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The Night Raid members were shocked as they heard what the nutjob newcomer said. It turned out that the entire Trigger stock of Japan was bought by this guy named 'Genesis.'

"You really bought the Trigger from Japan?" Knuckleduster asked as he thought that it would be hard to find the organization behind the purchase of Trigger, but the guy came to them on his own.

"Yeah... Pretty cheap it was. I really found a good middleman for the purchase. He didn't even take any commission," Genesis said and turned to look at the unconscious El Macho.

"Well, I was here to take Eduardo back. He was already making plans behind my back, and I knew it, but I let him do whatever he was planning and didn't interfere. You know, Uncertainity brings unknown changes, and I like dealing with the unknown. That thrill in understanding and... Whatever, I will talk more about it later.

So~ Where was I? Yes... So Eduardo was planning behind my back to achieve his goals and all, but I didn't pay much attention to it and let him do what he wanted. Today was the day I was supposed to teach him a lesson and bring him back home, but it seems he made some new friends. His friends are our friends.

So new friends How about we play a little game? And I will be setting the rules." Genesis said, and his goofy tone changed to a serious one.

"Why? I don't see any reason to play the 'game', and why don't you act normal? What's up with that goofy tone of yours?!" Night Slash shouted.

"As I said earlier, I like that attitude of yours... Now to your question, Why would you play in my game? Great Question... There should be some incentive or some reward that will make you dive into the game. Stupid of me to announce the game and not even tell the rewards at stake.

It came to my notice that the Japanese Underworld has sent some Vigilantes to kill the guy who bought the Trigger, and Mr. Bandana seems to look for the guy who bought the Trigger. So that means you guys are the vigilantes sent to kill that guy. And that guy is me.

So isn't it an ideal case for you to participate in my game? You win, you get my head, you go home. You lose, you die, Then get buried. Don't worry, I will pay for your funerals. Whether I win or lose, I will get the enjoyment I was seeking. So what do you say?" Genesis walked and sat down on El Macho's belly.

"Why don't we fight here and settle it once and for all?"

"Hehe..." Genesis snickered, "You see, I am a villain who has been working on his plans for nearly two decades. And like any typical villain from a TV show, I am at the final phase of my plan. The plan will be executed in a few days, and there is a near-impossible chance that the plan won't work. But where's the fun in that? You see, the problem is that I am a Villain with no Hero to defeat me."

Night Slash and the team was looking at Genesis weirdly.

Jetstream smiled, "Our boss is pretty weird but you will get the hang of it. He is a nice guy."

"Thanks for that Jetstream but that won't be enough to make me forget that today is your turn to pay for the drinks."

"Yeah... Yeah... I tried okay," Jetstream sighed.

"So yeah, I am a Villain with no Hero to fight me. A villain who hides in the shadow all the time and pops up at the end. I am already done with my US-Destroying Weapon and plan. Now I also have the Trigger and the PX-41 serum in my arsenal. I am at the peak and a few steps away from success. At this point in time, I could have just escaped with El Macho and started the final phase to complete my objective.

But I am feeling very empty now. When I first started working on my plan, I was so excited I will bring down society and all. But 20 years have passed down since then, and I don't have the same zeal that I had earlier. This is also why I gave Eduardo the freedom to do whatever he wanted because I wanted to see what new things he could do without me interfering.

Now see, he brought you guys here. So I want to do things in the traditional way. I am Villain who is about to win and destroy a country. You guys are the heroes and you will try to stop me. And maybe you can win... you know, by the power of friendship... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Genesis laughed hysterically after he made that joke.

He extended his hand towards Caos, and then she handed him some papers.

"Yeah, so this is the script that I had written in case I get a Hero to fight against me. So we will be following the script and the game is that you have to play well in the story that I've written. It's like RPG, right? Yeah somewhat like it. You will have the freedom to do things how you like but the locations, timings, and situations will be set by me. How's it?" He then showed the paper towards Night Slash.

"We are not Heroes..." Night Slash said.

"And I am not a Villain. Technically. There is no record of Genesis. So you can say this is going to be my debut. All of the preparations are done. You just need to say yes. I have also a script ready as to what will be going to do.

In the script, There is this fight where the Hero will face a very difficult situation and then he will have to power up to win, then there is the final fight where you and I will fight to death and exchange ideas while fighting. Ohh~ I AM SO EXCITED TO THIS!!!"

Genesis handed the papers back to Caos. He then stood up and went close to Caos.

"Caos, Can you give that gentleman in black suit my business card?" Genesis asked.

"Yes, Master" Caos replied, and then she disappeared from where she was standing.

Night Slash's neck hair stood up as he felt someone near him, so he took his katana and slashed it in front of him but it only slashed thin air. He then felt a tap on his back. He turned around and saw Caos was standing just behind him with a business card in her hand.

"This is Master Genesis' Card. You can call him between 8 PM - 12 PM Eastern Standard Time. But please refrain from calling him at around 8:30 PM as he likes to watch some news at that time..." Caos went on explaining things but she had an emotionless tone while she was talking.

"Don't tell those things Caos, They are special guys. Treat them like that. You can call me anytime Buddy... "

Caos nodded and she then appeared near Genesis' side.

"Okay, It's time to take my leave." Genesis turned and was about to leave with the others but then he turned back as he forgot something important.

"Are you guys famous?" Genesis asked.

"A bit famous I guess" Night Slash replied.

"Can I find about you guys on the Internet?"

"Yeah, Just search Night Raid. Then search around for some time, You will find our app. Its name is 'Night Raid Wiki'." Night Slash explained.

"You guys have your own app... Cool. Well, after our game I will also try to make an app. And don't forget to call me tonight to give your answer if you want to play the game or not. I hope it will be an affirmation.

Until then... Bye Bye"