Fight and Reunite.
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"I will take that as a yes..."

Knuckleduster used his quirk Overclock and appeared near El Macho in a fraction of a second and attacked El Macho's head with a punch. El Macho was caught off-guard as he was surprised by Knuckleduster's speed.

Meanwhile, Knuckleduster had a big smile on his face as after so long, he could now fight with bare fists, and currently, he is fighting someone who can withstand missiles which adds more fun to the fight.

So to not cut any corners, he put his all and started the fight with his quirk Overclock.


Overclock allows the user to accelerate to extreme speeds, to the point that it looks like nothing is moving to the user. But in reality, the quirk stimulates the brain, speeding up the user's perception and thoughts relative to everything else, allowing them to move at a much faster speed than others.

He lost his quirk when he was investigating a case and unfortunately had an encounter with All for One, and he lost his quirk as All for One was interested in his quirk. But who would've thought that years later, he will regain his quirk back.

After rescuing Eri, when Night Slash was operating on Eri's calf muscles to remove the GPS Chip, Knuckleduster was tasked to hold Eri in place. During the operation, Eri screamed in pain and subconsciously used her quirk, which affected Knuckleduster and Night Slash.

Night Slash used {HESOYAM} to counter Eri's quirk, but Knuckleduster couldn't. After that, he passed out. But when he woke up, he felt the time was moving slow. And that was the moment he realized his quirk was back.


Knuckleduster took some distance from El Macho after the first attack. He didn't want to stay near him after an attack as El Macho is a Power-type Combatant with an Indestructible Trait, while Knuckleduster is a Speed-type Combatant compared to him. Knuckleduster needs to have some tactic or find some way to deal some damage to El Macho.

Or he could stall for time and wait for Gru to wake up and use his Minion-fusing quirk again. But these thoughts were irrelevant to him as he was completely immersed in the feeling of a fight with a person more powerful than him.

Knuckleduster again used his super-speed for an attack, and he readied his fist for the super-speed punch. He went near El Macho and punched him in the jaw with an uppercut, making El Macho lose his balance and back a few steps.

For El Macho, everything was happening too fast. For him, it was like a breeze of wind passed by him and dealt damage. He could not capture Knuckleduster every single time, and his actions looked like he was trying to catch a mosquito.

There was no real damage done to El Macho due to the Indestructible trait gained by PX-41 serum, but Knuckleduster kept attacking points where he lost balance like his knees or jaw. The punch was weak but, added with the momentum gained by super-speed, was able to push El Macho back.

This happened for quite a while much to El Macho's annoyance. And then he acted up. He raised both of his arms and smashed them onto the ground, making the ground crack and vibrate like a mini-earthquake. This made Knuckleduster lose his balance and fall down as he was running at super-speed.

As he fell down, he started breathing heavily. This is due to one of the drawbacks of Overclock. It quickly deprives the user of oxygen, and the user cannot inhale air when using the super-speed, thus giving them a limited supply of oxygen. That means there is a limited time usage and a cool-down period. Knuckleduster, who has used Overclock for years, has a good lung capacity, increasing his quirk usage time, but the deprivation part is still there.

He stood up and ran behind El Macho. He took out a knife and wanted to stab the other eye as well; after that, he could play as much as he wanted from this indestructible Punching bag.

In super speed, everything seemed to move slow, really slow. He jumped onto El Macho's back and climbed up to reach his head. He wrapped El Macho's head with his legs and tried to stab his other eye.

But El Macho quickly closed his eye, and the knife broke when it made contact with the eyelid. Knuckleduster tried to run away but was caught by El Macho and smashed on the ground. He pushed Knuckleduster hard on the ground with his palm.

"Another Heroic Pest..."

Knuckleduster couldn't get off his grasp. He resisted but had no effect. El Macho squeezed him more as Knuckleduster resisted but then a pungent scent started spreading. As soon as El Macho smelled that odor, he instinctively put his hand around his mouth to prevent vomiting and Knuckleduster used this chance to run away using super-speed.

El Macho was unable to stop and vomited like crazy. Knuckleduster then took out several vials filled with murky water inside. He threw the vials near El Macho and when the vials broke down they released the same pungent odor from earlier.

And the pungent odor is of surströmming. It is one of the stinkiest smelling food, hailing from Sweden. Knuckleduster carries vials of the liquid in surströmming in case he is in a pinch. When added with smoke bombs, this can act as the best trap to confuse as well as torture the enemy at the same time.

El Macho was not able to control himself as he continuously tried to not smell the odor but his heightened senses don't let him do it and moreover, it is amplifying the odor he is perceiving.

El Macho tried to run away from the spot but his path was blocked by Knuckleduster who had the same odor on him as well. He had a toy-like gun in his hand.

"End of the Line. Adiós señor." Knuckleduster said and pointed the gun towards El Macho.

Several wires threw out of the lipstick and attached to El Macho.

"Stun Taser..." Knuckleduster said the name of the attack and current passed through the wires.

El Macho had a nauseating expression on his face, now was trembling absurdly as the current passed through him. He then passed out as he couldn't stand any more of the electric current.

Knuckleduster then turn around and went towards the airship.


[Location: Gru's Airship || Time: Around the time Gru was getting beaten up]

Inside the airship, the atmosphere became tense as Dr. Nefario and Gru's daughters saw Gru getting beaten up by El Macho. They quickly searched for any option to stop El Macho from making further attacks and the only thing that they could think of was the Jelly Minigun but it won't give any damage to El Macho, as he needs to ingest the jelly to turn back to normal.

As they were racking their brains to find a way, a blurred figure of a man appeared in the airship. He stopped near Dr. Nefario.

"Tell me any weakness of that purple freak!!" Knuckleduster asked as soon as he entered.

Dr. Nefario flinched as he was surprised by the sudden appearance of Knuckleduster. But he got an idea when he heard what Knuckleduster said.

"Yes. Yes. The Weakness of PX-41 Mutants is that they have very heightened senses, which means they cannot bear unbearable sensations such as loud noises." Dr. Nefario quickly pointed the weakness.

"So... Do you have any idea?" Dr. Nefario asked.

Knuckleduster showed a smile and opened up his overcoat. In there were a whole lot of vials and normal-looking objects like a Pen, a toy gun.

"Now it is time for these babies to shine. You just make him distracted and I will take care after that," Knuckleduster said and disappeared.


[Location: Outside the Airship || Time: Present]

Knuckleduster appeared near a groggy Gru who was surrounded by his daughters and Dr. Nefario.

"Doctor. Give me the antidote. I need to end him fast before he wakes up." Knuckleduster asked Dr. Nefario for the antidote but the Doctor showed a rather disappointed face.

"I used all the jelly to shoot on El Macho to create the distraction you asked for"

"Tsk..." Knuckleduster clicked his tongue as he couldn't end El Macho right away.

"Can you make more of it?"

"Wait... Let Gru settle up a bit and why are you in unrest? You have already dealt with El Macho"

"No Enemy is completely dealt with until they are dead and El Macho is not dead yet. I want to make sure he dies and then I will get some rest." Knuckleduster said and then he looked at Gru.

"How much time he is gonna take?"

"He just manifested his quirk for the first time in his entire life... And it took his mental strength to control those appendages made of Minions. It seems he is completely drained after using the quirk. And there is a sense of loss he is feeling after losing his partner. So he is pretty much devastated right now," Dr. Nefario explained to Knuckleduster.

"Why are the girls here?..." Gru asked in a tired tone.

But instead of an answer, he heard a loud shout,


When Gru raised his head to look at the source of the shout, his eye widened as he saw a car flying towards them at a very high speed. But it was not the flying car that amazed him. What amazed him is that he saw Lucy waving at Gru from inside the car but there was a problem as well,

The driver of the car was not someone Gru wanted to meet ever as he made a mental note earlier to avoid this guy as much as possible but now the man himself is coming towards him in a flying car. The Driver was a man wearing a black suit and a black helmet.

He is none other than the recently announced National-threat of Japan, Night Slash.