Gru Vs. El Macho (2).
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"What is happening?!" El Macho came out to the balcony to see why the Evil Minions were causing a ruckus. He was making preparations for the launch-off alone as Dr. Nefario is nowhere to be seen in the lair but the loud disturbances from the outside made him leave his work and come outside grumpily.

On the balcony, he was standing and he saw a huge number of Evil Minions rushing towards one of the corners of the mansion like a flood. This confused El Macho a bit but when he squinted his eyes to look closer, he saw some yellow spots sprouting in the Purple flood of Evil Minions.

He took out binoculars and he saw that the Evil Minions were reverting back to their normal yellow version.

"What is happening to my Minions??!!" El Macho growled in anger, but soon he saw the culprit with a jelly shotgun.

"Gru!!!" El Macho squeezed the binoculars hard. Then he noticed an airship hovering behind Gru which had a mounted minigun on it and it shot jelly on his Evil Minions which caused them to revert back to normal. He saw Gru's daughters and Nefario on the airship.

"So Nefario, You chose to betray at the end... Okay... Okay... You all are going to die here!!!" El Macho crushed the binoculars, took out a remote, and pressed a button it.

Out of the ten rockets, cages of two rockets opened up and the Evil Minions inside the cage rushed towards the same location where their comrades were running to.


Gru was having a hard time dealing with all the Evil Minions surging towards him like a big zombie horde and the only thing he now can do is to shoot. Shoot Jellies. Shoot Jellies which has the antidote of PX-41 mixed in it.

Gru was dealing the Evil Minions from the ground while Dr. Nefario and the girls were dealing it from the airship but over time it was getting harder for Gru to stand his ground as more and more Evil Minions flooded in from the recently opened cages.

He had to stop and climb the ladder dropped from the airship.

Inside the Airship,
Gru saw his daughters with jelly shotguns in their hands. He turned to Dr. Nefario.

"What are the girls are doing here??!!"

"El Macho sent an Evil Minion to your house. It was lucky of me to reach in time and save them or the results would've been terrifying. So I brought them here, from where you can save them" Dr. Nefaro explained.

'But the danger is also here!!' Gru retorted in his mind but didn't voice it as there is a more pressing issue out there.

"Dr. Nefario, Is there a way to diffuse the rockets quickly... and do you know where Lucy is...?" Gru asked.

Dr. Nefario looked down as the answers to both the questions were not so good for Gru.

"The only way to diffuse the rockets is to mess the entire circuitry and break the passage of fuel to the engine. And the answer to your second question is... That I don't know..." Dr. Nefario said dejectedly.

Gru turned his face in disappointment. There were no special means like self-destructing or any command to diffuse all the rockets at once and there was no idea where Lucy was being held captive. He touched the earpiece,

"Oguro, Destroy the circuits of the rocket and just to make sure that the rocket is diffused, destroy the passage of fuel to the engine," Gru informed Knuckleduster who was busy diffusing the Evil Minions filled rockets.

But instead of thanks, something else came up in the reply,

Knuckleduster -:: Even if I am not a scientist, I know that too, you son of a Genius bitch. All this time, I am continuously breaking everything that I think is a wire and smashing the boards where these wires are connected. I have diffused 5 rockets in total, 5 more to go...::

"Okay... You do your work but let me tell you--" Before Gru could say what he wanted, El Macho's voice resounded all over the mansion.

"GRU!!! Where are you, mi compadre?! I thought you wanted to join me in being the kings of this new world! But it seems we have a difference in opinion between us... so why don't you come down and talk to me... THEN WE CAN REDUCE THIS DIFFERENCE?!" El Macho shouted through a megaphone.

Gru turned and looked at the courtyard of the mansion, where El Macho was standing with a megaphone in his hands. He was hesitating to climb off the helicopter and fight El Macho one-to-one. He didn't come out of the airship as he thought of stalling for more time for Knuckleduster to diffuse the remaining three rockets.

A few minutes passed and Gru still didn't come down the airship.

"It seems you are not interested in coming down here..." El Macho growled in the Megaphone, "Okay... Let's increase your interest to come down by adding something extra for the discussion," He pressed a button.

The fountain in the courtyard split opened and a missile came upon an elevator. On the missile, A shark was tied with a lot of dynamites tied to it but there was also a person who was tied to the shark.

It was Lucy. She was tied to the shark and the explosives

"You see Gru... when I first saw you in the mall opening your shop, I felt happy as I found someone similar to me. Someone who was shunned by the entire Villain Society. I thought... I thought we could team up and execute my plan to rise above all in this hierarchy in one go. And it was by creating a New World.

The creation of the New World is inevitable, Gru. You just cannot see it right now but once... once my plan destroys the entire United States off the map, then... then you and the entire world would be able to see what I was talking about. And it is going to happen and nobody can stop us because... You cannot run from the inevitable.

I even sent Antonio for Margo, so they both can fall in love and our friendship could turn into a bond of family. Imagine We... one family RULING THE WORLD!
But all my plans were only dreams as you and your pesky little girlfriend were working for AVL..." El Macho walked left and right in the courtyard around the missile but he was interrupted.

"Ummm... Sorry to interrupt but... Gru and I... are not in a relationship" Lucy interjected El Macho.

El Macho - who was going on in his own momentum - was interrupted in his monologue, "Will you shut up señora!" El Macho shouted at Lucy and took out a remote.

"This thing... in my hand is remote to activate this missile. 250 Pounds of Dynamite, Riding a shark. Does that tingle a ring in your head Gru? If it does then you know the destination of the missile. That time it was fake. But now it is going to be real and she will be going into the same volcano where I faked my death." El Macho waved the remote to show it to Gru and then brought his finger really close to the button.

"NOOO!!! Wait... " Gru jumped out of the airship and ran towards El Macho
"I am coming... DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON!!!" Gru ran as fast as he could.

He was now just a few meters away from El Macho.
"Yeah... Yeah, mi compadre. I won't... " El Macho said in a reassuring tone.

Gru slowed down and panted heavily. He looked at El Macho to talk a way out and rescue Lucy too.

"El Macho let's sort this out and keep this between us, there is no need to involve Lucy in this. You want to kill me right? Do it, I am here. Just let her leave and Don't press the button." Gru said with a pleading tone. He thought he will act this and let Lucy go out first then deal with El Macho but the words coming out were not a part of any act, he said as he meant that.

"Don't worry... I won't... I won't... I won't listen to you at all!!!" El Macho pressed the button and the missile started taking off. He had a huge smile on his face as he pressed the button.

"No... No... NO!!" Gru ran towards the missile but all that was for naught as the missile flew off before he could even reach the missile and now the only thing in his hands was empty air. He looked at his hands, then he looked at the place where the missile was. Gru fell on his knees.

A little hope that he gained that El Macho won't press the button and Lucy could be saved, shattered. The look on Lucy's face before the missile launched showed up in Gru's mind. That unwillingness and an expression of despair on her face were clear.

"You thought I will listen to you and do whatever you say and then fight you like a MAN?! You joking Cabeze de huevo? I am Villain. A SuperVillain. I do bad things... Evil Things and not listening to whatever you said was a bad thing in my view so I did the opposite of what you said me to do. And if you want to ask why I did that? Villains do bad things you know But why though?

Ask the one who described the word Villain. Yeah... The top dogs of society. They described it.
It could've been you Gru. The Top Dog. But now... Look at you, you are now just a dog... a quirkless dog. What can you do against me? I am just standing a few hours away from being at the top of this country. Hey Gru, tell me? HAHAHAHAH!!!!" El Macho snarked at Gru who was looking down as only sadness could be seen on the man's face.

But a small voice resounded,
"...I am not quirkless..."

The voice was emotionless and cold. It sounded as if it was coming from a machine. But it contained some threat, menace, and violence.

"What?!" El Macho stopped laughing and he took a step back. He didn't know why his body moved on his own. It was like he was acting on his instincts. So the moment he heard the voice he took a step back.

Gru slowly stood up but he was different in many ways from the Gru who was devasted and was on his knees a few seconds ago.

Gru stared at El Macho with red eyes. As El Macho looked into those eyes, he was terrified as he thought he saw terror in those eyes but Gru had no expression on his face.

A Yellow Aura started flowing out of Gru and spread throughout the courtyard.
The Minions who were still recovering from the transition from Evil Minion to Normal, all at the same time looked at Gru and then started running towards him as if they were attracted towards the source of the aura.

As the minions reached near him, they started jumping into each other but instead of colliding with each other, they started fusing together.
Like this many minions fused together and formed two several meters tall arms, behind Gru.

Gru stood in front of El Macho, with two giant arms behind him, with clenched fists in a boxing stance.

"...I said... I am not quirkless..."