Gru Vs. El Macho (3).
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A big yellow fist slammed onto the ground and receded, leaving behind a crater giant enough for a car to fit inside and a massive cloud of dust rose, blocking sight of everyone present. The dust cloud slowly settled down, revealing Gru.

The Big Yellow fist went back beside Gru as he faced El Macho with an emotionless face and red pupils.

El Macho stood there with a severe frown on his face. He thought killing Gru would be a piece of cake as what a quirkless man in his 50s can do? But it seems that the quirkless man emerged a quirk out of nowhere, or another reason which is more acceptable than the former is that he was not quirkless in the first place.

El Macho now was a bit anxious as the quirk which allowed him to form two big hands out of Minions was strong. He didn't know if Gru could make anything else than giant hands, but it was not the time to think about possibilities.

"So you decided to show your quirk now, huh Gru? Very well... I will show mine," El Macho said and punched the ground. With his awakened quirk having strength comparable to the abnormality 'SuperPower', the punch made the ground break in pieces. El Macho then picked one big chunk out of the ground with some effort and threw it towards Gru.

One of the giant hands swatted away the big chunk of ground, and no damage was done to Gru at all. El Macho looked at the scene with a calm but somewhat anxious expression. He threw that rock to see how Gru is controlling the hands and what more can he do? But a single throw did not bring him the answer... so,

He picked up rocks a bit smaller than the earlier one, but each rock is big enough to kill a person straight away. El macho started throwing them at Gru with very high speed. The hands acted fast and tried to intercept every rock, but they were not that fast due to being massive, and some stones were able to make their way towards Gru.

El Macho smiled as he thought Gru's game was over, and he stopped throwing any more rocks as he watched the show. But the reality was far from what he expected. The stones which were about to crush Gru to death were now cut to pieces. El Macho's smile faded away as he saw what had happened.

The rock which was supposed to crush Gru passed through a series of yellow flashes, which suddenly appeared in front of Gru, and then the stone broke into pieces. The pieces looked like a knife cut them. After a while, when all the rocks were dealt with, the yellow flashes, which were moving way too fast even to recognize them, slowed down.

El Macho's eyes narrowed as he saw the thing which crushed the rocks. A bunch of yellow tentacles. There were a bunch of tentacles coming out of the fingers of one of the giant hands. These tentacles were the ones that cut the rocks into pieces as they passed through the stones at a very high speed.

The very next moment, the tentacles shot towards El Macho and caught his legs. El Macho was taken by surprise as he didn't even have a chance to respond. The tentacles then picked him up and then smashed him onto the ground like a ragdoll.

"AAH!!" El Macho screamed as he splurted out blood.

But it was only the start. He was pulled up and then smashed on the ground again and again and again. Sounds of bones breaking, Blood splattering, and El Macho's grunts were in resonance with the sound of him smashing on the ground.

The ground was filled with human-sized craters, and El Macho was utterly black and blue from the smashing. The tentacles picked him up again, but this time they swung and threw El Macho. El Macho crashed into a wall of the mansion. The wall broke down, trapping El Macho under the rubble.


Knuckleduster, who was busy diffusing the rockets, was watching the fight from a distance. He remembered what Gru said to Night Slash on call.

'I am quirkless in the documents, but I am not quirkless... It's just I don't know what my quirk is...'

He never thought Gru had such a powerful quirk to fuse his minions to make large objects like hands and tentacles. He didn't participate in the fight because he wanted to see what Gru's quirk could do. He thought he would help if Gru gets in a pinch but it seems he didn't need any help from the start.


A beaten-up El Macho tried to stand up by lifting the rubble of the broken wall which was weighing him down. But his broken bones and multiple internal wounds restricted him from doing so. He fell, and the wreckage once again weighed down on his back. He only had a little space to move around.

In such a defeated state, a thought passed through his mind.

'I think... I should give up. What I alone could do to change the world. I should have listened to him and followed his plan... but the thought of ruling the world alone blinded me and made me revolt against him... Soy un tonto!! (I am a fool!!)

But what is the point now... I should give up now and wait for my arrest.' El Macho thought and stopped any further attempt to lift the rubble.

He turned and saw Gru still standing with the same expressionless face, having the giant hand and the tentacles behind him. It looked like he was waiting for El Macho to come to him for an attack.

El Macho, who was a few hours away from ruling the US, now was at the lowest. He smiled as he thought about how he completed an entire loop. He started making efforts when he was at the bottom of society and tried to rise in the hierarchy, but now his story ends as a prisoner.


While these thoughts were going on in his mind, Words of 'Him' started resounding in his mind,

'Remember Eduardo, Always remember the motives behind your goals and actions because your reasons decide your goals, not the other way around. We, conscientious people, focus on our goals and actions so much that we... we forget about our motives as we are obsessed with that goal that we put our whole being into completing it.

But remember Your Motives matter more than the goals. So if the pieces are not moving the way you want...

Flip the Goddamn table and start a new game.

You cannot rise high in the social hierarchy. Then Destroy it. Create a new one where you are the boss. But don't stop. If you stop moving, someone else will step on you and move forward in the hierarchy. That's against your motives, right?

Then do it. Do something. Take time to prepare but when the time comes, return back and hit them with a massive force. Whenever you are down, think about why are you doing this. Remember the mocking faces of your partner who betrayed you a day ago. Remember all those things and then act. Now stand up. Even if the entire Villain Society of US and the National Guards are on your back, You can still achieve your goals... Just do as I say and you will achieve what you want Eduardo. Everything you ever wanted to destroy will be destroyed if you follow my lead...'

The fire which died down in El Macho's eyes was lit again and more ferocious than the last time. Those words alone were enough to ignite that fire. The face of the traitor came into his mind when he betrayed him.

That smug expression. That toothy grin. And there was anger, directed at that traitor and himself. The anger for the traitor was justified but he was angry that he revolted against the man who helped him come out of that quagmire of sadness 20 years ago. After figuring out what to do next, He faked his death and planned to strike back

Adrenaline started rushing in as El Macho remembered those features of the betraying partner. His pupils dilated. He took out a small vial that contained a purple liquid. He quickly chugged down the entire vial. The purple liquid in the vial was PX-41 serum which is not tested on humans yet but El Macho still drank the serum without thinking of consequences.

Instantly after drinking from the vial, Changes started to appear in El Macho as his body started twitching and his skin started turning purple. His size started increasing and purple fur also grew out of his body. After the transformation finished, he looked like a ferocious purple-colored bear with arms thick like a tree trunk.

"AAAA!!!!!!!" El Macho screamed and started lifting the wreckage above him. This time he lifted the wreckage quite easily unlike the last time where he was affected by his injuries.

After picking up the entire wreckage above him, he looked at Gru, standing emotionlessly with those yellow appendages, waiting for the next attack.

El Macho started walking towards Gru slowly with the wreckage above his head. Then he increased his pace from walking to slow running. He then rushed towards Gru at a high speed.

When all this was happening, Gru didn't act at all. He just stood there with no response but all of a sudden the tentacles rushed towards El Macho when he was a certain distance away from Gru.

Seeing a response from Gru, El Macho stopped running,

"TAKE THIS!!!!" then he threw the rubble that he carried all this time towards Gru. The tentacles which were coming for El Macho were now going for the wreckage. The giant hand also went for the thrown wreckage. A toothy grin appeared on Eduardo's face.

He then started running towards Gru with his fist clenched. He then punched the ground which made the ground break and Gru's balance destabilized and he fell down. This move ultimately disturbed the giant hand and tentacles to take more time to break the wreckage, buying him more time.

El Macho finally reached Gru who was on the ground. He saw two protrusions coming out of the Gru's neck which was connected to the Giant Hand and the Hand with the tentacle fingers. El Macho understood what were they and he tried to pull them out. But before his hands could reach the protrusions, he was swatted away the giant hand like a fly.

El Macho stood up and saw that the tentacles were picking up Gru from the ground and made him stand. The tentacles again fused back into a fist and then both the fists fused to become one big fist.

El Macho after the transformation from the effect of PX-41 became more and more ferocious as time passed. So he without any second thought jumped to attack Gru. The Giant fist shot towards El Macho in counterattack.


Both the punches connected and huge wind shocks were created just by the collision of the punches, indicating the strength packed in those fists. Both the parties remained in a stalemate but it didn't last long as the Giant fist started to get pushed back as El Macho's force overpowered Gru's punch.

"HAHAHAHA!!!! GRU, YOU ARE DONE FOR!!!" El Macho shouted as the Giant Punch was slowly getting pushed back.

El Macho then pulled back his fist and punched again and started raining a barrage of punches on the Giant fist.

Even if the Giant fist looks tall and mighty, Each punch of El Macho carried great power, and enduring a whole lot of them was not possible for the Giant fist and it became evident as the Giant fist started to break.

Gru called back the fist, split the hand into two, and sent them two for the attack. The hands hit against each other, making a clap but with El Macho in between. The hands were successful in trapping El Macho in between them but at some point, they couldn't squeeze him anymore.

"Did you forget Gru? PX-41 makes people indestructible and Now I am indestructible!!!" El Macho grabbed the hands and pulled them. Gru was pulled along with it and was sent flying towards El Macho.

"And now, for the final punch..." El Macho grabbed Gru by his collar and then ripped off the protrusions connected to the Giant fists. Just as the protrusions were ripped off Gru's neck, the Giant hands decomposed and turned back into the Minions which were fused to make the fist. But now they looked completely exhausted and dried up.

El Macho prepared for a punch to kill Gru once and for all. But before he could land the punch, he was shot by a barrage of purple jelly bullets. There was no damage to El Macho but it annoyed him too much as he was interrupted while he was about to kill his enemy.

He turned and saw Dr. Nefario using the airship-mounted machine guns to shoot the PX-41 antidote-laced jellies onto him.

"Wait Nefario, Your time will also come. Let me kill this bug first..." El Macho ignored the jelly bullets and focused on Gru. He saw Gru struggling to come out of his grasp. This made his smile widen. He smashed Gru on the ground.

"How it feels Gru? Does it feel like home?... Yeah because you belong to the ground, to the bottom of society. Now you can die in peace as your home embraces you." He prepared the punch, aiming to hit directly at Gru's head.

"Hiyaaahh!!!" El Macho threw the punch on Gru's head but, "Huh," the punch suddenly stopped a few centimeters before hitting the head. El Macho raised his head and looked around him as he felt someone was near but he found no one around.

'Weird...' El Macho thought, but he ignored that and focused on Gru again.

Then a wind breeze flew behind him which alerted El Macho again. He stood up leaving, Gru on the ground and readied himself for an attack. After taking PX-41, Every aspect of him heightened thus including his senses and reflexes.

Then suddenly he felt a low kick behind his knees which made him lose balance and then the very next moment, a knife was stabbed in El Macho's left eye. The assailant wanted to make another attack but El Macho swatted the assailant away. The assailant then quickly went near Gru and picked him up.

After that, the assailant vanished and appeared near the airship.

"You really are useless Gru!! I gave you one task of buying me time so I could diffuse the rockets but it seems it was too much to ask for... Well, I will handle it from here." Knuckleduster put Gru on the ground and turned to face El Macho.

"Hey, big guy!! I want a good fight with fists. You up for that?!" Knuckleduster asked El Macho.

"AAAAA!!!" El Macho roared in anger pulled out the knife and threw it away.

Knuckleduster showed a smile as he cracked his fingers.

"I take that as a yes..."