parts of the world near to the US, maybe Mexico, Colombia, or Brazil. Currently, all the Evil Minions are in his lair. A small place. It is easy to deal with all of them now.

But if he successfully launches the rockets, all the Evil Minions will be spread throughout the two continents of North and South America.

Dealing with the Evil Minions will become harder. The Evil Minions will be spread throughout the two continents of North and South America. Even if the governments are able to deal with the majority of them, they will rise up in numbers again as one Minion can give rise to another, and all it needs is resources. And it will create a cycle of hunt and rest unless every single Evil Minion is dealt with.

So I just want you to go and disable all the rockets before they are launched. No need to interfere with Gru's business but just disable the rockets. That's all::

Night Slash explained his views to Knuckleduster and it was correct. If the Evil Minions are left to their own, it will be like a zombie apocalypse but with indestructible zombies that can eat metal as well as meat.

Knuckleduster sighed and went to the underground lair.


Gru sat on his bike with Dave and Tom sitting on the sidecars attached to either side of the bike. He kickstarted the bike and revved up the engine, causing black smoke to come out of the exhaust and loud noises from the engine. He was about to go out of the lair but he stopped when he heard a shout calling for him.

"Hey, Gru!!! Stop!!!"

Gru turned and saw a blurry flash appearing near the bike. When the flash stopped, the blur became clear and it turned out to be Knuckleduster.

"Take me to the El Macho's Lair," Knuckleduster said.

"Why? It has nothing to do with you" Knuckleduster resisted the urge to roll his eyes as Gru said the exact same thing that he said to Night Slash. But he has to go, as the 'boss' has made the order, doing anything else may put his 'paycheck' in pinch and there is a genuine reason to do this.

"There are some rockets that I will need to disable or there will be a catastrophe and I may be helpful to you in fighting El Macho." Knuckleduster reasoned with Gru.

"Okay... But I don't have any more seats left for you," Gru pointed to Tom who was sitting in one of the sidecars.

"That's easy to deal with."


A door opened on the ground of Gru's Lawn and a bike jumped out of the door. And there were two sidecars on each side of the bike with two passengers on them.

Driver: Ex-Villain Gru, Expression: Badass

Right Sidecar: Minion Dave, Expression: Badass.

Left Sidecar: Vigilante Knuckleduster, Expression: Tired, Neutral, and a bit annoyed as the sidecar is too small for him and literally no leg space.

Left Sidecar but actually on Knuckleduster's lap: Minion Tom, Expression: Badass (not affected even if he is sitting on an old man's lap).

And like that, the bike with guys having a badass expression on their faces... most of them having a badass look... made its way to El Macho's Lair.


[Eduardo's Residence/El Macho's Lair]

A big wooden door which resembled the ones used in castles of medieval times opened up and revealed Gru, with his hands cuffed and two purple Minions standing on either side, with cold weapons like halberd and spiked mace in their hands.

One of the minions standing behind Gru poked him with the spiked mace, making him move forward. Gru walked through the entrance and what he saw next blew his mind.

There were 8-10 rockets standing upfront and in each rocket, there was a big circular metal cage acting as the payload for the rocket. These cages were filled with Evil Minions, packed to the point that the Evil Minions were squeezing each other.

And there was a line of Evil Minions filling up the empty rockets. These lines were controlled by Evil Minions who had weapons in their hands.

It truly looked like a factory of Evil Minions which is now ready to deliver its product to all around the world.

Gru was horrified looking at the scene as he saw the Evil Minions present in huge numbers and all ready to be sent to different parts of the world. He personally saw the horror a single Evil Minion can make. He earlier told Knuckleduster and Night Slash that to kill a minion, you need to kill it from inside out, but after injecting PX-41, this vulnerability ceases.

Sweat started forming on Gru's bald head as he walked through the screaming Evil Minions. He was desperately trying to maintain the act. Yes, an act.

Flashback to 5 minutes earlier,

After arriving at El Macho's lair with a badass look, the guys were confused about how to enter the lair without letting the Evil Minions attack them.

And Tom came with a brilliant idea of acting as Evil Minions who captured Gru as their captive and now want to give it to their leader, El Macho.

Dave quickly agreed and Knuckleduster who just wanted the door to be open for a few seconds agreed too. Gru, who refused the plan, lost as the majority was with Tom.

Dave and Tom were painted purple and given cardboard-made halberd and spiked mace. Knuckleduster was ready standing beside the gate to enter as soon as the door opens. Gru was handcuffed and was pushed to walk in front of the door by the Minions.

All the players were in position and now it was time to start the Mission: Rescue Lucy/ Disable Rockets/ Eat Bananas while playing Tekken 7 after the mission.

The door opened and Knuckleduster used his Quirk: Overclock and ran inside with a great speed, which made him look like a blur.


Back to the present,

Gru was walking through the hordes of Evil Minions who are either guarding the lair or entering the metal cages on the rocket.

Knuckleduster -:: I am near one of the rockets. Gru buys time as much as you can::

Voice of Knuckleduster came through the earpiece.

"Yeah... I am trying..." Gru whispered.

As he and the minions (colored purple now) walked through the hordes, suddenly the density of Evil Minions around them started increasing and for some reason, all of them were looking at Gru and the Minions, specifically the Minions. Gru, Dave, and Tom stopped walking as now they are encircled by the Evil Minions.

One of the Evil Minions came forward and started screaming to Dave, maybe saying something. So Dave replied in standard Minionese but the Evil Minion was not content with the reply so he started screaming furiously on Dave with some spit coming out of his mouth.

Dave wiped the spit off his face but the Purple paint also came out, revealing the signature-yellow color of Minions.

Looking at the fading colors of the disguised Minion, the Evil Minions started to rush towards the three.

"RUN!!!" Gru broke the fake handcuffs, took out his freeze ray, and froze some of the Evil Minions. They jumped off the frozen Evil Minions and broke out of the encirclement. But running to someplace safe on the ground floor was impossible as the ground floor is swarmed by the Evil Minions.

So they started climbing a palm tree to reach the first-floor roof.

But they were closely followed by the Evil Minions. The Evil Minions were in such huge numbers and were so bloodthirsty that they used each other as a foothold and made a staircase, just so they could reach Gru and the minions.

Gru continuously shot freeze rays just so he could buy more time for the Minions to climb but the distance was decreasing over time. The Evil Minions now instead of trying to climb the tree, started eating up the tree, to bring down the Minions.

Gru grabbed Dave who was the last one to climb and pulled him up. They saw the entire tree turning into shreds as it went through the grinder of Evil Minion's mouth. They again started climbing up to the top as the Evil Minions started making their way towards the first floor.

Knuckleduster -:: Gru... What is happening??!! All the Evil Minions are running towards one place::

"They are after me you knucklehead. The disguise fell off!!!" Gru screamed in the earpiece.

Knuckleduster -:: Do whatever you are doing. It is diverting their attention and that's all I need::

Gru resisted the urge to shout and scold at the Vigilante and focused on reaching the top. Gru climbed up the highest place possible in the Mansion, then he helped Dave and Tom to climb up too. But the Evil Minions made their way to them again.

Gru started shooting the Evil Minions with freeze rays and kicking them off the roof. He tried to use Heat-Ray but it didn't work on the Evil Minions. He threw some futuristic-looking grenades which were similar to normal grenades but had a smaller explosion than a normal grenade. He was using the explosion to throw the Evil Minions off the roof.

Dave and Tom also helped Gru by using Karate Kicks to throw the Evil Minions off the roof as they tried to climb up. But three of them were not enough to handle the huge numbers of Evil Minions present in the lair.

The three shrunk back and now were standing with their backs cornered to each other. They were surrounded by the Evil Minions from all sides.

Gru who had used the last of the grenades and the Minions were now desperate for any chance of survival as they looked at the maniacally screaming, shouting Evil Minions slowly moving towards them.

As the trio was desperate, one of the Evil Minions lunged towards them with its mouth wide open, trying to bite them.

Gru was about to karate chop the Evil Minion but before he could land the chop. A purple jelly came out of nowhere and went inside the Evil Minions' mouth.

The Evil Minion fell down and started twitching. After a few moments, the purple big mess of hair on its head went inside and the Minion turned Yellow from purple that means it turned back to a normal Minion.

Gru then turned and he saw an Airship rising up. Inside the Airship, Dr. Nefario was standing with a shotgun in his hand but it had a purple jelly in the ammo box. He was dressed like Rambo but with Jelly jars as the grenades hanging on his body.

"Nobody messes with my family," Dr. Nefario said and cocked the shotgun, aiming it on the Evil Minions.